Incumbent Lakemore councilwoman Anne Snyder faces a challenge from residents Heather Anderson and Kyle Henline for her seat on Village Council.

Anne Snyder

Snyder has been a member of council for eight years. After graduating from the University of Akron she married and moved to Springfield Township and then moved to Lakemore. She has lived in the Lakemore/Springfield community for more than 30 years. Snyder has three grown daughters, who all graduated from Springfield High School.

“Working full time and being on Council takes up a lot of time, but in my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, painting, and volunteering in the Community,” she said.

How long have you lived in the village? 16 years.

Describe your involvement with the village. I've been a part of Band Boosters for SHS; was a member of a grass roots group, supporting the Lakemore Fire Department; and have been on Lakemore Council for the past eight years.

Why are you running for council? I'm running for council to continue serving the community in a legislative capacity and am thankful to voters for putting their faith in me to serve these past years. I bring my experience to the table and hope to do my part to keep Lakemore moving forward, if I am re-elected. 

What is the biggest issue facing the village? One of the biggest issues facing everyone are public health and safety. I continue to support our safety forces and urge everyone to vote for the fire department levies. I have become aware of health issues by serving on Creating Healthy Communities initiative and public health issues are always an ongoing concern. On that note, we have seen improvement to our parks through collaborative efforts of citizens and various governmental entities, helping people of all ages get exercise.

Heather Anderson

Anderson loves being part of the Lakemore Lions Club which, which she said is the world’s largest community service organization.

“I am the mother of two amazing teenage daughters and I enjoy being a foster mom for John Nelson Moosedog Foundation,” she said.

How long have you lived in Lakemore? I have lived in Lakemore on and off since 1988 and have familiar ties going back decades before that.

Describe your involvement with the village. Charter President for the Lakemore Lions Club and Founder and Director of Spartan Snack Pack.

Why are you running for a seat on Lakemore council? The people of Lakemore of some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. Serving on council is one more way I feel I can give back to the community that has given so much to me. It is through the Lakemore Lions Club and the Spartan Snack Pack that I have seen firsthand how giving the people in Lakemore can be, and that makes me want to work even harder in this position if elected, to make sure that their interests are well-represented.

What is the biggest issue facing the village? We have amazing safety services departments that serve out community above and beyond what is asked of them and it is of the utmost importance to keep them strong. We need to continue to improve our roads and underlying infrastructure. We need to continue to make fiscally sound governing decisions to avoid going back into fiscal emergency. And, above all, I want to make our residents feel heard and feel a part of the governing process by open communication and transparency.

Kyle Henline

Henline grew up in Springfield Township and graduated from Springfield High School before moving into the village. During the summer, Henline, his wife, two daughters and parents love to go boating on Portage Lakes. His oldest daughter is involved with racing go-karts which has led him to be the president for the Indian Valley Kart Club in Midvale.

How long have you lived in the village? I have lived in Lakemore for four years.

Describe your involvement with the village. I have been an active environmental activist in the area for the past 10 years. I helped institute a recycling program at Springfield High School in 2009.

Why are you running for council? I am running for Lakemore Council because I want to help steer the village into the future and make us a thriving municipality. I would like to see more business move to Lakemore. I would also like to overhaul our zoning to be more accommodating to homeowners who want to make fixed to their property.

What is the biggest issue facing the village? I would say one of the biggest problem that Lakemore is facing is the amount of families that fall within the poverty line.