I get it. There is a lot of stuff out there to read.

Books, the Internet, newspapers, magazines – the list goes on and on and on. Just thinking about all of it is dizzying. You could never read all of it, of course. If you can digest just a small sliver of it, then consider yourself well-read.

And so it is from that angle that I write this piece.

When Nancy France, the wife of Jim France, the longtime Manchester High School principal and head football coach, passed away last Tuesday, I reached out to several people, including Dan Grenus, for comments on her and their relationship – what she meant to her husband – for the story I was doing for TheSuburbanite.com.

From being a teacher at Manchester High School and the football team’s videographer for well over 20 years, Grenus knew the couple well. Plus he is well-spoken and perceptive. I was confident he would give me some strong words.

I just didn’t realize how strong. Indeed, for what I got is prose.

We all want to leave a good legacy. Nancy France did, and part of it was that someone – in this case, Grenus – would say such things about her and her marriage.

I want to re-run what Grenus said for it is something for all of us to see, and contemplate. Whether we are married or in some other type of significant relationship, these are words to live by for it is what you would want your marriage or relationship to be.

Here’s what Grenus said:

“Nancy was the epitome of a coach’s wife. She tolerated and encouraged all of his coaching obligations and then some. She was truly a wonderful and special lady.

“She was the world to ‘Koach’ France. She planned all the holidays, birthdays and vacations. And Koach was more than happy to go along with whatever Nancy planned. 

“I remember Koach telling me many times of him leaving the house in the middle of the evening to go get Nancy a milkshake that she craved, just to have her take a sip of it and be done with it. But he was more than happy to go get one the next night and the next night. That’s how much her happiness meant to him. Both of them had a deep dedication to each other’s happiness.

“You don’t find that very often these days. They were a matched pair.

“She truly was a great lady and one in a million!”