LAKEMORE  Judges for the village of Lakemore's costume contest had a very difficult job deciding the winners in four categories for six age groups at the annual village Halloween Party.

The judges – Police Chief Ken Ray, Fire Chief Brett Reinbolt and Springfield Local Schools Superintendent Chuck Sincere – said it was a very difficult decision deciding the winners from approximately 60 costume clad children at the annual community Halloween party.

The kids competed in six age groups (0-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-12 and 13 and up). The judges saw scary to cute and imaginative to funny costumes.

Mayor Rick Justice and council members work together each year to put on the event for the families of the village. It has been a longstanding popular event. Council President Rich Cole thanked everyone for coming out for the event and those who volunteered to help from providing candy to passing it out.

The Hagenbaugh family had young Jyace decked out as Nemo and brought along Nemo’s friends, water and all. Jyace won the most original in the 0 to 2 category.

The Coontz family took home three wins with Summer in the 0 to 2 age bracket as Little Red Riding Hood; Evan Coontz, 5 to 6, as a clown and Lily Coontz as Red Riding Hood.

And the Perry family followed suit with three wins with Nevaeh Perry as a Cave Girl, 3 to 4; Levi Perry as a scarecrow in the 5 to 6 group; and Ryan Perry named scariest in the 9 to 12 age group.

Winners received $5 and each child attending took home a bag a candy to start off their Trick or Treat fun that was held later that evening in the village from 5 to 7 p.m. Trunk or Treat was held at the same time at the Lakemore United Methodist Church  providing more opportunities for village children to gather a supply of sweet treats for the winter.

Winners were:

0 -2

Funniest: Isaiah Flecha

Scariest: Jayden

Prettiest: Summer Coontz

Most Original: Jyace Hagenbaugh


Funniest: Sadie Humm

Scariest: Jordan

Prettiest: Lacey Farris

Most Original: Nevaeh Perry


Funniest: Evan Coontz

Scariest: Levi Perry

Prettiest: Mikyla Farris

Most Original: Emma Bennett


Funniest: Lily Coontz

Scariest: Garrett Murphy

Prettiest: Camryn Coup

Most Original: Hannah Lillbeck


Funniest: Alyssa Atkinson

Scariest: Ryan Perry

Prettiest: Braelynn Ansell

Most Original: Kylin Mathis

13 and up

Funniest: Jaylyn Berger, Tammy Berger, Steven Eiseman, Shane Eiseman

Scariest: Richard Gardner

Prettiest: Savana Strittmatter

Most Original: Brooklynn Frost