The Village of Lakemore is asking for an increase in one of its Fire Department levies. There are two levies on the November ballot that are renewals. However, the village is requesting a 0.5-mil addition. Through the years, the department has developed from all volunteer personnel to being completely staffed 24/7. There are 34 members of the department and all of them are either certified as a paramedic or in school training. Fire Chief Brett Reinbolt answered questions about the levies.

Q-Why is this tax needed? We are renewing two levies our 2.5 mils levy and our 4.25 mils levy. We are requesting an additional .5 mils on the 4.25.  These are issues 48 and 49.

Q-What will the additional money be used for? The main goal of the 0.5 increase is for one pay rate 24/7. Currently, our firefighters are being paid a reduced hourly rate from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. We have experienced a 10 percent increase in call volume over the past few years with many calls coming after 10 p.m. We are a 24/7 emergency service wit the same highly trained individuals working after 10 p.m. They all deserve equal pay during those 24 hours. This levy will give us the ability to increase overnight pay to match the current daily hourly rate. The remaining funds will be used for capital improvement and operations.

Q-What happens if the tax is defeated? This additional 0.5 will cost the average homeowner in the village less then $1 per month or less than $12 additional dollars per year. If any of our levies were to fail, it would be a huge blow as we are currently 100 percent levy based.  With that being said, we would continue to do our best to provide our incredible residents the same high quality service and care that they have come to expect.