Asian Sun students have spent months preparing for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Taekwondo National competition, which was held this summer in Fort Lauderdale.

After qualifying for the national competition at state competitions, several athletes, including Green residents Noah and Suk Shanafelt and Master Anja Gardziola, traveled to Florida in order to test their skills. 

The competition allowed athletes to compete in a range of events, including Olympic style sparring, forms, and weapons forms. There were more than 2,000 athletes competing from around the world. Forms competitors were able to compete in a variety of forms styles including Tang Soo Do, World Taekwondo, International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), and an open category..

In the sparring competition, gold medals were awarded to Stewart Crighton, Master Ryan Bell, Master Anja Gardziola, Master Elliot Grove, Megan Diulus, and Maria Savarino. Silver medals were awarded to Roman Felber and Ron Slechta. Bronze medals were awarded to Virginia Adams, Cash Felber, Lance Hill, Master Jeff Heerema, Isaiah Turner, Conner Heckman, Adriane Lawes, Makenna Erhard and Kaiden Capeles.

In the forms competition, gold medals were awarded to Mia Felber, Erika Schmitt, Grant Bogdansky, Aaryana Sethi, Stephanie Mossop, Jesse Green, Jessica Tackett, Suk Shanafelt, Jen Heerema, and Renee Crighton. Silver medals were awarded to Maclaine Bell, Brady McCreery, Grant Bogdansky, Aaryana Sethi, Jesse Green, and Renee Crighton. Bronze medals were awarded to Maria Savarino, Brady McCreery, Sean Crighton, Aaryana Sethi, Stephanie Mossop, and Jessica Tackett.

Asian Sun was awarded a championship cup for being one of the top three schools producing the most overall medals in the forms competition and for being one of the top three schools producing the most overall medals in the sparring competition.

Asian Sun has nine schools, located in Aurora, Beachwood, Broadview, Green, Hudson, Medina, Montrose, Tallmadge, and Wadsworth. For more information about Asian Sun, visit or call 330-650-6333.