Manchester Schools is asking for a new levy over $34 million for 36 years. The Manchester Local School District administration and board (MLSD) new plan is to use 41% of the State’s money to tear down Nolley and update other school facilities.  The remaining 59% is for new construction and renovations plus the big teaser – an updated football field and track. Plus, they plan to manage the updates themselves for more control.

MLSD boasts their balance sheet is in the black and has been for years. I take this to mean they’ve been managing their financial operations in exemplary fashion, right?

WRONG! Reviewing the MLSD audits is an eye opener. They failed the state audit more than once.

MLSD has been non-compliant for at least the last five audits, failing to report financials per State of Ohio requirements by tracking expenses when they become known to manage funds and make sound financial decisions.  But our school officials want to do it their own way … reporting expenses only when they pay the bill. MLSD knows they are not compliant and chooses to remain non-compliant because it costs too much to report financials the right way. Wait a minute, the MLSD reported a May 2019 balance over $5.8 million. But the real question is, do they really? Or have they not paid the bills yet so it only looks like they have over $5 million?

MLSD, how can you know when or what money is needed? Is this why you keep asking for more and more money?

If this financial mismanagement is happening NOW with our schools, will it continue with the $34,025,000 levy money? How can the Manchester Schools Community trust the school board and administration?

Our school facilities need to be updated. But before I’m willing to add more money to the pot for 36 years, MLSD fix your non-compliance/audit issues with the State of Ohio. Vote NO on Issue 8.

Robin Aikey,
New Franklin