COVENTRY TWP.  The Financial Planning and Supervision Commission requested several pieces of information from Coventry Local Schools, which it has failed to produce so far.

During the Sept. 26 Commission meeting, several members asked why certain information they requested has not been provided.

In July, when the commission approved by a 3-2 vote to place the 1 percent income tax levy on the November ballot, the Commission asked the district to provide a outlook for open enrollment for the years to come along with information on what the district tends to do with the extra money raised from the earned income levy if it is approved.

So far, the Commission hasn’t been provided with any of that information.

Also in July, the Commission approved a resolution that it directs the Board of Education of the Coventry Local School District to select an insurance consultant experienced with school districts for a study and recommendation on insurance coverage plans, including a requirement for the report to be completed by Sept. 30, 2019.

Commission member Barb Mattei-Smith raised concerns about information regarding insurance proposals, which was also supposed to be provided to the Commission by the September meeting and wasn’t.

Coventry Local Schools Treasurer Sherry Tyson provided the Commission with some information from a consultant but didn't have the breakdown of the Request for Proposals and what each would cost. She said the district is also waiting on some information from the Council of Governments (COG). 

Tyson said more information is expected to be presented during a special board meeting. She said the district is working as fast as it can to get the information to the Commission.

Commission member Holly Miller suggested the board and Commission have a joint meeting. The Board and Commission are expected to see if they can come up with a date which works for both of them.

Recovery plan

The Commission tabled the adoption of the amended recovery plan because of all the missing information it still needs from the district.

Mattei-Smith said she didn't want to vote on the recovery plan until she saw more information about the insurance plans. She also wants to see the open enrollment plan because it can have an impact on the recovery plan.

Commission member Sean Fremon said during the last four years the commission has asked for many things, which aren’t being done by the district.

He said he wants to see this information be mandated to the Commission as it wants to see information on insurance plans, an open enrollment outlook and how the income tax money would be spent by the October meeting.

“All we keep hearing is (Superintendent) Lisa (Blough) is sick,” Fremon said. “There is more than one person in the district who can get us information.”

Blough has been out ill recently.

Levy concerns

Miller said she is tired of going to Acme to get milk and being asked about the 1 percent income tax.

She said a flier posted by the district on Facebook has inaccurate information on it regarding a tax exemption for self-employed residents for the first $250,000. 

The exemption is no longer in place as the state made a change.

Miller said several people have also asked her why Coventry Crossings subdivision was singled out on the flier.

She said there is also information out there that residents think all the property tax levies will go away if the earned income tax levy passes. This is false as only one of the nine levies will drop off and residents will still pay for the remaining eight.

Miller said she is also disappointed the 2007 survey was supposed to be attached to the Commission’s agenda and still hasn’t. She said there has been incorrect information about the survey given out in the public.

“Put out correct information,” Miller said.

The next Financial and Supervision Commission meeting is set for 4:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at Coventry Elementary School.