During last November’s election, Green passed Issue 14 to elect a law director. Two candidates are running, but the law director issue is not over.

Issue 14 arose due to the Mayor’s decision to settle the NEXUS litigation with limited Council discussions, rushed hearings, and bad legal advice, which pitted the City against residents. After meeting with NEXUS at his residence, the mayor and his law director refused my advice to file an appeal before FERC. Refusing to file this Request for Rehearing was a fatal legal mistake. I did file this appeal on behalf of property owners. Last month, the Washington, D.C., federal appeals court agreed with me that NEXUS was an export pipeline, implicating the misuse of eminent domain and violations of Constitutional rights. Although remanded for further proceedings, Green has already dropped out of the legal fight.

The Mayor also withheld a referendum petition from the ballot signed by 1,500 residents to overturn the NEXUS settlement and spent taxpayer dollars to prevent voters from deciding the issue and spin lies. Soon thereafter, the mayor appointed a Charter Review Commission. Three of his five hand-picked members publicly opposed Issue 14, two were members of his opposition PAC responsible for sending out "hate-mail."

Issues 31-33 will effectively unwind the result last November. Issue 31 imposes work requirements, not imposed on other directors. Issue 32 excludes all non-public attorneys from serving. Issue 33 allows the Mayor to appoint a law director after 30 days if a vacancy occurs. Vote NO on Issues 31, 32 and 33 and preserve the people’s right to choose your law director.

David Mucklow, attorney