GREEN  A portion of the NEXUS Pipeline will be under construction again soon not even a year after being put into service.

The city of Green was notified Aug. 16 by Enbridge, the parent company that owns and manage the NEXUS Pipeline, that it will be upgrading a half-mile segment with a thicker pipe to meet regulatory compliance.

An internal audit by their Internal Compliance Team determined the upgrade would be necessary to operate the pipeline at its maximum capacity.

NEXUS Pipeline spokesperson Adam Parker said the only section of pipeline along the entire line needing to be upgraded is in Green.

“The Quality Assurance review did not indicate any other areas that would require an upgrade,” Parker said. “Also, as part of our routine inspections, we ran a caliper tool prior to placing the line in-service and did a full inline inspection once the line was operation and found no evidence of irregularities in the pipeline. We monitor the pipeline 24/7/365 and employ a number of redundant, overlapping measures to promote safe and reliable pipeline operations.”

NEXUS has met with three landowners where construction will occur. The stretch of pipeline being upgraded is about 1,000 feet west of Massillon Road

“This is a voluntary measure undertaken to upgrade the pipe in order to satisfy regulatory requirements applicable to enabling NEXUS to operate its system to meet peak natural gas demand,” NEXUS said in a statement provided to the city of Green. “We plan to mobilize a small crew on or before October 2019 to work on the half-mile segment of pipe. Work is expected to take approximately three months to complete and will impact three landowners.”

The pipeline is expected to remain in service while the repairs are being made Parker said.

“The NEXUS pipeline is operating in accordance with all federal pipeline safety requirements including oversight by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and Ohio EPA,” Parker said.

Green Communications Coordinator Valerie Wolford said the city hired two consultants to monitor the NEXUS construction. RCP oversaw the construction and testing of the pipeline and EnviroScience was responsible for reviewing grading and stormwater conditions.

“The construction contractor built the pipeline to the exact specifications provided to them by NEXUS,” Wolford said. “Unfortunately, the construction documents included the wrong pipe (wall thickness) because NEXUS’ consultant miscalculated the data for this half-mile segment.”

Wolford said the city’s consultants were not provided the information to verify the data used to determine the thickness of the pipe.

“The city of Green will continue to work with federal and state regulators to ensure that NEXUS is held accountable for the long term safe operation of this pipeline,” Wolford said.

Anyone with questions or concerns can call the city at 330-896-6930 or email Residents can also contact the NEXUS landowner hotline at 844-589-3655.