An employee of a Canton Road grocery store found a baggie of crystal meth outside the entrance on Sept. 23 and turned it over to police.

A woman’s dog attacked and killed a neighbor’s cat on Cayuga Avenue on Sept. 24.

A 12-year-old boy was involved in an altercation in his classroom Sept. 25 at Springfield Junior High School. He was taken to the office and refused to remain there. He became verbally abusive and started flashing hand signs at other students in the hallway in an attempt to instigate them. He was arrested for disorderly conduct after refusing to stop all his disruptive and abusive actions. He was then transported to the Lakemore Police Department and a juvenile complaint was completed. He was picked up by his mother.

A man reported that a cell phone he had ordered was stolen from his Michaels Drive home on Sept. 28. The man said he may know who did it and would provide a name when he confirms it.


A woman stated someone took her cleaning supplies that were located in the shared laundry room at her apartment complex on Sept. 27. She suspects her ex-boyfriend.

During a traffic stop on Sept. 28, the driver was found to be under a 12-point suspension. The driver was placed under arrest and released with a summons to appear.

At Manchester High, someone forced entry through the south side man door of Manchester High School’s baseball storage building around 3 a.m. Sept. 28. It is unknown if anything was missing.

A man stated that four unknown men entered his barn on Grill Road on Sept. 28 and attempted to steal one of his dirt bikes. The man caught the men when they were walking out of his barn with the dirt bike. They then dropped the dirt bike and took off running. The man said he followed the subjects to their car that they had parked at a nearby water utility plant. The subjects then jumped into the car and fled except for one who took off running.

Police responded to a possible rape on Sept 28. A man stated he had text messages from a woman that she was being held and raped. An officer reviewed the text messages and it did not state anything about a rape. Another officer called the suspected victim and she stated that she was fine and that she was not raped. While speaking with the man, he asked the officer if he heard laughing. The officer said he did not. The man kept stating he was hearing things that were not actually there. New Franklin Fire Department was called out for a psychological evaluation and an emergency admission form was filed for the man.

A woman told police that she and her boyfriend got into a verbal argument on Sept. 29 and that the boyfriend said he would kill her if she called police and then threatened to Taser her. The woman did not believe the threats were serious and did not want the boyfriend charged. The boyfriend said he did have a Taser and was just playing with it and didn’t make any threats. The boyfriend was found to have a felony warrant and he was transported to Wayne County.

During a traffic stop on Sept. 30, the driver was found to be under a non-compliance suspension. While talking with the driver, an officer observed an aluminum bottle of beer in the center console cup holder. The officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle and she stated the beer was open. She was placed under arrest and was later released with a summons to appear.

Police made contact with the driver of a suspicious vehicle on Oct. 1 and noticed a strong odor of marijuana. After questioning, the driver said she had a marijuana pipe on her and also one blue Adderall pill that is not prescribed to her. She was placed under arrest for drug paraphernalia and drug possession.

A vehicle was pulled over around 10 a.m. Oct. 1 after it went left of center on Oct. 1 and almost caused an accident. The driver said she was on her way to work in Coventry Township. The woman was slurring her words so the officer had her perform field sobriety tests. After the tests, she was placed under arrest and police found an unmarked prescription bottle with Xanax and Valium inside the vehicle. She was taken to the department to submit to a chemical test and then released to a sober party with a citation for OVI and two summons for possession of drugs.


A white man between the ages of 20 and 40 was attempting to steal fuel and a welding cabinet from a man’s yard on Sept. 26. A witness saw it happening and confronted the man who fled the scene. The witness gave a license plate which came back to a different vehicle than described. The suspect is described as around 200 pounds with blond hair and driving a red buick.

A husband and wife noticed their rear license plate was missing on Sept. 27.

A 55-year-old man stole items Sept. 27 from a South Arlington Road store and then ran into the woods with an officer following. The officer gave a warning and then released his K-9 who tracked down the man. The man was laying on the ground, trying to hide in the woods. He was arrested and issued a summons for theft, criminal trespass, and obstructing official business. He was released.

A man showed officers that someone burned holes in his car’s bed cover at a South Arlington Road hotel on Sept. 27.

Someone broke into a man’s house and stole cash on Sept. 28. The victim’s eldest son saw that the person stealing cash was his younger brother and confronted him. The brother took off. Video footage shows the incident and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

A teenager said he got into a fight with another teenage boy at a Canton Road restaurant on Sept. 30. The other boy left before police arrived and the first teenager told police that they both fought after an argument. They do not know each other and do not go to the same school.

An estranged husband violated a protection order by showing up at his wife’s home Sept. 30 and threatening her. He had gone to the house to pick up their children since the kids stayed home from school. The wife did not let him have the kids and he reportedly told her to watch her back. When she was filing the report at the Police Department, he was still messaging her and messaging the children via Facebook. Police spoke with him and told him to stop. He also admitted to going to her house. He was issued a summons for violation of a protection order.

Four juveniles were driving on Lake Road Sept. 30 and threw a bottle of soda out the window at a man. He did not know who they were and did not get a good description.

A 42-year-old woman was arrested for shoplifting from an East Waterloo Road grocery store on Oct. 1. Police found the stolen merchandise in her bag alongside a plastic straw with meth in it. She was also charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

A 40-year-old man was getting his backpack out of a vehicle Oct. 2 when a 37-year-old man drove down the driveway and threw rocks at him. One of the rocks broke the windshield. The younger man then punched the older man and they fought until the older man’s brother stepped in. The brother was hit several times and cut his arm during a fall. The younger man fled the scene and went to the police where he said the brothers had beaten him up with a baseball bat. The younger man also said the brothers took his phone and money when it fell out of his pocket. The matter is under investigation.

A worker went over to a residence to do some maintenance work on Oct. 2 and the renter said the worker started an argument and got in his face. The renter said he felt threatened so he pushed the worker back and the worker punched him in the face. The renter said he shoved the worker off the front porch but the worker came back into the house to keep arguing. The matter is under investigation.

A woman said that her husband had threatened to kill her Oct. 2 after an argument and  that he had been drinking. She said she had kicked him out of the house and wanted to sign domestic violence charges.

A woman was overdosing and not coherent on Oct. 5. Her trailer had been trashed but she said it was the people in the park. There were two empty prescription bottles near her. She was taken to the hospital.


A woman reported Sept. 13 that a neighbor is standing on the street and videotaping her children on her cellphone. The neighbor said she was doing it and sometimes only pretends to do it because the woman has put up surveillance cameras. So the neighbor wants to send a message that she can record them, too.

A woman called police Sept. 16 and said her boyfriend hit her in the face. Then she called back and said she was okay and did not want the police to arrive. Police came and the woman said she is fine and not injured and she did not want anything to be done. Police spoke with the man about domestic violence and he said it was not an issue.

A man came to a home Sept. 16 and threatened to take his granddaughter away from the mother. Two other family members witnessed this event. The family members and mother requested the man be trespassed from the property and the man was advised that he would be charged if he returned.

A fire in a home on Edison Street Northwest on Sept. 16 is believed to have started because of an electrical issue. No people were home at the time. The family dog did died in the blaze.

A man received two letters with his address on it but in someone else’s name on Sept. 23. The man is worried someone is attempting to steal his identity.

A woman walked from her home to a gas station without her shoes on Sept. 25. Gas station employees did not want her there and she told police she had left home after an argument with her mother. She appeared to be going through withdrawal but she was coherent. She was given a ride back to her home.

Police were dispatched for a sighting of a stolen vehicle on Sept. 25. They found the vehicle and a man with it. It appeared to be a civil issue so the man was not charged. The vehicle was impounded.

A man had purchased a phone through an app and sent money. He told police on Sept. 29 that he never received the phone.

A homeowner was away Oct. 1 when police received a report of an alarm on Chowning Circle Northwest. The residence was secure but they found a latex glove by the front door. When the homeowner arrived back home, he found pry marks on the front door and frame. Nothing appeared to be missing and the homeowner believes the alarm scared the person away.

A man reported that someone attempted to open credit cards in his name dating back to Aug. 30.


During a stop for fictitious plates on Sept. 14, the driver was found to be under suspension and was issued a citation for the plates and suspension. She said she was going to sell the vehicle the person the plates belonged to but that person wanted repairs done on it first. During inventory for a tow, narcotics were found in the vehicle and then in her purse. The drugs were sent to the lab for testing and more charges may follow. She was given a courtesy ride to a gas station and released. 

During a traffic stop on Sept. 15, an officer smelled alcohol on the driver, and the driver told the officer he was 19. The officer also saw two baggies of marijuana and a glass pipe in the rear of the vehicle. The driver was asked to step out and the officer also found an open can of beer. The driver said he had drank it 45 minutes ago and he had smoked earlier in the day. After field sobriety tests, he was arrested for operating a vehicle after underage consumption, open container, underage drinking, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He asked for his parents to pick up his car. He submitted to a breath test and blew a .065 on the second try.

A mother said her 17-year-old son ran away Sept. 16 after an argument where he was verbally abusive. She had grounded him and taken his car keys. He packed a backpack and left on foot. She said he threatened self-harm but she thinks it is more for attention and that he runs away frequently but she doesn’t always report it. He left his cell phone and home. He was listed on unruly charges but he had returned home a little after midnight.

During a Lake Blue Streak football game on Sept. 20, a man started yelling at officers to sit down. The man then started to argue with the officers in the stands and they requested he come speak with them where they wouldn’t be an issue for other people watching the game. He eventually complied but became angry when officers asked for his information and said he did not have his ID. They asked him to calm down and stop swearing, but he would not and he was arrested for disorderly conduct. They walked him out and he said "I am a goddamn American. I can say whatever the fuck I want to say," and several more curse words. Eventually, he apologized for his behavior and he was issued a summons.


A man who just became a father and had his newborn baby visiting with his mother called police Sept. 28 because his mother wanted to hold the baby but she smelled of cigarette smoke. When police arrived, the woman agreed to change her clothes so she could hold the baby.

Someone shot a man's vehicle with a pellet gun on Lake Vista Road on Sept. 30 while the vehicle was parked in the man's driveway.

Between Sept. 23 and Sept. 30, someone entered a man's boat and removed two five gallon gas cans.

A man put two steaks down his pants and tried to leave a Manchester Road grocery store without paying on Oct. 2. He was arrested for theft and it was found he had a warrant out of Bath Township for theft.

A woman reported identity fraud Oct. 2 after noticing suspicious activity on her Verizon account, Huntington Bank,and Chase credit card. Someone attempted to open a new phone account using her information and change her address.

A woman reported that her husband had been drinking all day Oct. 4 and they began arguing. Then he pushed her on the couch and grabbed her neck. The man was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.


A stolen vehicle was located in a pond off Myersville Road on Sept. 28.

A woman reported that her foster daughter stole two Coach purses from her home on Sept. 29. Police arrived and checked the foster daughter's wallet. They found two used needles and several ID cards belonging to her. A warrant has been issued for the 31-year-old foster daughter.

A woman was arrested for stealing $53.37 of merchandise from a Corporate Woods Parkway grocery store on Sept. 30. Loss Prevention said the woman had stolen other times as well and was calculating the total. When asked why she was stealing, the woman said she did not have enough money to pay for the products. She was issued a summons and released

An officer ran a plate at a East Turkeyfoot Lake Road motel Oct. 2 and found it came back to a person with a felony warrant. The officer went to the man's room and found a woman who has a protection order against the man. The man was arrested on the warrant and on the protection order violation. He was taken to jail.

A man followed his ex home Oct. 2 because he wanted to take their child for the day. The woman said no but the man pulled the child away from her and spit on her. He put the child in his vehicle and drove away. Police contacted the man and told him to bring the child back and he said he wasn't going to and he didn't care if he went to jail. Less than an hour later, police found the man and he ran away. He was apprehended and charged with domestic violence, interference with custody and resisting arrest.

A woman believes someone took her personal information to use it on an apartment in Youngstown. She has never lived in Youngstown. She found her name listed at this address on a rental agreement after a Google search.

A stolen vehicle was found in a parking lot, locked and unattended on Oct. 3. A short distance away a man and woman were seen on a swing set. They were asked about the vehicle and the man said it was his. The man had a warrant out of Akron. He was arrested for the warrant and also charged with receiving stolen property. At this time, it is unclear who owns the vehicle because the man said he has proof of purchase but the VIN comes back to someone else.

A woman reported that someone went into her home on Comet Lane on Oct. 4 while it was unoccupied for remodeling and stole a Dewalt grease gun and a homemade 2-inch bell.

A trail cam was set up near the storage lot of an Interstate Parkway business and it captured the image of a man crawling under the sliding gate on Oct. 4. Nothing appeared to be missing.

A woman and her boyfriend got into an argument Oct. 6 at a Mayfair Road apartment complex when he punched the windshield of her vehicle, cracking it. He said he would pay for it and she refused to prosecute. The man was advised he is no longer allowed on the property.