A woman came into the station Aug. 22 to report that her phone had been stolen while working a job at on Dorwill Avenue in Akron. She believes that her phone, ID and credit card were stolen out of her work van. While she was at the Police Department, she was contacted by her bank and told that her card was used at two businesses in Lakemore Plaza and possibly two others in Springfield Township.

A man reported Sept. 12 that the window to the cab of his truck was broken out and he believes that his neighbor committed this offense. However, he refused to provide video evidence that he said he had.

A woman’s 15-year-old son left the residence Sept. 12 without her permission. Police and the woman made several attempts to call the son's cell phone. However, it went straight to voicemail. Two days later, the son was spotted on Sanitarium Road and he took off running through the woods. He was located hiding in the woods and taken into custody without further incident. His mother was contacted and he was released into her custody.

A 10-year-old boy was arrested and reportedly started to resist three officers after he refused to leave an East Waterloo Road roller skating rink on Sept. 13. A 12-year-old girl who was with him was asked to leave and she refused. An officer told her she was under arrest and she reportedly pulled away from two officers so they took her to the ground and cuffed her. Both children were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Their parents were contacted and they were taken to juvenile detention.


During a stop for a traffic violation on Sept. 11, a driver had a suspended license and he was released with a citation.

A couple told police Sept. 12 that their neighbor was digging holes on her property by her fence. The couple showed police the holes and the video they have of the neighbor digging the holes. The Prosecutor’s Office was notified.

A man told police Sept. 12 that he was afraid to go to his apartment, which was located in the basement. His girlfriend stated she went downstairs and saw the light from the sparking of a Taser and heard it going off. An officer then spoke with the two individuals in the basement and the men said they were trying to fix the hot water tank.  When asked, one of the men said he had two Tasers in his pocket. The landlord said the men had no right to be down there and the men were issued a summons for criminal trespassing.

A vehicle was parked in the middle of the street and smelled of marijuana. An officer came to the passenger side of a car that was parked in the middle of the street on Sept. 15. It smelled of marijuana and the officer saw the passenger holding a bong on his lap with marijuana in it. Marijuana was also in a bag in the middle of the front seats. The driver said the marijuana and bong were his and they were both detained. Police found another bag of marijuana on the passenger seat in a cigar pack. Oxycodone pills were located in the driver side front door. The passenger stated they were not his and they were someone he knows. He said he forgot they were there.The passenger was placed under arrest for the possession of oxycodone and taken to jail. The driver was placed under arrest for the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The driver was released to his mother.

A vehicle was pulled over Sept. 15 for driving erratically. An officer smelled alcohol and had the driver step out of the vehicle to perform standardized field sobriety tests, which were not performed satisfactorily. The driver, a 43-year-old man, was placed under arrest for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He refused chemical testing and he was issued a citation. He was taken home and released to a sober party.

A woman reported her 15-year-old son missing from their home on Johns Road on Sept. 15. He was last seen wearing a grey hoodie with navy blue sweatpants. He has brown hair and brown eyes with a build of 5 foot 11 and 140 pounds. 

A woman stated that she and her husband got into an argument Sept. 16 and that she was going to call police when her husband smashed the cell phone and Apple watch. He then reportedly grabbed her by the throat and threw her on the ground, and then dragged her through the house to the bathroom where she was able to escape and come to the Police Department. The husband was found and placed under arrest for domestic violence. He admitted to breaking her stuff and throwing her on the ground and dragging her.

A woman told police Sept. 16 that her boyfriend took her vehicle to his auto repair shop and changed the locks before he went to jail. She was advised it was a civil matter.

Two men got into an argument Sept. 16 and a 27-year-old man pushed the 49-year-old man. Then the younger man left the scene. When police caught up with him, he said he pushed the older man to get him out of his "personal space". A witness saw the younger one push the older one and the younger man was issued a summons for assault.


A man reported his red Ford Ranger missing on Sept. 16. He had the only key and it had been taken from behind his residence on Jarvis Road. He believes an associate of his father may have taken it because his father recently passed from a drug overdose.

A woman was sleeping Sept. 17 when her boyfriend came in and accused her of talking to other guys. She told police that he held a handgun to his head and threatened to blow both their brains out. She said she called 911 and he tried to hit the phone out of her hands. When police arrived, a gun could not be located. Ammunition was found and tagged as evidence. The boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

A woman reported Sept. 19 that during the early hours of the morning when she was not home, someone had tried to get into her house via a side door. She noticed marks on her door and found an object shoved into the door. It was still locked.


A woman said that she was out at a bar with her boyfriend on Sept. 17 and they had been drinking and went to a fast food restaurant. They took the food to their hotel room and the man became angry over the food order because it was “messed up.” She said he hit her on the back of the head and she ran out of the room to the elevator. He then reportedly punched her in the mouth. She got down to the front desk who called 911. Police arrived and saw the food stuck in her hair and blood on her lip. The boyfriend was arrested on domestic violence and taken to jail.

Someone entered an open garage on Summer Wood Lane Sept. 17 and went through the vehicles, taking $130 and a credit card. The person also took several gift cards from a neighbor's unlocked car.

A woman said her debit card was used fraudulently Sept. 17 at a grocery store in Cincinnati for $132. She followed up her with bank.

Staff at a Fortuna Drive hotel told police Sept. 18 that they believe a couple in a rented room were smoking marijuana. The couple wouldn't answer the door for staff so they called police. The couple opened the door for police. No marijuana was observed but they had been smoking black and milds and burning incense in a non-smoking room. They were asked to leave by the hotel staff.

A woman on Mayfair Road discovered a wooden plank burning under her first floor window on Sept. 18. It was put out and the damage was very minor. The woman does not know who started the fire.

An 18-year-old woman called 911 Sept. 18 because her dad was yelling at her mom and sister. When police arrived, the mother told them that the dad had gone downstairs to retrieve a shotgun and possibly shoot them or himself. The sister said that the dad had been screaming at the mom when she told him to stop. Then he started yelling at her and punching a fan. He pushed the sister before going downstairs. That's when the mother and daughters left the house to hide. The dad refused to answer the door for police but talked to them through the door. When he did open the door, he was Tasered. A shotgun and ammunition were found on the floor behind him. He was arrested for aggravated menacing and domestic violence. He was taken to jail.

During a traffic stop Sept. 18, the driver gave consent to search the vehicle. police found a plastic bottle contained marijuana and the driver said it was his. He was issued a summons for possession and cited for his traffic violation.

A vehicle was reported as driving erratically Sept. 18 and almost caused a few accidents. It pulled into a plaza and police responded. The owner of the vehicle had a suspended license and police saw him leave a store and get into a vehicle. They stopped the vehicle and he admitted he had a syringe in his pocket. The driver was charged with drug paraphernalia.

A vehicle with an expired temporary tag was seen driving erratically on Sept. 19. Police tried to stop the vehicle but it kept going until it pulled into a Fortuna Drive hotel. Occupants of the vehicle were ordered out and on the ground. They were detained and the driver, a 50-year-old man, was found to be driving under suspension. The vehicle was inventoried and police found a hypodermic needle in a pair of pants on the floorboard, a blue plastic straw and an aluminum can of Camel Snus which had white residue in it. The can was sent for testing. The driver was charged with failure to comply with police orders, driving under suspension, possession of drug abuse instruments, and unauthorized use of license plates. The passenger had a warrant for his arrest out of Wadsworth and was turned over to Wadsworth Polcie. A woman came out of a nearby room and asked if she could give the driver some money to take with him to jail. Police said okay. An officer saw another man in the woman's room that he knew had a warrant out of Kent. That man was taken into custody and turned over to Kent Police Department. The driver was taken to Summit County Jail.

An employee of a Massillon Road business put two light bulb speakers in his backpack on Sept. 19 and he was stopped by his supervisor and police were called. Officers asked if they could look in his bag and they found the two light bulbs. He was fired. He was also issued a summons for theft and then released.


A woman said she left her purse in the cart of a South Arlington Road store Sept. 12 and someone took it. On video footage, a man was seen taking the purse and getting into his red truck. A few days later, the man returned to the store and stated he found the purse in the lot. The 60-year-old man had his information taken by loss prevention who turned it over to police. A warrant will be issued for the man’s arrest after police speak with the woman.

A woman received a phone call and email Sept. 12 saying she won $2.5 million from Publishing Clearing House and she needed to send them a $250 processing fee. She gave them her personal information including birth date and social security. She then noticed suspicious activity on her bank account but no money was taken. KeyBank closed the account. The scammers then told her to open a CapitalOne credit card and gave her a number to call.

A man was selling items items from his room at a South Arlington Road hotel on Sept. 12. Two men came in looking for a belt. Then one of the men reportedly punched the seller in the face. They had a gun that they also passed back and forth between them. They allegedly ransacked the room and left. When police and EMS arrived, they evaluated the seller who seemed to be on drugs. He said the men had made him pull his pants down and they kicked and punched him some more. Police also found a spoon with white residue. A wallet, $100 in cash, silver rope chains, a bank card and an ID were reported taken. The two men are described as black men in their 20s. One is six foot or taller with tattoos on his arms and between 170-180 pounds. The other was in a black hoodie with black sweatpants and a black shoes, weighing about 140 to 160 pounds with a height between 5-5 and 5-10. The manager evicted the seller from the room.

A man was found on the ground talking to himself on Sept. 14. He was detained and became agitated. Police found a hypodermic needle and Springfield Fire was called for an evaluation. The man was taken to the hospital. He was issued a summons for possessing drug abuse instruments and released.

A man reported someone stole a concrete bird bath, two lawn ornaments and a plaque from his yard on Shady Acres Drive on Sept. 14.

During a traffic stop Sept. 14, the driver was operating under a suspended license. A K9 unit arrived and alerted to the presence of narcotics. Police conducted a search and found crystal meth and a pipe in the driver’s purse. The driver, a 32-year-old woman, was arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. She was issued a summons and released.

During the night Sept. 14, a woman and her husband got into an argument about the husband, who said he wanted to end it all and went to get the gun in their bedroom. The woman said she tried to take the gun case from him and he pushed her to the floor and yelled at her. She said she pushed him back and he fell on the floor. The husband would not let the woman have her phone so she could call the police and one of their children ended up calling. The woman did not want to press charges, but wanted the man to get help. Police checked the gun which had a lock on the trigger and was not loaded. The husband was taken to the hospital due to his statements.

Someone shot out the front glass door of Fairhaven Baptist Church with a BB gun on Sept. 15.

A man reported that sometime between Sept. 13 and Sept. 15, the driver’s side window was broken out in his 2006 Chrysler.

A man told police Sept. 16 that he had been away for several months and he hasn’t been able to report a burglary from November 2018 until now. He said someone broke into his home on Pressler Road and took collectible coins, jewelry, cash, and his deceased father’s car.

Someone broke into a woman’s storage unit Sept. 16 and took a lounge chair, a washer/dryer set and other household goods.

A vehicle was seen coming out of a high drug area Sept. 17 and was stopped. The two men in the car appeared nervous. They said there was nothing illegal, but police could not search the car. The two men in their 50s were told to step out of the vehicle and a K9 unit did a search, alerting on the vehicle. A search revealed a bag of powder, white oval pills, a prepaid phone, clear plastic bags, hypodermic needles, a scale, meth, a Samsung phone and green pills. More than $2,000 were taken off the men and seized. One of the men said it was for rent. The men were charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia, possession of drugs and trafficking in drugs. They were taken to jail.

Someone entered a woman’s home through her garage Sept. 17 and stole a miter saw, a table saw, an oscilloscope, two lawn mowers, two riding mowers, power tools, two bicycles, a bedframe, a toolbox with tools in it and a drill press. The woman is not living at the address due to a previous house fire. The person also dumped an old white stove in her driveway. It is unknown how they gained entry into the garage.

A man was passed out in his vehicle Sept. 17. He had white powder and a scale on his lap. EMS arrived and woke the man up. The man denied using drugs and had no idea where the white powder or scale came from. The powder has been sent for testing. The man had a suspended license and a pickup was arranged for him.

Police were called Sept. 18 because two men were not welcome at a residence. They fled after being confronted by witnesses. The witnesses followed them into a backyard. When officers arrived, one of the men, 67, was located and taken to the hospital for chest pain. A backpack full of tools was reported taken. The other man in described as a white man between 40-60 years old, weighing about 170-190 pounds with a height of six feet or above. An investigation is ongoing.

During a traffic stop Sept. 19, a man was found to have a gold straw, a scale with white residue on it and a silver plate. He also admitted that he had shrooms and cocaine in his possession. He was issued a summons for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

During a traffic stop for a speed violation Sept. 20, an officer smelled marijuana and told the driver to exit the vehicle. A search found a backpack of separately packaged marijuana, a grinder, a scale, empty baggies, oxycodone and xanax pills and $250 in cash. He was arrested and issued a summons for trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs. He was released at the police department.

A woman reported Sept. 20 that her ex-husband has been driving by her place of employment and her home. She has a protection order against him. She said that neighbors can confirm that they’ve seen his car.

Police responded to a possible burglary on Abington Road on Sept. 20 but instead found two people who had felony warrants. They were arrested.

A man who paid for furniture with bad checks from a Canton Road furniture store in April 2018 was arrested Sept. 19 by Canton Police.

A man who put suspected meth up his rectum to try to hide it during a traffic stop in June has been arrested by another department after testing came back positive for meth.