A man and woman told police Oct. 4 that they responded to an inquiry regarding a wood furnace they were selling online on Sept. 20. They received a check for the amount of $2,850 from the inquirer. They cashed the check into their bank when the inquirer said he needed the money back due to family issues. They transferred $1,000 through a wire transfer on Sept. 27 and then transferred $1,100 through paypal on Sept. 28 but were able to get that transfer canceled. They also attempted to send $750 through another wire transfer and it the scam was caught before they were able to send the money. They were able to provide the suspect phone number and they also provided a fraudulent check and multiple emails the suspect used to obtain the stolen money. This matter is under investigation.

A woman and her boyfriend started throwing items after getting into an argument Oct. 4 about the care of their child.The woman stated that the boyfriend refused to move his vehicle to allow her to go to work. The boyfriend stated that he wasn't going to leave until he had received money out of their joint bank account. The boyfriend finally agreed to turn over is key to the residence and leave the property.

A woman told police on Oct. 4 that her former boyfriend was on her property walking around and turned her power off to her house from her outside breaker box. Police checked the area and were unable to locate the former boyfriend, but they did see him on camera footage. The woman also suspects that the former boyfriend damaged her vehicle. The taillight was busted and the front windshield wiper was bent. Police got in contact with the former boyfriend and he denied being on woman's property. He turned himself in and was arrested and taken to jail.

Overnight Oct. 5, a man said his shed was broken into on Rex Hill Road. He noticed the lock had been removed from the doors and property had been stolen.

Police received a report of a half naked man throwing chairs at a Manchester Road tavern on Oct. 6. When they arrived, they found the outside patio table was turned over along with broken glass on the ground. The half naked man was inside and he appeared to be highly intoxicated. He was not making any sense and did not know why he was at the tavern. Police searched him and found small plastic bags containing suspected marijuana. He was arrested and then taken to the ADM crisis center.

A boy’s parents reported their son as a runaway Oct. 6 after he argued with his sister and ran out the door. A woman in Coventry Township then reported the boy was at her home and she was not sure why he came to her. The boy and the woman’s children were friends. The boy had told her that he did not want to go home.The boy’s parents were advised of his location and went to pick him up.

Police tried to stop a man walking on the wrong side of the road on Oct. 7 when he took off into a wooded area. He was located and an officer smelled marijuana. The man confirmed there was marijuana in his bag and he was arrested for possession of drugs and obstructing official business. He was transported to jail.

During a traffic stop on Oct. 8, a woman was asked if she had anything illegal in the car. She said no and gave police consent to search the vehicle. The passengers were removed from the vehicle and patted down and one of them had a baggie of marijuana on him. He was placed under arrest for possession of drugs and released with a summons.

A man and woman told police Oct. 9 that they had asked their grandson to leave earlier in the day. Then, while they were sleeping in the evening, they heard loud banging noises on the house. They went outside and saw the grandson had returned and was damaging household items outside. They asked him to leave and he refused and continued to become more aggressive. The grandson began to hit the grandfather and they fought. The grandfather had marks and bruises from the fight. The grandson was placed under arrest and taken to jail.

Police were notified on Oct. 9 that when someone Googles "Manchester High School," a picture pops up next to the address of Garfield The Cat holding a handgun and it says bang. By the next day, they had identified the juvenile who posted the picture and he was questioned about it while his mother was present. He admitted to posting it on the Manchester High School Google web page. The boy was placed under arrest for inducing panic and was released to his mother