I am writing this editorial due to recent false information that has been distributed to community members regarding the proposed 8.78-mill bond issue for constructing a new Manchester High School; renovation of the current high school to become a pre-K building which will also house the district administration offices; and badly needed updating of extracurricular facilities, including a track that the community uses on a regular basis which is a great asset to them.

The information being placed in news and mailboxes has a great deal of misinformation to mislead the community. One such item is the information that a $100,000 assessed home would cost the taxpayer $878 a year. What the person that gave this figure does not tell you, or they didn't know how to figure taxes, that your home taxes are based on 35 percent of a $100,000 assessed value, in their example, which really comes to $307.30, or $25.61 per month. The writer did not let you know that a bond issue is like a home loan, once paid off it is over, not continuing into perpetuity, as they state it never goes away. It is not a blank check.

There are many other errors on the paper placed illegaly in your news or mailbox and the illegal issue of what they are doing is found in ORC 3517.

The person or persons placing this information is not only in violation of a complaint to be filed with the Ohio Elections Commission, which can issue a fine. This is due to misscommunication of the facts and not identifying how important they believe the issue is to them on their document.

To get the correct information and have your questions answered, please go to yesformanchester.org. If your question is not answered with the information you find there, please contact the superintendent. Go Panthers!

Dr. James E. Robinson


Manchester Local Schools