GREEN  This summer, the city of Green installed automated external defibrillator or AEDs at Central Park, John Torok Community & Senior Center, Boettler Park, Greensburg Park, Ariss Park, East Liberty Park and Spring Hill Sports Complex.

“The City of Green places the highest standards on health and safety,” said Mayor Gerard Neugebauer in a news release. “Installing AEDs in our parks is another way we strive to ensure the safety of visitors to our parks.” 

Providing AEDs in the parks was introduced by the Green Youth Soccer Association. The city of Green Service Department and Fire Division worked together to determine the best available AED for the parks. 

“This is another example of the collaborative efforts of our community that makes Green a great place to live, work, and play,” said Valerie Wax-Carr, director of public service, in a news release.

In the event of an emergency, an AED may be used by any bystander or visitor to the park to provide a life-saving shock to stop a heart attack, while waiting for EMS to arrive. The AEDs are located at or near restroom facilities in our various parks and monitored by surveillance cameras.

City employees as well as coaches and other leaders of Green youth sports organizations are being trained on how to use the devices.