HARTVILLE  With one part-time police officer leaving the department this week, and one full time officer out on medical leave, Hartville Police Chief Larry Dordea said the need for the full-time officer is dire.

Village Council responded Sept. 3 by unanimously approving Dordea’s request to hire one full-time officer.

“(With) an additional (full-time officer) we would able to cut back on some of the part-time officers’ hours, have a better deployment of personnel, and be safer,” Dordea said prior to the vote.

The department has seven full-time officers and five part-time officers, including the injured officer and the part-timer who is leaving.

Mayor Cynthia Billings noted that the village manpower ordinance allows for up to eight full-time officers and up to 6,000 part-time hours per year. She added that one of the current part-time officers was hired last month and is still in training.

Dordea said the hope is that the injured officer will be able to return to work by next year.

Fiscal Officer Scott Varney said salary and benefits for a full-time officer are approximately $63,000 annually.

“Offset by probably about 1,000 hours for the (departing) part-timer and you’re in about the $40,000 range as far as costs to the village,” Varney said. 

Dordea said it would likely be at least a month before the new full-time officer could be hired, but added that he expects a large response to the opening. Councilwoman Kelly Reis asked if the full-time position could be filled from within. Dordea said that was unlikely, but he would look into it further.

Other actions

- Council directed Solicitor Ron Starkey to draw up legislation to approve a contract with Ellis Erb, Inc. not to exceed $4,000, to erect an already purchased equipment storage building for the village street department.

- A resolution granting permission to the Ohio Department of Transportation to resurface a section of State Route 619 within the village, from Prospect Avenue to the eastern village corporation limit, was also approved.