COVENTRY TWP.  Improvements are being made at Ingleside Park in Coventry that park visitors will notice during their next visit.

During the Aug. 8 trustee meeting, Trustee Robert Saffian, who is overseeing the park’s improvements, updated the community about the work being done.

The improvements come following the passage of a park’s levy and Saffian said all the township parks were looked at to see what they needed and which should be done first.

He said Ingleside Park is highly used by girls softball and it was very muddy in places. Two storm sewer drains in the park were covered up and the park needed some upgrades.

Some of the improvements made include adding limestone, including a walking area, fixing a retaining wall, adding edging to keep the limestone in place and fixing an area that was eroding near the basketball court.

Saffian said the work is progressing well and he thanked the community for supporting the levy to help improve the parks.

Trustee Richard Kutuchief also thanked the voters for supporting the levy and said he hopes those who didn’t support the levy will check out the improvements being made.

Saffian also thanked Road Superintendent Lael Stouffer and his crew for fixing up the fields, saying they did a great job.

Trustees approved a purchase order during the meetings not to exceed $3,500 for GroundPro Inc. to install plastic edging along all graveled areas and to replace the existing rope railing near the concession stand with new posts and rope.

In other business Aug. 8, trustees:

- Approved adopting the 2018 Summit County Emergency Management Agency Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. This is already in place it was just a renewal of the plan.

- Approved to purchase three SCBA RIT Packs in the amount not to exceed $15,000. Fire Chief John Dolensky said these are bags that have oxygen in them that can be taken to a firefighter. 

- Approved a purchase order not to exceed $3,854 for Enviroscape to clean up weeds and debris on the sidewalks and rock embankment between the dam and the Ned Mohrman Bridge.

- Approved to appoint Dennis Ott to the Board of Zoning Appeals as an alternate member, effective immediately.

- Approved to appoint Shawn Welsh to the Zoning Commission as a regular member to fill the unexpired term of Ott.

- Approved to declare 1345 Lockwood Road and 41 S. Glencoe Drive nuisances in regards to vegetation overgrowth and to authorize abatement of the nuisance seven days after notice by certified mail and or notice by newspaper.

- Heard from Stouffer about starting the road leveling, which has to be done before road resurfacing can begin.

- Heard from Zoning Inspector Bill Meyerhoff about the township receiving many calls related to flooding. He also said those with short term rentals need to register by Sept. 1 to comply. Recently, he said letters were sent out to all the short term rentals property owners about the zoning text change requiring them to be registered.

- Heard from Saffian that he is obtaining bids for crack sealing of several township asphalt surfaces and lots. He said he wants to make sure the township maintains what it has.

- Heard from Kutuchief about defining the entrance to Lockwood Cemetery. He said he would like to see a sign put up and have volunteers construct an entrance. Saffian said he is getting quotes for two stone pillars.

- Heard from resident Barbara Mills, who lives near Lakeside Mobile Home Park. She said there is trash and several of the trailers are falling apart. She wants to see the owner of the trailer park be held accountable for the mess and said she hasn't had any luck with them making improvements. Meyerhoff said the trailer park is owned by an LLC, which listed a Kent address. When the address was traced, the LLC and the Kent address did not match, he said. Mills said she has called the Health Department, but it won’t get involved. The township is expected to look into the matter more and contact the Ohio Department of Commerce.

The next Coventry Township Trustees Meeting is set for 7 p.m. Sept. 12 at Town Hall.