Coventry residents are considering an important decision in November. Our school district is asking for a 1% earned income tax, which will eliminate renewing a property tax in 2020. Property taxes will lower for property owners, while revenue will increase from residents with earned income only.

The expiring levy will be collected through 2020. The income tax levy will start being collected in 2020. There is concern that the levies will overlap in the first year. While there will indeed be activity from both levies in 2020, the income tax levy will not be remitted to the district in full the first year.                                                                                                             

A Facebook post mentioned the district has nine active levies, causing some concern. True, however, the number of levies doesn’t matter. What matters is the type, millage and dollars generated.

One is an inside millage levy (authorized by the Ohio Constitution). Four levies are continuing levies passed between 1968-1992. One is a permanent improvement levy and one is a bond levy for the new building and renovations. These 2013 levies are not for operating expenses. Two 5-year emergency levies that have been renewed over the past 16 years are the only two levies that are voted on.

Coventry has not asked for any new operating funds since 2010. None of the nine levies has increased in revenue since approved. I have a spreadsheet of all of the levies in detail. I will gladly email the spreadsheet to anyone interested with a request to 

We have been directed by the State Finance Commission to increase revenue in order to be released from fiscal emergency. This income tax levy will help that requirement for the next five years.

Residents may not like this tradeoff of tax responsibility, but we must look at the overall picture. Our senior and retired residents with no earned income will not be taxed, and the renters in the district will now be taxed since they are residents.  

This school income tax will move the district forward. None of us wants to pay more tax, but we must put our personal objections aside and do what is best for our community, students and the district. This money will provide needed resources and learning opportunities for our students’ futures. I hope that we can all step up and support Issue #7.

Lee Ann Weisenmiller,
Coventry Township