A man was being harassed by his ex who sent 57 text messages to his phone on Oct. 8.

During a custody dispute on Oct. 9, a mother was worried that her son was too sick to go see his father during the father’s scheduled visit. The police told the father that the child was indeed too sick to go on the visit and the father left.

A 20-year-old man was arrested for driving under suspension and carrying a concealed weapon on Oct. 11. The weapon was a 10-inch knife.

Someone entered a property on Cinnamon Lane Avenue Oct. 12 and caused damage to the enclosed cargo trailer.

An octogenarian was speeding and was pulled over on Oct. 14. During questioning, his answers did not remain consistent and he wasn’t sure where he was going, where his cell phone was, or the phone numbers of his family. He was escorted back to the police station and police located his family. He was taken home and his vehicle was picked up. Police have submitted a request to the BMV to retest the man for a driver’s license.

A moving truck drove through a yard and damaged it on Oct. 14

A man drove up to a residence on Lake Center Drive Oct. 14 with an asphalt sealer tank and asked a couple if they wanted asphalt for their driveway. The man said he would do it for $30 per ton, but the husband of the couple said he worked for an asphalt company and knew that rate was much too low. The man, described as a white man in his 50s with brown hair, immediately drove away.

A 37-year-old man was arrested on domestic violence Oct. 15 charges for knowingly causing harm to his parent. He was taken to jail.

A man called police Oct. 16 because he and his brother had gotten into an argument about cigarette tobacco. The older brother injured the younger and fled before police arrived.

A man was advised on Oct. 25 to stop contacting a woman or he would be faced with a telecommunications harassment warrant.

Overnight Oct. 28, someone entered unlocked vehicles in a driveway on Tina Circle Northwest and stole a stethoscope, a high school ID, a bookbag, a purse and the car’s owner manual.


A man reported that someone broke into his shed on North Turkeyfoot Road between Oct. 10 and Oct. 12 because it was unlocked. Power tools, chainsaws, and a line trimmer were stolen.

During a traffic stop Oct. 13, a driver had a black jacket on his lap and sprayed cologne on the jacket. He was questioned and denied putting anything in the jacket. The driver gave consent to search his jacket and the vehicle. The police found marijuana and a homemade hookah. The man was arrested and issued a summons for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Two neighbors had been involved in a dispute for several weeks. On Oct. 14, one of the men, a 57-year-old, flicked a cigarette at the other who was hit with it. The incident was recorded on cellphone video. The man with the cigarette was arrested and issued a summons for disorderly conduct. The men were also told to stay away from each other.

A woman reported Oct. 14 that her husband assaulted her during an argument about her cellphone. He was accusing her of cheating and she put it down her shirt. He held her down and tried to get the phone and she could not push him off. She called for help and he began to choke her. She eventually got free and went to the bathroom, where he kicked the door open and pinned her against the wall. The woman's mother then entered the home and saw her daughter pinned to the wall. The husband went toward the mother and asked her what she was going to do about it. When police arrived, the man admitted to restraining the woman and that he knew he was going to jail. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

Gunshots were reported in a parking lot on Penguin Street on Oct. 16.

Two brothers got into a fight Oct. 18 and one smacked a cell phone out of the other's hand and jumped on him. The brother that started the fight was arrested on domestic violence and taken to jail. Police had just been to the house the hour before for a domestic dispute complaint.

Someone stole TVs, a cable box, and a Blue Ray player from a woman's mobile home on South Arlington Road on Oct. 19. She noticed the door handle was no longer flush with the vehicle and the curtains were not closed.

A man was harassing customers and was asked to leave a bar on Oct. 19. He would not and ended up falling while trying to shove management. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Someone threw eggs at parked vehicles of a South Main Street car lot over the weekend of Oct. 21.

A woman reported Oct. 23 that someone changed the routing of her social security benefits to a different account. She changed it back and filed a report with the FBI and Federal Trade Commission.

A boxer mix dog attacked and killed an 11-week-old Collie puppy on Oct. 23. The boxer's owner attempted to stop the fight and was bitten and knocked to the ground. The boxer is being euthanized.

A 31-year-old man was on a bicycle riding against traffic Oct 24 when he saw police. He got off the bike and started to walk on foot. When police asked him to stop, he fled. He evaded police twice, but was eventually found trying to hide in the woods. The man had several warrants and he was also arrested for obstructing official business. He was taken to jail.

A man got cut off while driving on Oct. 25 and the other party nearly caused an accident. The man followed the other driver to the other driver's home to yell at him. Then, the man called the police so that they would come and speak with the other driver about his bad driving. The man was reprimanded for following people home. The other driver apologized.


Someone from Cleveland Catholic Church reported Oct. 4 that a seminarian at Queen of Heaven Church had been contacting underage girls through social media. The seminarian, a 27-year-old man, asked three girls aged 16-17 for pictures of themselves in bathing suits and Halloween costumes. He also asked if they were ticklish. The parents were contacted and they agreed it was creepy and weird but did not want to press charges. The man was removed from the seminary program and advised not to contact the families.

A woman reported Oct. 10 that a man she knew had been calling and harassing her; and calling her racist.

A woman was out of town for a day on Oct. 14 and when she returned to her Jaqlin Drive home, she found her screen pushed halfway up and a large smudged handprint on the glass. Her window was locked. No entry appears to be made.

A man on Honeymoon Drive got video Oct. 14 of three black men looking into the windows of his house and walking around it. One of the men appeared to be holding a gun and noticed the camera. Audio from the recording has the man saying they should leave because of the camera. The men appeared to be in their 20s and one was wearing a Rockstar hoodie.

A woman reported Oct. 16 that she received a phone call from social security and someone said she owed money or she would be arrested. On Oct. 11, she withdrew $18,200 and was told to send $12,500 to a man in Temple City, Calif., and the rest to a man in Monrovia, Cali. She sent the money via UPS.

A stolen vehicle was found at Lakes Beverage on Oct .17 with no one around and the driver's door open.

Close to midnight Oct. 17, a vehicle was stopped. The driver had a suspended license and expired license plates. The driver had a glass pipe sticking out of his shirt and he was arrested. In his pants, police found a cupcake wrapper with white powder inside. The man said he did not know what it was. He was taken to jail for the suspended license, expired plates, and possession of a drug abuse instrument. The powder has been sent for testing.

During a traffic stop Oct. 17, a man had a suspended license for failure to pay child support and he had a warrant for failure to appear. The 36-year-old man was arrested and taken to  jail.

During a traffic stop Oct. 18, a man would not give consent to search his vehicle. A K-9 unit was brought and alerted on the driver's side door. The man then said he had meth in a cigarette box in the center console. Police found it and he was arrested for possession.

Someone broke into a man's locked garage on Massillon Road Oct. 18 and stole $400. There were no signs of forced entry.

Someone took four tires from a South Arlington Road car dealership overnight Oct. 19. They jacked a vehicle and removed the tires, leaving the vehicle on wooden blocks.

A man slapped his father and then left the house on Oct 19. The father filled out a domestic violence statement. A warrant has been issued for the son's arrest.

At Maps Air Museum, a woman reported that a white vehicle, possibly a semi trailer, struck the building and drove away during the night Oct. 21.

A man was at the home of his ex Oct. 21 while she was in the hospital. The man said she was in the hospital because she had given birth to their child and she had said she could have the children, but needed to move out of the apartment. The man was not on the lease, but had utility bills in his name. The man had been previously trespassed from the complex and he had been in the apartment earlier in the day. Police were unable to get into the apartment at that time even with the help of maintenance. The second time, police did gain access and they told the man that he would need to leave now and not take anything else and come back with an escort when the woman was out of the hospital. The man became upset and cut a hole in the couch with a knife and said he wouldn't let her have the furniture he bought. He was told to put the knife down and leave the property. He did. The door could not be locked because of a busted lock.

A man received a call from a woman on Oct. 18 and the woman said she was from Chase Bank Fraud and she wanted to verify some transactions on his card. The man said she knew his name, address, email and phone number. The woman also knew the last four digits of his card and that he had used it earlier in the day. The man was told charges had been made to Best Buy and Apple Digital Wallet. The man also got an email confirmation for the Apple Digital Wallet purchase and he responded back. Still, he was charged $3,093.62 from Apple at Summit Mall.

A woman received a letter from Wells Fargo and Discover Oct. 22 wanting her to verify information on the credit cards she applied for. She said she never applied for the cards.

A woman who was a passenger involved in a rollover accident Oct. 22 was taken to the hospital. The vehicle was towed and, during inventory, police found syringes with the woman's identification. The woman had already left the hospital without getting treated so police issued a warrant for drug abuse instruments for her.

A woman started her car to warm it up Oct. 23 so she could go to work around 6 a.m. She returned 15 minutes later and her vehicle was gone. She stated the doors do not lock. She did not report it until the evening because she has a suspended license and did not want to get in trouble.

Someone paid for a Burger King meal Oct. 23 with a fake $100 bill. This was not discovered until it was deposited with the bank and they called the company.

A woman was receiving threatening calls Oct. 24 from her cousin after she called Children's Services on the cousin for hitting her children. The woman had received many calls from blocked and spoof phone numbers. While taking a report, a call came in and police answered it. On speaker, a woman's voice said she knew where the victim lived and she was in trouble now. The officer asked if it was the cousin by name and the voice said yes. The officer identified himself and the voice said they did not care and they would kill the woman. The officer went to the cousin's house, but her mother told him to get a warrant and closed the door. The officer went to the police department to complete the warrant when the cousin came in and admitted to making a threatening call and text back in September, but said she had not made any since then. The cousin was arrested for aggravated menacing.

A man in his 60s took a Re-Elect Mayor Neugebaur campaign sign and wrote on it "Liar" and "Traitor" and several other things on Oct. 25. Then he put the sign up on his vehicle. It was taken and he was arrested for theft. The man said, "I should not have put the sign on my own vehicle.”


The owners of a Prospect Avenue North business reported that fraud and theft on Sept. 23. A large amount of money was taken by someone associated with the business.

A man said someone he knew threatened to kill him Sept. 30 while holding a baseball bat.

A mother asked police to check on her 15-year-old at home on Oct. 4. The child was home with an 18-year-old friend, and the 18-year-old was told to leave and not return per the mother’s orders. The 15-year-old was found to be in possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. He was released to an aunt.

Owners of a Powell Avenue business filed a complaint Oct. 9 that someone forged checks with the company's account on them. The person then presented them to steal merchandise at other businesses.

A man’s vehicle was stolen from his driveway on Wagler Avenue on Oct. 21. Inside the vehicle was a wedding ring set, a compound bow, binoculars, a range finder, several knives, clothes, a multitool, a hearing aid, a cooler with syringes of migraine medication and identifying information.

A man’s vehicle was vandalized on Mill Street on Oct. 22. Several windows were broken and a door was damaged and left open.