Letter To Editor

Vote NO on Issues 31, 32, & 33. Don’t let your choice of candidates for law director be limited. The unnecessary proposed language is so restrictive it could rule out experienced judges and qualified lawyers. This amendment attempts to keep you from choosing your law director.

Issue 14, as passed by the voters, currently works just fine; six qualified lawyers ran in May’s primary, leaving two for this election. The current charter requires the elected law director to be a resident of Green and have five years’ experience as a practicing attorney. No changes are needed.

ISSUE 31 – Places “work week requirements” upon law director’s hours but not on other directors.

ISSUE 32 – Limits the law director’s experience & eliminates attorneys with private practice experience in municipal law.  Only government lawyers can serve.

ISSUE 33 – Limits the law director’s appointment in the case of a vacancy to the Mayor after 30 days.

This charter amendment was proposed by the mayor’s hand-picked Charter Review Committee. Two members ran last year’s campaign against electing a law director and a third spoke out against it. A legal opinion paid for by The city of Green found that the wording of Issue 14 did not violate Ohio law or the Constitution. Issue 14 currently works just fine. No changes are needed.

Citizens For Responsible Green Government
Greer Kabb-Langkamp
Elaine Selzer 
Susan Ridgeway
Tammy Daly
Diane Petrella