A woman reported Sept. 18 that someone had hacked an account of hers and purchased items totaling to $733.62 which where shipped to her house. She was advised to contact her bank and deactivate the card associated with the account. The matter is under investigation.

An officer spoke with a woman on Sept. 20 who was trying to renew a medicaid card for a person she has legal guardianship over. She was asked about his employment at a pizza parlor. The person had never worked for that pizza parlor and his Social Security Number had been stolen. The matter is under investigation.

A man said he was just passing through the city on Sept. 21. When police ran his background, he had a felony warrant out of Summit County Sheriff’s Department. He was placed under arrest and taken to jail. His book bag was searched and police found property that belonged to other people. The man said his friend found the property and gave it to him so he could give it back to the owners. He said he would not disclose who his friend was or where the friend found it. An officer contacted one of the property owner’s family members who stated the property owner died a few weeks ago and they had no idea who the man was.

During a traffic stop on Sept. 22, an officer asked for consent to search the vehicle and the driver obliged. A multicolored box with the driver’s name on it was discovered in a purse bag in the front passenger seat. Inside were multiple drug abuse instruments within the box. The driver was placed under arrest and then released with a summons.

A vehicle was stopped on Sept. 22 for no front license plate and an officer detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. The driver denied having any marijuana and he was asked to step out of the vehicle. During a pat down, the officer found a baggie of marijuana in the driver’s jeans. He was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana. The driver was then released with a traffic citation and summons to appear.

A woman told police on Sept. 22 that she believes a man transferred $140 from Cashapp on her smartphone. She contacted Cashapp and reported the fraudulent activity and they reimbursed her for the amount.

A man stated Sept. 22 that he and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute over a food stamp card when it turned physical. The man said that his girlfriend punched him on the side of his head, pulled his hair, attempted to scratch him and bit his arm. An officer observed a bite mark on the man's right arm.The girlfriend admitted to biting the man but stated it was in self-defense because he punched her in the face. The officer did not observe any evidence of injury on the woman's face and her glasses did not appear to be broken. The woman was arrested on domestic violence and taken to jail.

A man turned a bank card that he’d found into police on Sept. 22. Police were not able to find a good number for the man whose name is on the Huntington Mastercard. The owner contacted the police a week later and told them to destroy the card because it had already been replaced.

During a traffic stop on Sept. 23, an officer smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the inside of the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle, the officer found a wadded up newspaper with approximately one gram of raw marijuana inside. The driver was placed under arrest for possession of drugs and was released on summons.

There was a report of a possible drunk driver on Sept. 23 and officers found a vehicle matching the description in a ditch on the roadway. An officer spoke to the driver, who was still in the driver’s seat. The driver was extremely confused, shaking and couldn't put together a full sentence. His pupils were pin needle sized and the officer called for EMS. The man said he was not under the influence of drugs. During the evaluation, the driver fell asleep several times and he was administered Narcan. After the dose was given, the driver was able to understand and speak in full sentences without falling asleep. He was given a second dose of Narcan by a shot in the right arm. He was placed under arrest and issued a summons to appear.

A man reported that he was at a Manchester Road storage center on Sept. 23 in regards to a trailer he had rented from the business. He contacted the owner of the business, but the owner said he couldn't help him until his office assistant arrived to work. The man said the owner became upset with him regarding his frustration that the business wasn't open on time. After a brief verbal confrontation, the owner punched the man in the eye. The man requested EMS to evaluate his eye, which was fine. The owner said the man was upset because the business wasn't open on time and that he verbally expressed his displeasure with him. The owner stated he advised the man to leave several times and he failed to do so. After a brief verbal confrontation, the owner stated the man shoved him down into some boxes and onto the ground inside the business. There was video surveillance which showed the confrontation. In the video it shows the man telling the owner that if "you have hours, you should keep those hours.” The owner advises the man to get away from him and pushes the man who in return pushes the owner who falls into some boxes and onto the ground. The owner gets up and follows the man outside out of the view of the surveillance video, where the punch occurs. There are no charges.

Two men got into a fight Sept. 23. A 22-year-old man stated an 18-year-old man was running his mouth and they got into a physical altercation. The older man was bleeding from his hand and he said he cut it on the young man’s tooth. The younger man said he only remembered seeing black and he had swelling on his face, eyes, nose and mouth. EMS was dispatched and brought the younger man to the hospital. When the hospital released him, the younger man went to the Police Department to give a statement.  The younger man said he had been hanging out at the apartment with the older man and another friend when the older man took his cell phone and locked the doors to the apartment. He said the older man then hit him over the head with a glass plate and he went to the ground. He was struck in the face several times. The next day, the older man was placed under arrest and was taken to jail.

A woman stated Sept. 24 that another woman had been texting her and calling her repeatedly from different numbers. The other woman had been told to stop previously by an officer. An officer tried to contact the other woman but she could not be reached.

A woman told police Sept. 25 that her son was not following the rules of the house. The son refused to give his mother his phone and he began swearing and trying to leave. The son was then placed under arrest and transported to the Police Department with the permission of the mother to be released to the custody of his father.

A man believes his car was broken into between 2 and 5 a.m. Sept. 26 on Johns Road. The man stated that his vehicle was unlocked and his property was missing including a 9 mm gun.


A man was stopped Sept. 18 for a traffic violation and swerved while pulling over. He almost struck a utility pole before abruptly stopping. The officer believed he was under the influence of drugs. The man was agitated and confused. When the officer attempted to arrest him, the man swung and missed and tried to get back in his vehicle. He reached for something in the backseat and continued to fight and resist until backup arrived. The man admitted to using Meth and CBD Oil earlier in the day. During booking into the Summit County Jail, deputies found an ounce of meth concealed in the man’s underwear.

A man was assaulted by his live-in girlfriend on Sept. 19. She was arrested for domestic violence.

A woman has been charged with aggravated arson on Sept. 20 after setting her parent’s house on fire and then fleeing on foot to the trolley tracks.


A woman overdosed in the parking lot of a Canton Road bank on Sept. 22. She was unconscious and had track marks on her arms. She was issued Narcan and taken to the hospital.

A woman reported her relative in the bathroom on Sept. 24 was making weird noises and that she went in to see the relative overdosing. The woman administered Narcan and started compressions. EMS responded and the relative was taken to the hospital.

Three people were stopped for stealing at a South Arlington Road business on Sept. 25 and one was found in possession of a magnetic key used to remove security tags. They were all charged with theft and the man with the magnetic key was also charged with possession of criminal tools and trespassing. That same man also had a warrant out of Strongsville.

During a traffic stop Sept. 25, the driver had a suspended license. The vehicle was searched and police found a broken glass meth pipe and a flashlight with meth inside. The driver, a 29-year-old woman, was arrested for possession of drugs and paraphernalia. After that, she revealed she had marijuana in her bra. She was later released with a summons.

During a theft at a South Arlington Road store on Sept. 25, a man fled from the property toward a nearby hotel and was later spotted running toward another nearby business. At the time, police believed a white Ford Ranger was driving around the lot looking for the thief. An officer spotted the truck and approached the vehicle once it stopped in a driveway. A man in the passenger seat was sweating and when asked about the theft, he said, “Do you see any stolen property?” The passenger was detained and a warrant will be issued for theft.  The driver admitted to having ice in his pocket and said he uses it to stay awake at work. The driver had a felony warrant for possession of drugs and he was arrested. His license was also suspended. A search of the vehicle found a stolen license plate inside as well as the license plate displayed on the truck being stolen. The driver was also charged with receiving stolen property and possession of drugs. He was issued a summons and released.


Someone took a man's cell phone from inside a East Waterloo Road business on Sept. 23.

Pregnancy Solutions sent an automated text checking in on a client on Sept. 24. Later, it received a threatening text back to cease contact. The business thinks it is the client's boyfriend who was responding.

A woman called police Sept. 26 after the father of child stated he would kill her and her family. She took their baby to the nursery to get away from him, but she said he followed and tackled her onto the bed while she was holding their son. Then he started choking her and pulled her hair. She said he took their son and tossed him on the bed. She was able to leave the house and call police. When police arrived, the man fled into the woods. He was arrested on domestic violence, obstructing official business, endangering children and criminal damaging. He had a prior conviction of domestic violence and so was charged as a felony and was taken to jail.


A man received a call from someone Sept. 18 saying they were from Target and that they received an application to open a line of credit. The person asked for identifying information from the man who declined. He is unsure if they were trying to scam him or if someone else tried to use his information to set up an account

A man left his phone at an Interstate Parkway business Sept. 19 and went back and the store was closed. The man tried to get back in and hit the doors. The glass doors broke and he left. The man's mother went to the store the next day to get his phone. She identified him on video breaking the door.

Overnight Sept. 20, someone entered a woman's car on Cherry Wood Way and stole money from the center console. They also tried to get in the glove box and damaged the handle.

A man reported Sept. 20 that someone used his bank card in two different states for a total of $11,867.50 and an investigation is pending with the bank.

A 17-year-old boy came home from school "in a rage" Sept. 20 and threatened his father with physical harm. The son was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the juvenile detention center.

A man and wife had gotten into an argument Sept. 21 after the wife had been drinking. She smashed some dishes and the television. She also scratched the man's neck so that it was bleeding. She was arrested on domestic violence and taken to jail.

Someone removed the letters on the Green Tennis Club sign during the night Sept. 22. The owner believes it is retaliation for a prior report he made.

A man came into his wife's work Sept. 24 and started an argument. When the wife tried to walk away, he grabbed her by the collar and apron and caused a minor injury. He was arrested on domestic violence. A warrant was issued Sept .26 for the arrest of the man who reportedly violated a protection order after he returned to their home while she was there and grabbed a pair of pants before leaving again.

An elderly woman received a call Sept. 24 saying that her social security benefits were being stopped and she needed to go with some people to her bank to make a payment. The woman's daughter told police that there was an appointment to meet at the woman's home at 10 a.m. the next day and there hadn't been any exchange of money yet. The officers told the daughter to wait with the mother that day and see if someone showed up to the scam.

During a vehicle stop Sept. 25 for involvement in theft from a nearby business, a passenger was found to be in possession of crystal-like substance. The passenger, a 32-year-old woman, was arrested for possession of drugs and the substance has been sent to testing.

Overnight Sept. 26, someone stole a John Deere Gator from a garage on East Turkeyfoot Lake Road. While driving off with the Gator, the person also damaged a fence. There may be security footage of this incident and an investigation is pending.

Overnight Sept. 26, someone stole Halloween decorations from a yard on Christman Road.