COVENTRY TWP.  As road resurfacing is in full swing in Coventry Township, some residents have gone to social media with concerns and questions.

During the Sept. 12 Board of Trustees meeting, Coventry Road Superintendent Lael Stouffer gave an update on the process and why the work is being performed the way it is.

He said three different contractors are working on road resurfacing and all three will be performing different services. Some residents have noticed asphalt put down on some streets and not others. Some streets only have asphalt on the edges and nothing added in the middle of the road.

Stouffer said the reason behind doing it that way is to level the road and to build up the edge.

“Typically, our roads fail at the edge,” Stouffer said.

He said certain places need the asphalt so that when the chip and seal is applied it will have something to stick to. This year, the township is resurfacing approximately 10 miles of road and Stouffer said all will receive chip and seal and look the same when they are done.

He said by leveling the roads, the water will drain off them and the snowplows will be more efficient in the winter.

Stouffer said since the recent passage of the road levy, this is the first year the township was able to expand the resurfacing program. He said some of the roads being resurfaced have gone well over a decade without being resurfaced.

Trustee Richard Kutuchief said the township is doing it right and in the long run this process will save money. 

In other business Sept. 12, trustees:

- Approved to declare the property at 3911 Lake Vista a nuisance and to authorize the zoning inspector to have the lawn mowed. Also approved for 648 Cove Blvd. and 482 Saunders Ave. to have trash cleaned up.

- Approved a lease agreement between Avaya/CIT Bank and the township for the total equipment cost of $11,643, payable monthly at a rate of $194 for 60 months for phone and voicemail system for the township.

- Approved the proposal as written by Window Source to replace the existing windows on both sides and the rear of the administration/fire department building for $22,490. Of that amount, $9,455 will be reimbursed to the township through the NOPEC Energized Community Grant for a total cost of $13,035. Next year’s grant amount will be applied to the remaining balance paid by the township.

- Announced the fire/EMS levy on the November ballot will be Issue 2. The issue is a replacement fire levy, which will cost the owner of a $100,000 home $19.69 per month or $118.13 per half. The issue is a slight increase from the current levy. Kutuchief said the fire department does a great job.

- Heard from Trustee Bob Saffian that he is working on a property maintenance code. He said he also met with the health department and the manager at Lakeside Trailer Park following some complaints at the August trustees meeting. There are five to seven vacant trailers, which are expected to be taken away. He said the manager said the plan is to improve the appearance of the park and to improve the roads going into the park.

- Heard from Saffian that all the improvement at Ingleside Park are complete and the project came in under budget.

- Heard from resident Pam Wayland about concerns about the colors Kutuchief is painting the fire hydrants in the township. Kutuchief questioned the color requirements Wayland presented. He said the fire hydrants belong to Akron, but the city isn't maintaining them. Kutuchief said he knows Wayland doesn’t like him and said she complains about his work. He asked her what she is doing for the township. Fire Chief John Dolensky said there is no law of what color they should be painted.

- Heard from resident Josh Collins about traffic cones his neighbor has put up along the edge of his driveway near the property line. Collins said the cones were put up because his neighbor has a short term rental property and the owner learned that Collins isn’t in favor of them. Trustee Edward Diebold said the cones cannot be there and he plans to ask the owner nicely to take them down otherwise the township may have to send a letter.

The next Coventry Township Trustees Meeting is set for 7 p.m. Oct. 10 at Town Hall.