GREEN  A project to install fencing at baseball fields at Greensburg Park was given the green light by Council Oct. 8.

Council unanimously approved a $39,191 contract with Sentry Fence to install the fencing, but a motion to amend the contract and remove Greensburg Park Field 4, failed 4-3. 

Councilpersons Rocco Yeargin, Bob Young, Barbara Babbitt and Chris Humphrey voted against the amendment, while Councilmen Justin Speight, Matt Shaughnessy, and Stephen Dyer voted in favor of it.

Removing Field 4 from the contract would have reduced the overall cost by $5,914. Dyer said he is in support of fencing improvements at the other three fields, but believes the city should wait until an upcoming city parks master plan project is completed before spending money on Field 4.

Future use of Field 4 is in question due to its proximity to the NEXUS Pipeline, an issue likely to be part of the master plan discussion.

In an Oct. 1 memo to Council, Mayor Gerard Neugebauer, and Service Director Valerie Wax Carr, Dyer said, “It doesn’t make a ton of sense to put a new fence into a field that may go out of service as early as next year.”

Humphrey, however, said there has been support from parents and Green Youth Baseball officials for continued use of Field 4. Humphrey said it is “a mistake” to suggest that the pipeline presents an unsafe environment.

“We’re scaring people for no good reason,” Humphrey said. “You cannot drive through Green…or walk through many of our neighborhoods without walking directly over or past a multitude of pipelines. We may not like that, but that is the reality.  That fear has no basis in reality.”

Dog park donation

Neugebauer recognized the owners of Town Tavern who raised $880 for the city’s Ariss Dog Park as part of the restaurant’s community giving program in September.

“They select different topics each month and this time out, they picked Ariss,” Neugebauer said. “We will probably use the money to put more benches in at the park and possibly more toys for the dogs.”

Town Tavern co-owner Sam Dankoff said the community giving program is one of the company’s “core concepts” and said September’s beneficiary was a natural fit for himself and his partners.

“For those of you who have been to Town Tavern, of course you know that the dogs are close to our hearts,” he said. “Our patio is pet friendly and we felt this complimented our business and highlighted a strong asset of the community.”

Other actions

- Council also approved the modification of the 2019 appropriations budget to reflect a $145,705 savings associated with the Route 619/Myersville Road roundabout project.

- A $46,813 federal Assistance to Firefighters grant to install a vehicle exhaust removal system at Fire Station 2 was accepted. The grant requires a 10 percent local match, or $4,681, bringing the total estimated project cost to $51,494.

- Council approved the appointment of Dr. Alexsandra Mamonis as the city’s representative on the Summit County Combined General Health District Board of Health. Mamonis will serve a four-year term commencing Jan. 1, 2020.