Incumbent Springfield Local Schools Board of Education members Dave Hofer and Larry Petry face a challenge from Springfield High School alum Mario Grozanovski. Residents can vote for two candidates.

Dave Hofer

Hofer and his wife, Tammy, are longtime Springfield residents. The couple has two sons, and a daughter who is expecting their first grandchild. Hofer loves the outdoors, camping, hiking and hunting and fishing when time allows. His newest hobby is working with solar panels.

How long have you lived in the school district? I have lived in Springfield Township for 31 years.

Describe your involvement with the schools? My involvement started with youth football as the “camera man” which transitioned to filming for the high school football team. From there, I was asked to serve on the Building Advisory Committee and at that vantage point I was encouraged to run for a Springfield Schools Board seat first being elected in 2012 and re-elected in 2016.

Why are you running? To continue to make an impact for Springfield Schools and the community. The biggest contribution these last four years has been the H.B. 264 project (energy conservation) that will save us approximately $83,000 a year after we pay for the upgrades from the savings. Early in this next year we will have a permanent transportation facility which will be ours verses renting a facility.

What is the biggest issue facing Springfield schools? The Ohio School Boards Association has listed through surveys that funding is an issue here in Ohio. While funding for our schools has remained relatively flat, we are approaching a run that few schools get to achieve, an approximate run of not seeking new money from our local stakeholders. This run is closing in on 20 years. Good fiscal policy has let us to enjoy this benefit of not needing to return to the stakeholder repeatably, however, in the near future we will need new money to keep us moving forward. That will be our challenge.

Larry Petry

Petry has been a member of the Springfield Board of Education for four years. He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 27 years and have two sons, David and Jacob, who are both graduates of The University of Akron. He and Debbie like to up-cycle flea market and auction treasures.

“We like to save old pieces and give them new life,” Petry 

He also enjoys working with wood and is a deer hunter.

How long have you lived in the school district? I have lived in the Village of Lakemore for 27 years.

Describe your involvement with the schools? I have served on the Village Zoning Board, am currently a member of the Lakemore Board of Zoning Appeals, Springfield Local School Board member and a member of the Springfield Lake Task Force (researching strategies to clean up the lake).

Why are you running? I am running for re-election because we still have great work to do. We have plans to build a new bus garage for the district and a new sports complex. The future of Springfield Schools is exciting, and I want to be a part of it. I am a retired public-school administrator and feel that I have some “seasoned insights” that will be a benefit to the district.

What is the biggest issue facing your schools? The biggest issue facing Springfield Schools is living within the financial constraints placed upon our budget to operate our schools and complete our needed projects. We depend on state budget, local renewal levies and property taxes to provide the outstanding environment for learning that is the vision for Springfield Local Schools. I hope to be re-elected in November but the biggest issues on the ballot will be the renewal levies for our schools. Please give them a “yes” vote.

Mario Grozanovski

Grozdanovski is a Springfield High School graduate. He went on to attend the University of Akron (UA) earning a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education for grades 7 through 12 in integrated Social Studies. Grozdanovski continued his education graduating from UA in elementary education literacy. Most recently, he completed an Intervention Specialist licensure program and is working in the Canton City School District teaching as a special educator.

How long have you lived in the Springfield School District? I have lived in Springfield Township for 24 years.

Describe your involvement with the district. I am a 2005 graduate of the Springfield Local School District.

Why are you running for the Board of Education? I am respectfully asking for the residents of Springfield Township and the village of Lakemore to support me in my bid to become an elected member of the Springfield Local School Board. I have been a township resident for 24 years of my life and I am a Springfield High School graduate of the class of 2005. I would like to be elected to the Springfield Local School Board so I can have the opportunity to be involved with the district at an impactful level. I will be transparent, offering an avenue for district stakeholders to provide and receive ongoing insight. It is important to me to be involved with continuing opportunities that meaningfully engage students, parents, residents and other stakeholders on a personal and professional level. I believe my professional experience will aid in offering vision and leadership to help grow and develop our school district with the ever changing and increasing demands that our students encounter as they continue their academic journey into post-secondary education and career readiness. To conclude, I am asking for voters to please consider my background in education and my familiarity with the township in hopes that I can proudly serve as your trusted representative on the Springfield Local School Board.

What is the biggest issue facing your schools? The biggest issues facing our school district focus on addressing and maintaining the aging facilities. Our school district also needs to be preemptive in becoming prepared for ongoing changes and adjustments with the district rating systems that are established at the state level.