GREEN  The replacement of a half-mile section of the NEXUS pipeline in Green will impact more properties than previously reported.

The city of Green was notified Aug. 16 by Enbridge, the parent company that owns and manages the NEXUS Pipeline, that it will be upgrading a half-mile segment with a thicker pipe to meet regulatory compliance. Those upgrades began Oct. 1.

When the initial announcement about the upgrade was made, the city did not say how many landowners would be impacted but stated that NEXUS had met with the three landowners where construction will occur. The NEXUS fact sheet listed on the city’s website also stated three landowners are impacted.

The upgrades, however, will impact not only the three properties the city previously cited, but also a 57-acre parcel of land owned by NEXUS and the 20-acre parcel of park land adjacent to Boettler Park the city received from NEXUS as part of its settlement with the company which put an end to Green's legal opposition against the 256-mile natural gas pipeline project.

Green Councilman Matt Shaughnessy said he found out that the park land was including during a phone conversation last week with NEXUS spokesperson Adam Parker.

"I can't tell you just how disappointed I am to learn from a phone call with NEXUS that the NEXUS pipe replacement affects more than just three landowners like NEXUS stated and our city administration readily repeated," Shaughnessy said.

While the city never made it public, Green Communications Coordinator Valerie Wolford confirmed the city was aware the park land it inherited would be impacted. 

When originally asked about the upgrades by The Suburbanite, Parker confirmed that NEXUS owns the 57-acre parcel but said "no" when asked if the park land would be impacted. 

"At this time, NEXUS has not announced any plans for (its 57-acre) property," Parker said.

The section of pipe to be upgraded begins near Thursby Road and then crosses Koons Road and ends just west of Massillon Road.

Parker did not answer whether the replacement would include the portion of pipeline underneath Koons Road, saying the upgrades will include the typical pipeline construction process on either side of Koons Road.

The Suburbanite posed several follow up questions to NEXUS regarding the upgrade, but multiple attempts to have them answered were unsuccessful.