A woman stated Oct. 1 that her boyfriend was threatening her and pushed her. The boyfriend denied all accusations. He was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to Summit County Jail.

During a traffic stop on Oct. 3, an officer found an open container of Bud Ice in the vehicle. The driver performed the standard field sobriety test and was placed under arrest for operating a vehicle under the influence and open container. He refused to submit to further testing and a sober adult picked up the man.

At Springfield Junior and Senior High on Oct. 3, a counselor and a child caseworker contacted the officer on-duty regarding the welfare of two students. The students told the counselor that they had been "kicked out" of their home and had no idea where they were going after school. Their caseworker requested the students, ages 13 and 15, be placed with CSB while arrangements were made.

A woman was arrested for domestic violence on Oct. 4. She was later taken to the hospital by Lakemore Fire. She was issued a summons and served a warrant while in the hospital.

During a traffic stop Oct. 5, the driver admitted during questioning that he had marijuana. Police located the marijuana, a THC vape pen and 10 pills identified as amphetamine and Adderall. He was arrested for possession of drugs.

A Springfield High School principal advised the on-duty officer Oct. 8 that several students had been outside before school parked in a visitor's spot near staff parking. The vehicle had no parking pass, but the officer knew a student drove it to school. Inside, the officer could see a black and silver marijuana "dab" pen with a THC cartridge lying on the center console. The students who had been in the vehicle were contacted. A 15-year-old student admitted that the pen was hers. A 15-year-old boy also admitted to smoking the dab pen and also stated that he had a wooden "one hitter" with some burnt marijuana inside his bag in the vehicle. A second 15-year-old boy had another dab pen with THC cartridge in his possession that he claimed was not his. A 16-year-old boy handed over an e-cig from his pocket and also admitted to smoking the dab pen. The four were charged with drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. They were released to adults. The 16-year-old boy had driven the vehicle to school and suspected mushrooms were found inside. They have been sent to testing. The 16-year-old was also charged with possession of an e-cig and nicotine cartridges.  A friend of the four admitted to coming to school "high" but denied smoking or hitting the dab pen that morning.

A woman on Sunnyside Avenue reported Oct. 8 that someone had thrown tomatoes at her house. A window on the front porch was broken as a result of the tomato hitting it. She said she heard a vehicle speed away seconds after she heard the glass break.

A man said his long-term girlfriend's great-grandson entered his locked bedroom Oct. 9 without his permission to look for personal property. The man told the great-grandson that he had no right to do that, in which the great-grandson reportedly said he would give the man a black eye. A roommate witnessed the event and corroborated the story. The great-grandson left before police had arrived. An air mattress was damaged and the man said his cigarette lighter collection was also missing. The man wants to sign criminal charges against the great-grandson.

Overnight Oct. 10, someone broke into a Ryan Homes construction site on Brentwood Drive and took items out of a storage locker for the second time. Missing items include a propane tank, power washer, gas hose, and space heater.

A woman arrived at the police department Oct. 10 with visible scratches and lacerations to her face and torso. She stated that she and her live-in boyfriend got into an argument and then the boyfriend began punching her. She said the boyfriend was at a bar. Police went to the bar and talked to the boyfriend who had a small blood spot on his blue jeans on the left upper leg. He was arrested for domestic violence, but the jail would not take him so he was returned home.

A woman claimed Oct. 11 that she hadn’t heard from her boyfriend for three days. Officers located the man’s vehicle and residence and saw him sitting on the couch with the back door open. He was having labored breathing and was foaming at the mouth. He was unresponsive at first, but finally woke up. He was incoherent and was unable to talk. Lakemore Fire transported the man to the hospital.

There was a report Oct. 11 of a woman being out in the street yelling at herself. When police arrived, the woman had gone back into her home. Police spoke with her and she said she did not have to listen to the police and did not want to be shot. EMS responded and she was persuaded to come out of her house. She became aggressive and was transported to the hospital.

A man on Brentwood told police Oct. 12 that someone stole three of his hibiscus trees out of the front yard of his residence.

A resident advised police on Oct. 13 that a man on the back porch of the residence needed to leave. The man was intoxicated and, during an investigation, it was revealed that he had been warned previously not to return to the property. The man also had warrants for failure to appear. He was arrested on criminal trespass and taken to jail.

During the night Oct. 14, someone removed a lock from an East Waterloo Road storage door unit.

On Oct. 15, a 16-year-old student at Springfield High had a small bag of marijuana and the principal notified the police. The student said he had forgotten he had it until he got to school. He was charged with possession of marijuana and his mother was advised.

During a traffic stop Oct. 22, an officer thought a passenger had a warrant. The passenger, a 22-year-old man, gave a false name and then took off on foot. Eventually, he was ordered to the ground or be Tasered. He was checked out by EMS after a seizure and issued a summons for falsification and obstruction of official business.


A man assaulted his wife at a South Arlington Road store on Oct. 6 and several witnesses stopped him. The incident was caught on camera and the man also had a warrant for his arrest for Kentucky for theft of more than $10,000. He was charged with domestic violence.

A husband and wife believe the wife’s step-sister has stolen $500, a shotgun, and a handgun from their home on June 1 when she had visited from Texas. The stepsister then returned to her home state without any contact info.

Someone threw tomatoes at a man’s home on Nolt Drive on Oct. 8.

Someone threw tomatoes at a home on Winterfern Avenue and broke the resident’s garage light on Oct. 8.

In the evening of Oct. 8, a police patrol saw a man and woman wrestling in the roadway. The parties stopped when confronted by the officer and separated. The woman said the man assaulted her and was trying to choke her. She said he had been physical in the past and they were engaged. She is a retiree from the Navy with PTSD. The man said the woman had a rock in her hands and was trying to bash his head in. He said it was self-defense. The man was deploying the next day so he decided to leave early. The woman went back home.

Three people entered a vacant business the evening of Oct. 9 and were caught on camera. Two of the people were boys aged 16 and 17, and one of them tried to destroy the security camera. They were taken to juvenile detention for breaking and entering. The third was a 19-year-old woman who also had a warrant for her arrest. She was also charged with breaking and entering and taken to jail.

A garage door on Killian Road was left open in the evening of Oct. 9 and a woman’s purse was taken from her unlocked vehicle.

A man parked his truck at a storage facility in the morning of Oct. 8 and returned to it in the afternoon to find several things had been taken, including hunting equipment, binoculars, a backpack and a hunting bow with arrows.

A man was overdosing on heroin inside a South Arlington Road gas station Oct. 10 and was treated by the Fire Department. Police found a needle with heroin in it. He was released with a court date under the Good Samaritan Act.

A man was overdosing in the bathroom of a South Arlington Road gas station on Oct. 12. He was given Narcan and refused to go to the hospital. He was released.

A woman was seen leaving a high drug area on Oct. 12 and was stopped by police. She did not want to answer questions and said they could not search her vehicle. An officer asked her to step out so a K-9 unit could do a sniff test and she started yelling. She refused to comply and was arrested for obstructing official business. She was issued a summons and released.

Overnight Oct. 13, someone attempted to enter a home on James Avenue. The rear door was damaged and a screen was also damaged. No entry was made.

A woman was overdosing and unresponsive on Oct. 14. She was issued Narcan and woke up. She did not want to go to the hospital and was released to family.

A teenager left her purse on a motorized cart at a South Arlington Road store by accident on Oct. 15. When she returned, it was gone. It contained her ID, bank card, and $150.

A man took off his shirt and was screaming in the parking lot of a South Arlington Road store on Oct. 15. When police arrived, he gave them consent to search his bag and they found a scale with white residue and a needle. He was arrested for drug paraphernalia and drug abuse instruments. He was issued a summons and released.

Overnight Oct. 16, someone stole shovels, brooms, copper, squeegees, extension cords, pressure washer hoses, pressure washers and more from Precision Environmental while they were on location at a Chenoweth Road hotel for demolition. The person(s) also tried to break into the generator trailer, but were unsuccessful.

A woman returned to her Abington Road home on Oct. 17 to find her front door open. Police did not find anyone inside, but a BB gun was missing from a bedroom drawer. The incident is under investigation.

A woman told police on Oct. 18 that she ordered packages from Amazon and got a message saying they had been delivered on Oct. 15. She could not find them, but a few days later saw the open boxes at the ice cream shop next door under their back patio.

A motorized scooter was stopped on the roadway Oct. 18 for not having visible registration. The driver was found to have a warrant from Barberton. When Barberton Police arrived, the driver fled but was quickly apprehended and taken to the ground. The driver, a 36-year-old man, continued to resist arrest and was also charged with resisting arrest.

A 28-year-old woman told police Oct. 19 that she did not know how her vehicle got stuck off the roadway. Officers spoke with children inside the vehicle who said their mom tried to do a U-turn and drove off the road. Police detected alcohol on the woman’s breath and had her do field sobriety tests which she did not pass. She was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence and endangering children. During a breath test, she blew a .289 and was taken to be fingerprinted. She was later released with a summons.

During a traffic stop Oct. 19, a black bag was located. Inside, there were two baggies of crystal meth, a pipe and a scale. The owner of the bag, a 53-year-old man, was arrested for possession of drugs and drug abuse instruments. He was issued a summons and released.

A woman said her adult daughter hit her over the head with a drawer on Oct. 20. The daughter said the mother attacked her first. The mother had marks. The daughter did not. The daughter was arrested for domestic violence.

An 18-year-old man was arrested for disorderly conduct Oct. 22 after becoming irate and cursing. He was told by police to calm down and would not. He was issued a summons.

A 39-year-old man was under investigation for domestic violence. During the investigation, police found out he may have guns and he was a convicted felon. Police obtained a search warrant Oct. 22 and found five guns. He was charged with having guns while under disability and taken to jail. Police also found THC cartridges in the duct work in the basement, vials in the water softener, ammunition, counterfeit $100, mushrooms in the top drawer of the night stand, blunts in the bedroom, powdered lidocaine, steroid vials, a bag of cocaine in the closet, a digital scale, THC gummies in a jacket and other drug paraphernalia.

Late in the evening Oct. 23, a 26-year-old man was punching cars while shirtless. At first, the man did not stop when police officers arrived and told him to stop. Eventually, he stopped but would not identify himself. He was arrested for obstructing official business. Police found out he also had a warrant for parole violation. He was taken to jail.

On Lessig Avenue on Oct. 23, someone kicked open a door to an unattached garage and stole bags of cement, shovels, amplifiers, an air conditioner and power tools.

Two 18-year-olds were fighting behind a South Arlington Road hotel on Oct. 23. A man refused to give ID and tried to walk away when police arrived. He resisted arrest when officers tried to detain him. The second party, a woman, said he had held her against a fence and hit her. She did not want to press charges. She was taken home and the man was charged with obstructing official business and disorderly conduct. He was issued a summons and released.


A man noticed his rear plate was missing from his vehicle on Oct. 11. The plate was listed as stolen.

Someone spray painted inappropriate language and images on 16 vehicles, homes and personal property Oct. 12 on Peggy Ann Drive.

A man stated Oct. 19 that his leaf blower was stolen out of the back of his truck while parked at his residence. He found what could possibly be his leaf blower on Facebook Marketplace. Jackson Police Department verified the blower by matching the serial numbers and recovered it. The man did not want to press charges.

There was a report of an intoxicated female was acting aggressive towards small children on Oct. 21. Upon arrival, the woman invited police in and they determined she was intoxicated. She was unable to care for herself and police observed marijuana and a grinder. She was arrested and released with two summons to her father.

A woman stated that she left her keys in her vehicle Oct. 21 when she went in the house for a moment. When she returned, the car was gone. The vehicle belongs to Enterprise and it has been listed as stolen.

A woman, who is in the process of being evicted from her residence, stopped by Oct. 22 to clean out some more items and noticed the residence had been broken into. She suspected it was her brother. She said her brother took her 9 mm gun from the house that was willed to her from their parents.

Someone was driving an ATV on Manchester Road Oct. 23 against traffic with a small child on the front. The officer made contact with the man and his son when they pulled into their residence. The man’s driver’s license was suspended and the ATV did not have a license plate. The man was placed under arrest and he was released with a summons. Children Services was contacted.