A man reported Aug. 16 that his account at Huntington National Bank was hacked. Huntington's security is investigating the transaction. $1,530 were taken.

At 4 a.m. Aug. 23, a woman reported that a man deposited money into her account and asked her to transfer funds to another account. In the meantime, the funds from the initial deposit came back insufficient. Due to that, it put her into the negative. She contacted her local bank, who requested a police report for the incident. The woman does not know the man’s complete address or contact information.


A man was reportedly walking and yelling at vehicles as they drove by on Aug. 5. While talking to police, he threatened to hurt himself. He was taken to the hospital.

A phone scammer tricked a man into giving out his social security number and address on Aug. 7. There was no exchange of money.

A 48-year-old man assaulted a man he knew on Aug. 12. The 48-year-old was arrested after an investigation and booked into Stark County Jail.

A young woman was having cramps due to severe dehydration after skateboarding from Cleveland to Canton on Aug. 14. She was found lying next to a roadway. She was taken to the hospital.

A man was having a medical issue in his vehicle on Aug. 14. Police and fire arrived and the man was taken to the hospital.

A mother reported Aug. 15 that her 21-year-old son had used heroin and then run away. He was found and appeared to be suicidal so he was taken to the hospital.

A woman reported that she found a bullet lodged in the siding of her house on Aug. 15. It appears to have happened between June 1 and August 3.

Someone broke into a few cars on Billingham Avenue on Aug. 16. A man’s school computer was taken.

A man has been reportedly harassing his ex over the phone with calls and voicemails. He is also harassing another man in the same fashion.

A flag pole went missing from a man’s yard on Chowning Circle NW on Aug. 18.

Two men in their 20s were asked to leave an Edison Street Northwest business on Aug. 20. Police arrived and advised the men not to return.

A couple told police on Aug. 20 that a man had been speeding in their neighborhood and were worried about their children’s safety. The couple told the man this and he cursed and them and flipped them off. Police made contact with the man the next day. He admitted his behavior and said it would stop.

A warrant has been issued on Aug. 22 for a 23-year-old woman who was passing bad checks.

Someone attempted to break the glass doors of a Cleveland Avenue Northwest business around 5:30 a.m. Aug. 22, setting a security alarm went off.

A woman reported identity fraud of her social security number on Aug. 22. The woman will follow up with the IRS.

During the past month, a woman has been getting harassing calls from someone. The person won’t identify themselves and have started to call her work and her parents.


A resident on Woodland Place reported on Aug. 9 that two window sills were damaged in an attempt to enter the residence.

A man reported his sister missing since July 31. She has mental health issues and was not on her medication. She was reportedly seen on August 5 on Cole Avenue but this has not been confirmed.

During a traffic stop on Aug. 11, the driver gave false information. The driver, a 32-year-old man, gave the information of a deceased man. Police also smelled marijuana in the vehicle. He was detained and they found marijuana in his pocket. He was arrested and fingerprinted. The fingerprints returned with a match to a man with warrants in Akron. He was issued a summons for obstructing official business and possession of marijuana and turned over to Akron Police.

Someone was illegally dumping mattresses, couches, and cabinets in Lauer Park on Aug. 12. In the cabinet was an old temporary Arizona license which came back to a woman from Green. The woman said her son had gotten rid of some furniture for her. The son said he had placed an ad on Craigslist for someone to haul-away the stuff for $60. The son gave police the emails and text messages of the agreement and described the men and their truck. When police contacted the phone number, a man hung up. 

On July 30, a woman said she had camera footage of a man climbing the ladder onto her mobile home and removing her television antenna. The man said he took it because it didn’t work so he figured she didn’t want it. He gave it back, but she has ongoing issues with him and believes and wants to sign charges. The man was issued a summons for theft.

A woman is building a house and it is in the drywall phase. Someone entered the home on Aug. 14 and wrote on the wall “Pew pew AR15 holes hit in the pit of your soul the drywall shit is getting old”.

A woman noticed her ladder missing from her yard on Aug. 15. She had grainy footage of someone taking it. The ladder was found a few doors down from her house. The woman said the man she suspected of taking it had just been released from jail for theft. The man said he did not steal it. There is not enough evidence to pursue charges.

Someone stole from a man’s shed while he was in the hospital on Aug. 15. The person pried the door open and stole a saw.

A man was being detained for a warrant when he started to overdose on Aug. 16. He had taken heroin an hour before being detained. Springfield Township Fire responded and he was given Narcan. He was taken to the hospital.

A woman, who has a protection order on a man, said he contacted her Aug. 16 and left three voicemails demanding she call him back and saying he wanted to see her. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

On May 12, a 25-year-old man took off his clothes in Walmart and the manager could see a gun in his waistband. Police were called and the man tried to run but was apprehended. The man was under the influence of drugs and he was taken to the hospital. On May 13, a warrant was issued. On Aug. 17, he was arrested and taken to jail.

Someone punched out a lock on a man’s truck on Canton Road on Aug. 18 and took the stereo.

Someone tried to pry open the door of a vehicle on East Waterloo Road on Aug. 18 and broke the radio. The person also damaged the front wheel and bumper.

A man punched another man in a group home. The man who was punched allegedly used offensive language. The man who threw the punch was kicked out of the group home and left before police arrived. Assault charges have been filed.

Someone went into an unattached garage Aug. 20 and damaged the door. The person also took a bike and a lawn mower and antique from the property.

Someone stole a weed eater, a blower and a gas can from a man’s open garage Aug. 21 on West Park Way. The man saw the items in the morning before he went down the street to mow a neighbor’s lawn. When he came back, it was gone.

A woman reported that someone stole a handgun, laptop and money from her home on Aug. 21 She said several people had access to the home in the days before she realized things were missing.

A man and woman stole $458 worth of merchandise from a South Arlington Road store. Then they got into a van and drove over to a nearby restaurant. They were arrested for theft and issued a summons.

A woman reported on Aug. 21 that someone gained access to her account through a Publisher’s Clearing House check. Five checks for $100 each were forged and cashed.

A 19-year-old man got into an argument with his mother on Aug. 22 and began to choke her in a headlock. When police were called, he fled. A warrant was issued for his arrest for domestic violence.

Three acquaintances entered a woman’s residence on Aug. 22, while she was incarcerated, and stole property.

A woman told police Aug. 22 that someone accessed her Chase bank account and changed her address. They also ordered a credit card to be sent to Florida. They then took her Verizon cell phone number and tried to import it on a different account but it did not get activated.

Two children, 8 and 7, ran away from home Aug. 23. They were arrested for unruly behavior and released to their legal guardian.

A woman reported Aug. 24 that a 32-year-old man she knew was in her backyard and would not leave. When police arrived, the man was hiding in a wooded area. The man said he knew he shouldn’t be there but his heart was broken. He was issued a summons for criminal trespass and released.

A middle-aged man pushed a television out of a fire exit at a South Arlington Road store on Aug. 25 and loaded it into his vehicle. The TV was worth $1,300.

During a traffic stop on Aug. 28, a driver poured alcohol out of a can out of the vehicle. The vehicle was also found to be stolen out of Akron and had two cases of beer in it. The driver, a 54-year-old man, was arrested.

A told police on Aug. 28 that his uncovered boat was parked in his driveway on Maryguard Drive for several days. His fishing gear was stolen.


A man said someone entered his garage Aug. 16 and unplugged his deep freezer which had $345.79 worth of meat in it. He believes it was intentional so the meat would spoil and that a man he knows from a business transaction did it.

A vehicle was parked in a handicap spot of West Maple Street grocery store on Aug. 28. When the plates were ran, the vehicle was registered to a man with a suspended license since 1982. There was no one in the vehicle and no one around at the time. Later, the officer saw the same vehicle on the road and pulled it over. The driver was suspended and he was cited for driving under suspension. The vehicle was towed.


Someone stole a box containing a laptop, school supplies and work supplies from an unlocked truck on Tempo Trail on Aug. 22.

A woman reported that someone called her stating she won $1 million on Aug. 23 but has to make payments before receiving it. The woman then made several payments with cashier checks throughout the month of June, July and August. By the beginning of August, she stopped making payments and the unknown person stated that she needs to make her payments or she wont get her prize money. This matter is under investigation.

A couple was in a domestic dispute on Aug. 23. There was no sign of physical altercation, but the woman had a warrant out of Summit County. She was arrested and turned over to the county.

A woman threw a dumbbell weight at her boyfriend’s foot on Aug. 24. He then threw the weight back at her and hit her in the right side of her abdomen. Due to lack of cooperation, charges would not be filed and the case is closed. The woman left the residence for the night to stay at her house.

During a traffic stop on Aug. 24, an officer smelled alcohol coming from the driver. He could not perform the field sobriety tests to a satisfactory level. He was arrested and later released to a sober party with a citation and summons to appear.

A woman reported on Aug. 27 that she is missing six credit cards. She noticed they were missing when one of the credit card companies emailed her stating that one of the cards got denied due to not enough credit with that account. This matter is currently under investigation.

A man stated that a woman smacked him in the face on Aug. 28. The woman was in the garage and she said she did not know what was going on and doesn’t know anything about smacking. An officer went back in to speak with the man and the woman came into the residence. While they were in the house, the officer asked again if she smacked him and she stated she did.The man said he wanted her charged. She was placed under arrest and transported to Summit County Jail.