LAKE TWP.  Lake High School graduate Adam Brott, a senior at The Ohio State University, is preparing for one of the most exciting “i” dotting exercises of his lifetime.

Brott, a 22-year-old mechanical engineering major and tuba/sousaphone player with the Ohio State marching band, will dot the “i” in front of more than 100,000 football fans as No. 4-ranked Ohio State faces No. 24 Michigan State in a nationally televised primetime football matchup on Saturday night.

Since his senior year in high school in 2016, one of Brott’s goals was to join the Ohio State marching band school. Then, as a freshman in the Ohio State band, Brott started as a water boy and alternate, then progressed to become one of the 180 regular members, marching in two home football games by year’s end. During the Rutgers game, he said he was so nervous he could not look up. 

But he learned from that experience during the next game in front of 100,000 fans.

“I really relied on my previous training and muscle memory and my body did what it was supposed to do," he said.

Brott has been practicing with the Ohio State drum major the past couple weeks to learn his solo.

“The required moves are a strut out to the location of the dot, then a hats off bow to the east and west sides of the stadium," he said. "Then the "i" dotter plays a solo of the Buckeye battle cry as the band sings along.”

Some of the requirements a band member must meet in order to qualify to dot the “i” include playing in the band for at least four years, meeting strict attendance and timeliness guidelines for practices and maintaining an immaculate uniform.

Lots of family and friends are planning on attending the game to watch Brott. He said even after four years, coming through the tunnel at the beginning of a game is still the most exciting thing for him and it really gets his adrenaline going.

“I’m excited and nervous," Brott said. "It is a big honor. In addition to the Michigan State home game, I’ll be dotting the “i” at the Michigan away game and a Cleveland Browns game too in mid-November,” Brott said. 

Brott is thinking of becoming a management consultant and may go onto graduate school for a Master’s in Business Administration. He knows for sure he’ll be attending Ohio State for a fifth year for a double minor in astrophysics and philosophy.

He said he has several people to thank for getting him where he is today, including Lake band director Rich Kibler, Mark Tryon, Josh Laux, Jared Cooey, John Chambers and the Brott and Henson families.

It took a longtime to become a reality, but Oct. 5, 2019, will be a day that will stay with him for a lifetime.

“I wanted to play in the OSU marching band for several reasons," he said. "I love how precise everything is with the OSU marching band and how nice the uniforms look. Plus, I’ve been playing tuba since the sixth grade and really love it. And, I think it will be a fun thing to do and will create  memories that will last me a lifetime."