A man reported that he received a threat on Facebook Aug. 29 from a 19-year-old man. The two had been arguing on Facebook about the 19-year-old’s girlfriend and the 19-year-old said that the man was going to get shot. The 19-year-old could not be reached by officers.

Someone stole a woman’s RV trailer battery Aug. 29 from a Chenoweth Road business.

A man was found unconscious in his room at a South Arlington Road hotel by housekeeping on Aug. 30. In plain view were narcotics and paraphernalia. He was administered Narcan and was revived. The room had been rented by another man who left his wallet but he was not on scene. The overdosing man was taken to the hospital.

A woman stated that she got into an argument with her 27-year-old boyfriend Aug. 31 when she was thrown to the ground. She said the boyfriend then went into the house, grabbed a gun and came back and pointed it in her face. The woman told police she wanted to leave and didn’t want to get him in trouble. The man said they got into an argument, but nothing physical happened and he did not point a gun at her. He said all his guns were in his safe. No charges were filed.

A driver went left of center and was stopped for the traffic violation on Sept. 1. He had an active warrant and the vehicle was searched. Police found suspected meth in a cigarette pack. Two passengers also had warrants and they were also taken to Summit County Jail. The meth was sent for testing.

During a traffic stop on Sept. 2, a 29-year-old driver told police his license was suspended. He also had a warrant and his vehicle was inventoried to be towed. Inside, police found a backpack with old phones and laptops, a digital scale, a plastic box with white powder and a gun. The gun was loaded with a round in the chamber. He was arrested and issued a summons for improperly handling firearms, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and driving under suspension.

During a traffic stop Sept. 2, it was determined that the driver was driving with a suspended license. He was arrested and searched. Police found meth on the man and he was issued a summons for possession of drugs.

A woman told police that her husband had dragged her back into their home when she tried to leave at 3 a.m. Sept. 3 and pushed her into a chair. He also broke her phone because she was texting another man. The woman said her husband pulled her off the bed and threw her to the floor and slapped her. The husband said he broke the phone and prevented her from leaving, but said he did not get physical.

Someone wrote on a woman’s car with magic marker in the parking lot of a South Arlington Road store on Sept. 3. It came off, but she wanted the report for documentation.

A man in his 50s was found passed out on the bathroom floor of a South Arlington Road hotel on Sept. 4. He was breathing, but would not awaken. A glass pipe was found near him. He was given Narcan and taken to the hospital.

A 19-year-old man was observed by an off-duty officer walking into the Giant Eagle on Sept. 3 and go to the beer cooler. The man then left empty-handed but had a bulge in his pants. He paid for an orange juice and left the store. The off-duty officer stopped him and he admitted to the theft. He was issued a summons for theft after management decided to prosecute.

A man told police Sept. 4 he has an ongoing dispute with his neighbor over property lines. He had a company survey and mark his property lines. Then he received a notification from his doorbell video and saw the signs that marked his property were laying in the yard and broken. A witness confirmed that the neighbor had gone onto the property and removed and kicked the signs. The incident is under investigation for criminal trespassing and criminal damage.

A woman’s company van was stolen Sept. 4 while it was parked at her residential address on Killian Road. The van was left unlocked and the keys were inside a compartment. The van had landscaping tools in it too.

Police attempted to stop a white Dodge Journey with Virginia plates on Sept. 4 because there was an active warrant associated with it. The vehicle did not stop and made a u-turn. According to the report, it went over three lanes, almost hitting the police cruiser. The vehicle evaded and ran red lights until the pursuit was terminated.


A mother stated she last saw her 16-year-old son son get on the school bus the morning of Aug. 28. At 3:20 p.m., he was listed as a runaway. He was located at 7:48 p.m. and returned home.

A man stated that a woman struck him in the left side of his face Aug. 29, leaving marks. She was arrested for domestic violence.

A man on Pearlman Road found three pill capsules inside a clear baggie in his mailbox on Sept. 3. Police took and tagged the property.

A man, who has a protection order against his wife, told police Sept. 3 that she has called him on several different occasions from the Summit County Jail. During the first call, the wife requested the man pay her bond for her. He said he would not and ended the call. She continued to attempt to call him 22 more times and he declined to answer each call. The wife is being charged with violation of a protection order. Since she was already inside the Summit County Jail, an officer forwarded the additional charge to the jail and sent over the charges to the Barberton Municipal Court.


A man in his 40s got into an argument with his wife on Aug. 19 and said he went on a walk to cool his head. A resident saw him walking in the woods and called police. When police arrived, he was hiding behind a tree but quickly gave himself up. He had a warrant for his arrest and was taken to jail.

A 35-year-old man asked to borrow a phone Aug. 20 from somebody in a South Arlington Road business. He then reportedly took it and started to walk away. The man who he stole it from grabbed him by the arm and they wrestled over the phone. The thief then tried to get into another person’s vehicle before he was told to leave the property. Police located the man across the street and took him to the hospital for what appeared to be the effects of narcotics.

A vehicle was on loan to a woman when it was reported stolen on Aug. 20. A friend of the family noticed the bar parked outside a Manchester Road sports bar and a man was inside with the keys. The friend took the keys from the man and contacted the woman. The woman let authorities know the car had been found. Police then learned the man was the woman's son and he did not have authorization to use the vehicle. He was arrested for receiving stolen property and transported to jail.

A woman called police Aug. 22 because a man had been knocking on windows and doors and then jumped a fence and ran off. While tracking the man, police saw him jumping a fence and climbing on the roof of another residence. The man jumped off the roof and was detained by officers. He was arrested on criminal trespass and obstructing official business. He was taken to jail.

Someone entered an unlocked Toyota Rav-4 from a South Arlington Road business and took a car stereo between Aug. 17 and Aug. 23.

A landlord told police Aug. 25 that she has been receiving harassing text messages from the father of one of her tenants. The father was upset that the daughter was being evicted due to lack of payment. The landlord had already reduced the rate for the rental property, but the daughter had not paid. A voicemail was left for the man to stop contacted the woman or charges would follow.

A woman was selling her iPhone 8 for $480 when she was contacted Aug. 27 by a 17-year-old girl to make the exchange. They did so at a public place. Later, the woman who sold the iPhone realized the money was Motion Picture currency and the girl could not be found. An arrest warrant has been issued for her for theft by deception.

A woman reported that a 29-year-old man was walking around her friend's house on Aug. 27 and looking inside. She confronted him and he started yelling so she called 911. The man then tried to open the back door to the house and the person inside the home asked the man why he didn't knock. The person also said that the man's acquaintance wasn't home and to leave. The man said he was looking for food. When police arrived, the man had already left. Police found him a short distance from the home and he admitted to being there and urinating in the backyard. The man was told not to return to the property.

On Aug. 28, two nine-year-olds told an employee of a South Main Street gas station that they ran away from home. The parents were called and no charges were filed.

A Coventry High School student was reported missing by his mother on Aug. 28 when he didn't get off the bus at their home. A teacher found the student watching the high school football players practice and he was picked up by his parents.

The Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force was getting information on a 25-year-old man who had an active warrant on Aug. 28 when he was tipped off a fled a restaurant while on his lunch break. Police found him walking quickly and looking over his shoulder. He went behind a business and threw an object. According to the report, he ran and officers gave chase, taking him to the ground. The object he threw turned out to be a container of marijuana. He also had rolling papers, a blunt and a knife on him. He was arrested on the warrant and issued a summons for carrying concealed weapons, obstructing official business, and possessions of marijuana and was taken to jail.

Overnight Aug. 30, someone stole a man's wallet and gift cards from the center console of his mother's car on Cherry Lane. There was $240 in cash and $160 in gift cards.

There was a report of a man overdosing in the back of a vehicle Aug. 31 at a Manchester Road fast food restaurant. When police arrived, the driver was inside in the bathroom and she said she did not know where the man went. They caught up with him down the road and he denied using drugs. The man, however, did have an active warrant out of Akron and he was arrested and taken to jail.

A man was found in the parking lot overdosing of a South Arlington Road restaurant on Aug. 30. He said he had taken heroin and he was administered Narcan. He had an active warrant for possession of drugs and was taken to Summit County Jail after being cleared by Coventry Fire/EMS.

During a traffic stop on Sept. 4, the driver said she was driving a friend's vehicle and did not have a license. The vehicle was going to be towed and the driver, a 31-year-old woman, said there was some of her friend's medication in her bag. An officer found five white bills in an ashtray, two straws, five pills of oxycodone, a prescription bottle of pills of Gabapentin and more 27 more allergy pills. The owner of the pill bottle was asked about the medication and the owner said the woman is dating her son. The owner did not know the woman took her medication. The woman was taken to jail for possession of drugs.

A man said his neighbors threw his trash across the street on Sept. 4. The neighbors denied it. The man had been given a notice to clean up his lot from management. Police advised the parties to contact trailer park management for any other park rule violations.

A man reported that a brindle pit bull attacked his dog and bit two people on Sept. 4. The two people were bitten when trying to break-up the dogfight. They declined medical attention. The person they believe owned the dog said it wasn't his. The man was told to contact the dog warden.


An employee noticed her car making a loud noise during her lunch break on Aug. 17. She took it to a mechanic who told her that someone took her catalytic converter.

A woman reported that someone stole her temporary license plate that was on her van Aug. 19 from a Corporate Woods Parkway hotel.

A woman told police on Aug. 19 that her nephew had been staying at her residence with his mother for the past two days. The mother and the woman confronted the nephew about his drinking and he began knocking over things due to his intoxication. Everyone said nothing physical occurred but the women wanted the nephew to leave. He was taken to detox because he was homeless and his blood alcohol registered a .389 on two machines. He was refused from detox and was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

An 24-year-old employee employee of a Lauby Road business threatened a 20-year-old employee on Aug. 19. This was heard by other employees who wrote out statements. The 24-year-old had already left when police arrived but said over the phone that he did not threaten the other employee. He was advised that he was being charged with aggravated menacing and a warrant would be issued for his arrest. The man said he would contact his attorney.

A woman was uninjured after crashing her car on Aug. 20. She had been driving without a license and she also had a warrant for probation violation. She was taken to jail.

Two 23-year-old men were on Green Intermediate School property after hours Aug. 21. They were advised not to return.

Someone vandalized two deer statues made of concrete overnight Aug. 21. This is the second incident on this property. The statues were purchased for $800 in May.

Police received a call about a fight involving a man with a backpack who was riding a bicycle on Aug. 21. He appeared to be attacking a woman who was pregnant. Then another man started fighting the first man. The other man confirmed with police that a man had attacked the pregnant woman and then fled on a kid's bicycle. The pregnant woman could not be located. The man on the bicycle was located and fled into the woods and was found two hours later when he was walking on Killian Road. When he saw police, he again ran into the woods and after reportedly ignoring verbal commands, he was Tasered. The man tried to pull the Taser probe out and an officer handcuffed him. The man said he couldn't walk and had chest pain and police carried him out of the woods. The 33-year-old man had had a warrant for his arrest. He was treated and taken to the hospital for evaluation. After being cleared, he was taken to jail for resisting arrest and his warrant.

A woman was driving her friend's car Aug. 21 to give another friend a ride home to Akron. The woman did not also want to give a third-party friend of the second friend's a ride home. The third-party began chasing the woman and threw a toy tricycle at the car which dented the door and broke a window. It also struck the woman in the head and caused injury. The third-party, a 39-year-old man, was located at a hospital in Green where he was arrested for assault and criminal damaging. While being taken to jail, he banged his head on the bars in the cruiser and needed to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Then he was taken back to jail.

Two backpack blowers were taken while a landscape crew for worked nearby on Aug. 21. Surveillance video showed a Honda Pilot stopping and a man taking the blowers. The Honda had a for sale sign and several papers taped to the window.

A man told police Aug. 22 that he received threats against himself and his property from someone over the phone. He wanted a report even though no suspects could be identified.

A woman came to her Fortuna Drive hotel room after work Aug. 22 and her boyfriend began to assault her by punching her in the face and pulling her off the bed. When she tried to call the police, he took the phone from her. She said she had been abused by him the night before as well. She showed bruises on her arms. He was charged with domestic violence and taken to jail.

A woman reported that someone tried to break into her residence on Slaughter Road on Aug. 23 and damaged the weather stripped and wood door trim. Nothing seemed to be missing from the home and it did not seem that anyone got inside.

Someone took a head assembly Aug. 28 from a Honda Prelude from a private garage on Massillon Road.

An officer smelled marijuana coming from a vehicle Aug. 28 and made a traffic stop. The driver, 24-year-old woman, said she had smoked and gave up the marijuana. She was charged with possession of marijuana and released with a summons.

A man went to retrieve clothes Aug. 28 from a house where there is a protection order against him. He fled the scene before police arrived. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Someone entered an unlocked vehicle on Greensburg Road overnight Aug. 29 and took paperwork, a gift card, a debit card and a case of sodas. The debit card had been used before the bank was notified.

The owner of a Massillon Road business said that two people used his key Aug. 29 to enter his business and took $400 from the register. He thinks the key had been copied from a current employee and ex-employee. There is surveillance video.

There was a report of suspicious juveniles around 5 a.m. Aug. 29 at a Massillon Road cellphone business. Police responded and found the front glass doors were broken. Two people had thrown rocks threw it and took six cell phones. The two people appear to be younger, one white boy and one black boy.

A woman said she had gone to Florida from Aug. 3 to Aug. 30. During that time, someone cut the lock off her side door and took an air compressor, a pressure washer, a desktop PC and printer, a digital camera, her stove, washer and dryer, her riding mower, her 55inch TV, and clocks and memorabilia. The person also stole her Ford Ranger.

Police were talking to two men in the vehicle Sept. 1 at an East Turkeyfoot Lake Road gas station when one of the men gave false information. He ended up having two felony warrants. The other man turned over heroin and a needle that was under the front passenger seat.

At Royal County Downs Drive, a woman told police Sept. 3 that she saw a short black man walking around her complex and looking in windows. When another resident yelled at him about what he was doing, the man fled into a Chevy Cruze.

Two men were arguing Sept. 3 and told police threats were made. They knew each other from previous business deals. One of the men was told not to return the other man's property and not to contact each other again.

Someone stole a man's trailer from a private rental property on Massillon Road on Sept. 3. The trailer had been unsecured. It was later located in Akron.

On Parfoure Boulevard, someone stole a man's tools from his two wheel utility trailer on Sept. 4. Five tools in total were stolen totaling $2,700 including backpack blowers, a saw, a weed eater, and a hedge trimmer.

A woman reported Sept. 4 that she is receiving text messages from an unknown person from an unknown number. She was told to block the number and change her phone number if necessary.

A 14-year-old girl was threatening physical violence against her mother on Sept. 4. She then threw items around the kitchen. She was advised by police that if she continued this behavior she would be charged with domestic violence. She agreed to comply with household rules.