SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Residents attended the Aug. 8 trustees meeting addressing their concerns about the algae bloom in Springfield Lake.

Residents from West Park Way voiced their concerns as their properties are on the lake front. Residents said that the quality of the water is impacting lakefront property owners and they also suggested that more signage was needed stating the condition of the lake. It was also a concern that the ground water might also be affected by the algae conditions.

Township Administrator Warren Price said the blooms are being closely monitored. It is done so by satellite imagery. Recently, the concentration of algae has been high and there was a high concentration of E-coli on the Lakemore side of the lake and he believes that contributes to the blooms. Weekly testing is being done on the lake water in different locations.

Trustee Dean Young said they want to protect the property value of the lakeside residents.

Another water issue discussed during the meeting was the flooding of Topflite Drive and Maxfli Drive. Residents present at the meeting explained that years ago the owner of Chenowith Golf Course had replaced a swale with a pipe and that significantly increased flooding. They also said that the owner has filled in some of the wetlands. They explained that in 2005 the county engineer cited the owner to make the corrections, but it was never enforced.

Price said he would investigate the matter, researching the history of the issue to see if the township can aid in getting it resolved.


Trustees addressed the nuisance abatement at 2877 Linwood Road that had been tabled at the July 11 meeting. Young said because of special circumstances, he met with the property owner. Since that time, the property went into foreclosure. Issues with the Linwood Road property go back into 2018 and Young moved to declare the property a nuisance and initiate abatement.

The property at 1025 Onondago Trail was on the agenda and the owner was present. Young said there had been concern over the property for several years and that the owner had been notified of junk, vehicles, failure to repair, house and garage open, structure dilapidate and wood rotting. The owner asked if the trustees would give him more time.

Young said the Building Department issued a condemnation order April 25 and that it is not suitable for human habitation. Springfield Township, the Building Department and the Health Department all need to go through the house. Young said that he was making a motion to declare the property a nuisance and initiate abatement to remove structures based on the Summit County Department of Building standards deeming the property condemned and unsafe and constituting a nuisance.

The property at 946 Onondago Trail constitutes a nuisance and it is going to be demolished. It was approved to pay Ray Bertolini Trucking $2,550 for interior and exterior trash abatement prior to demolition.

Also, the property at 1029 Oneida will be demolished. A payment to Ray Bertolini Trucking for $2,450 was approved for interior and exterior trash abatement prior to demolition.

The total cost for abatement, mowing, of 3440 Carper Avenue at $165 and a vacant lot on Bey Road at $270 were approved to be forwarded to the Summit County Auditor for the total costs to be placed upon the tax duplicate as a lien upon the lands.

In other business, trustees:

- Apparoved the hire of part time police officers and Sgt. Eric East swore in Cody Meade, Ezekiel Ryan and Damiano Tassone as officers for the department.

- Approved the renewal of an existing contract with the Chi Corporation for IT Software support services for one year in an amount not to exceed $2,075.

- Authorized a payment of $3,500 to Victory Athletic for work on the overhead backstop including the installation of new netting and reconfiguration of an existing backstop at JEDD Park was approved.


- With a grant from Reworks, a voucher system for yard waste with Woodland Mulch, 2194 E. Waterloo Road is in place. Residents can drop yard waste off at no charge after obtaining a voucher from Springfield Township and have proof of residency before going to Woodland.

The next regular meeting the Springfield Township Board of Trustees will be held at 6 p.m., September 12 at Town Hall, 2459 Canfield Road.