JACKSON TWP.  Bestselling author Marilee Adams, Ph.D., led a workshop using her 12 powerful tools for leadership, coaching and life at the Women’s Impact 2019 Empowerment Day Workshop on Sept.12. It drew a packed room at the Conference Center at Kent State University at Stark.

The workshop was open to the public and the group’s membership for a day of learning and connecting. Adams’ New York Times best-seller “Change Your Questions, Change Your Life” was used as the foundation for the workshop and is a practical and powerful introduction to the QUESTION THINKING System which leads to more success, satisfaction and breakthrough results.

The workshop started with a presentation by the author which included many audience participation exercises. Adams also interacted with participants during lunch to answer questions and offer additional insights. The day ended with hands-on afternoon session during with participants worked in small facilitated groups to apply the learning from the morning presentation.  

Women’s Impact exists to encourage woman to unleash their power to realize their full potential through connection, education and recognition. Impact provides an energizing arena for women of purpose and passion, women with a point of view, women who take pride in enriching their own and each other’s lives, women who support creating leadership opportunities.

“This is our eighth year for the organization,” said Women’s Impact Vice Chair Kristen Moore. “We hold this event once a year, it’s one of our signature events. We select topics for the workshop that will have a broad appeal across many types of professionals. Today, we have attorneys, businesswomen, medical professionals and teachers among other professions participating.”

Vi Leggett chaired the workshop and said Adams was selected because of her reputation and background.

“Women’s Empowerment offers many types of events to connect friends, mentors and colleagues,” Leggett said. “The workshops are more intense and usually last all day. The author today was selected because she is a bestselling author and her topic follows our theme for 2019-20 which is self-reflection, self-renewal and personal and professional growth.”

President and founder of the Inquiry Institute, Adams is an author, executive coach, facilitator, blogger, professor and professional speaker whose works have been translated into 20 languages. She is the originator of the QUESTION THINKING methodologies that she is called upon regularly to teach to Fortune 50 companies, government agencies, university learning and leadership groups, and nonprofits.

While she lives in New Jersey, she works with many companies in the Cleveland area and has been teaching at Kent State in the Institute of Excellence for close to 10 years. She was excited about the turn out for the workshop.

“I’m really happy with how participatory and how eager everyone is to learn,” Adams said. “The Change Your Questions book is a leadership and business staple with a lot of theory and practical tools laced through it. People read the story and change their thinking by the end of the book. I think that’s why it’s become such a bestseller. It has an impact and people pass it along.”

She said people buy the book for their family, their employees and people who coach others.

Adams’ engagement was made possible by Empowerment Day Premiere Sponsor Clothes Mentor and Presenting Sponsors AultCare, Aultman College, Aultman Health Foundation and Pleasant Wealth, LLC.

For more information about Women’s Impact, visit www.womensimpactinc.com.