To the editor:

For the first time in our city’s history, voters have an opportunity to elect a law director. Unequivocally, and without hesitation, I can say that Lisa Dean is the best candidate for this position, having served as a magistrate, judicial attorney, mediator and guardian ad litem to protect children. Her character is unimpeachable. She cares about our residents because she is one. Her entire legal career has been based on honesty and transparency, unlike our current and former appointed law directors, and that includes her opponent.

She would never violate state Sunshine laws, or lie to council when asked direct questions about hiring outside legal counsel, (see, Report Shows Law Firm Looked into Legal Aspects of Green Law Director Vote, The Suburbanite, 10/11/2019). She would never be caught in conflict-of-interest issues nor would she violate attorney-client privilege, or air council grievances in a public forum. In all the years that I have known Lisa Dean, she has been trustworthy. If we don’t vote “no” on ballot Issues 31, 32, 33, we may never, again, have the opportunity to elect another law director. Vote for Lisa Dean for the City of Green law director. We need a new direction, not a repeat of the past.

Susan Ridgeway
Former Ward 3 City Councilwoman