In a special meeting of Lakemore Village Council, residents spoke citing a couple of issues with the Water Department.

At the Aug. 19 meeting, resident Richard Curry spoke about his water being shut off in July without what he said was proper notice. He said he had not received his water bill and his service was shut off 12 days after the due date. Curry cited the Ohio Revised Code which stated that regulations for Ohio were that customers are to be given not less than 14 days in the case of non-payment.

Three days after the shut off, he received an envelope from the post office with the disconnect letter in it and a note saying it had been damaged and did not get delivered to him. He presented copies of all the information to the council members. He said a notice, according to the code, is to be delivered in person or by a written notice placed on the home where it can be seen by the customer.

Mayor Rick Justice said it sounded like there were a lot of issues and the village would address all of them.

“We did pass our own laws and regulations. If we didn’t follow them, I apologize.” He said, adding that council is looking into changing them.

Council member Laura Cochran said officials have talked about reviewing the regulations, especially shut off days so it can’t be turned off on a Friday leaving a family without water through a weekend. She said the village will look into the matter.

Resident Laura Hawk shared concerns with the fact the Water Department had dug a 10 foot by six foot hole in her yard in May leaving a two-foot mound of dirt in the yard. She had called the village and filed a complaint. She tried to hire someone to remove the mound of dirt and nobody would not touch it due to the fact it was a village project. She had pictures that showed the dirt covered in three foot of grass as she has not been able to mow. Justice apologized and said it would be taken care of.

In other news:

- Council members approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to accept the estimates from H. Luli Construction Company and Perrin Asphalt for chip and seal work and materials. The estimates were for 255 tons of pavement leveling by Perrin for $35,700 by and an estimate of $35,062.50 from H. Luli Construction Company to chip and seal Fifth Street, Fourth Street, Elizabeth Street, Church Street and Lakeview Street. The work is dependent on suitable weather.

- Pastor Ndubaisi Nwade attended the meeting and announced he was being transferred to Columbus to another church. He has acted as the chaplain for the Police Department and has participated in working to help the community. Police Chief Ken Ray thanked him for all he did and presented him with a token of appreciation from the department. Council members and Justice said he will truly be missed and thanked him for all he has done.

“It has been a pleasure to both serve and be served by the community," Nwade said.

- A resolution was approved to promote firefighters Garry Orr to captain and Kevin Atkinson and Bryce Huth to lieutenants.

- Dispensing with the three readings, council members approved an ordinance to amend appropriations for the current fiscal year ending Dec. 31.

- Resident Mike Shaffer said there is an area where the road was patched near his home that has a lot of gravel on it making it dangerous for motorcycles. Justice said the village used the Durapatcher which is tar and gravel mixture but there should not be a lot of loose gravel left on the road and the village would check it.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Sept. 3 at the Municipal Building located on Main Street.