SPRINGFIELD TWP.  More than 60 students of Springfield’s Spring Hill Elementary School attended Clips for Kids on Sept. 23 to get spruced up for picture day.

Spring Hill preschool teaching assistant Tammie Coggin said the school was offering a chance for parents to bring their children afterschool for $1 to $5 haircuts. The event was a fundraiser for the preschool program to help fund their graduation and purchase items needed by the classrooms.

“We needed a fundraiser for our kids,” she said.

At the graduation ceremony, they feed the families, decorate and the little grads have matching graduation attire.

“We make sure everything is nice for the kids,” Coggin said.

Coggin’s son, Matthew Louis, was a student at Spring Hill when it was a middle school. He is a stylist at VIVO Beauty Bar in Cuyahoga Falls. He came up with the idea to do haircuts for kids as a fundraiser.

“We are volunteering our time and talents to make the kids look snazzy for picture day,” said Louis. He wanted to give back and give a helping hand to the kids.

The team of four stylist from VIVO volunteered their time to cut the kids hair. VIVO stylist Maddy King said she and Louis have worked together for a long time and she wanted to help with the event.

Vince Hentosz with David Wolfe Design donated a basket for the event for the raffle. He said he was there to help in any way he could. If someone couldn’t pay, he would pay for them. Hentosz said it was a great event and was seen sweeping hair up after the haircuts. 

Samantha Sharpless is the owner of VIVO Beauty Bar. She said this was all Louis' idea.

“He started working at the salon a couple of weeks ago," Sharpless said. "He said they were having an event, and would we like to help him. We are all about giving to the community.

“I told him I would show up and I would bring all the goodies. This was all him.”

VIVO Beauty Bar is a full-service salon located at 1749 Front Street, Suite A, in Cuyahoga Falls. Sharpless donated a gift certificate and a basket of supplies as a raffle item.

Spring Hill Principal Dave Jurmanovich said Clips for Kids is a great thing for the families and for the preschool. He said he was very appreciative.

Preschool Facts: the school is an integrated preschool with an even split of typically developing peers and special needs students. There are morning and afternoon classes totally six classes. A teacher and one to two assistants are always in the classrooms. There is a screening program in the spring and two in the fall and it is does, at times, get full. A waiting list is available for typical peers if classes are full.

VIVO Facts: it is a totally eco-friendly salon even recycling hair. As the hair was swept up it is kept in special bags and recycled. What do they do with recycled hair? It is used to help with oil spills. The hair is put in the water in mess nets and can be washed and reused seven times. It is also used for making homes for animals in the cases where their forest or living area has been destroyed by a disaster. It can be made into mats to be placed around plants to retain moisture, fertilize and keep weeds down.