HARTVILLE  An ordinance to amend salaries and wages of elected officials and employees of the village was taken back off the table by Village Council at its Sept. 17 meeting.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Williams moved to un-table the ordinance.

 “I just feel like we need to be taking care of our employees,” Williams said. “I know money is tight, but some things can’t fall through the cracks.”

Councilwoman Bev Green, however, cautioned against the move.

“Considering the money we appropriated for an additional police officer (at the Sept. 3 meeting), I feel this is pushing the limits of our budget.”

Council later voted 4-2 on the second reading of the ordinance, with Green and Councilman Jim Sullivan voting against.

A third reading of the ordinance is scheduled for the Oct. 1 village council meeting. The ordinance had been tabled following its first reading, at the Aug. 6 council meeting. At that time, Sullivan said Council should wait until after the Nov. 5 election to consider municipal employee raises.

Love Our Community vote discussed

A motion from Green to reconsider council’s vote denying a zoning change request from Love Our Community failed to garner a second to proceed.

Village Solicitor Ron Starkey advised against considering such a vote change. Starkey said re-considering a vote of council without the presentation of information not available at the time of the vote. He suggested that the community outreach group could resubmit its plan to the board of zoning appeals with a different, allowable zoning.

Love Our Community founder Kelli Viscounte said she and her colleagues are considering all possible options for rezoning the Woodland Street Southwest property, where a former school building stood, including temporary emergency housing for Hartville residents in need.

Other actions

- Council also amended 2019 budget appropriations for current expenditures including the hiring of an additional police officer; construction of a service department storage building; playground equipment that will be reimbursed through a $1,000 safety grant; paving projects; administrative and sewer operating supplies; and a $13,000 stormwater study in the Danbury Glen neighborhood.

- Starkey was authorized to draft legislation to establishing a $50 fine for late reporting of sewer meter readings.

- An expenditure of up to $4,500 in Stark- Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District grant funds to purchase a dog waste station, an ADA compliant picnic table, two bicycle racks, and two park signs at Hartville Memorial Park was approved.