As the Nov. 5 General Election inches closer, local candidates recently had to submit their signatures to appear on the ballot.

Voters will be deciding on many races including mayor, city council members, trustees, and school board members across the area.

New Franklin

Two of the four ward councilmen will face an opponent.

Ward 1 Councilman and Vice President of City Council Jim Cotts will face Justin Bryant.

Bryant is the CEO of PLX Freight and is married to wife, Anna, who is the township administrator for Coventry Township.

Ward 2 Councilman Terry Harget will face Jack Daniels.

Ward 3 Councilman and President of City Council David Stock and Ward 4 Councilman Andrew Fetterman do not have opponents.

Manchester Local Schools Board of Education

There are two open seats as current board members Cindy McDonald and Mark Tallman are running for re-election.


Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer is seeking re-election and being challenged by Ward 4 Councilman Matt Shaughnessy.

There are three at-large city council seats open as current Councilman Stephen Dyer and Justin Speight are running for re-election. Also running for the open seats are Clark Anthony DeVitis, Richard Brandenburg and Dave France.

Voters will also select a law director between Lisa Dean and Stephen Pruneski.

Green Local Schools Board of Education

There are two open seats as current board member Dave Cohen is running for re-election. Other current board member Mark Herdlick is not seeking re-election.

Resident Eric Chojnacki is running for Herdlick’s open seat.

Coventry Township

There are two open seats on the Board of Trustees as current trustee Richard Kutuchief is running for re-election and being challenged by former Zoning Inspector George Beckham and resident Lisa Fouser.

Fouser has spoken several times to the trustees voicing her concerns with short term rentals in the township.

Robert Saffian was appointed to the other open seat following the passing of trustee Tom Seese. Saffian is running for a full-term and being challenged by resident Jeff Houck.

Lori Seeman is also running for Coventry Fiscal Officer and not being challenged.

Coventry Loacal Schools Board of Education

There are two open seats as current board member Vicki Tavenier is running for re-election. Jeff Skaggs, who is also on the school board, is not seeking re-election.

New candidates running for a seat on the board are Dan Fouser and Kathy Finefrock.

Fouser is married to, Lisa, who is running for Coventry trustee.

Finefrock has spoken at board meetings on several occasions regarding her concern with excessive open enrollment.

Springfield Township

There is one seat open on the Board of Trustees as current Trustee Dean Young is seeking re-election and being challenged by Jerry Michael.

Joseph DiLauro is running to be the fiscal officer for the township.

Springfield Local Schools Board of Education

There are three open seats on the board, one being an unexpired term, which Neal Hess is running for.

The other two seats current board members Dave Hofer and Larry Petty are running for re-election.

Mario Grozdanovski is also running for one of the seats.