LAKE TWP.  During the regular meeting on Aug. 26, the Lake Township Board of Trustees approved a contract with S & K Asphalt & Concrete to pave the parking lot of the Uniontown Police Department.

The total cost for paving approximately 23,000 square feet will be $65,600. Trustees received three bids for the project and said S & K submitted the lowest and best bid by about $20,000. Trustee John Arnold said that one of the contractors couldn’t complete the job until next year.

As part of the project, the parking lot will be extended by 2,400 feet, a section of concrete walk in front and at the rear of the building will be replaced and a down spout pipe will be run across the parking lot.


- Authorized paying bills as of Aug. 26 in the amount of $24,677.

- Approved the purchase of boring and installing water and gas lines to a new garage at the Uniontown Police Department from Klein’s Directional Drilling at a cost of $13,806.

- Authorized the purchase of 2,400 feet of 12-inch perforated pipe for the road department from Marlboro Supply at a cost of $10,656.

- Authorized a truck repair from North Canton Truck Center at a cost of $4,899.

- Authorized staff to obtain material and to schedule Griffin Enterprises to install a new stand-alone flagpole at the township’s Administration Building.

UP NEXT: Meets 6:30 p.m. Sept. 9 at Township Hall