COVENTRY TWP.  Voters in the Coventry Local School District will decide on Nov. 5 on a 1 percent earned income tax levy.

During the July 30 meeting of the Financial Planning and Supervision Commission, which is overseeing Coventry Schools while it is in fiscal emergency, the commission approved by a 3-2 vote to move the 1 percent earned income tax levy to the ballot.

Commission members Sean Fremon and Holly Miller vote against the issues.

Commission member Laura McGraw said she has heard from several parents about with new income the board needs to be responsible with it. She also said she wants to see a plan from the Board of Education about the plan for open enrollment for the next two, five and 10 years. She said one parent she heard from is concerned with the additional income, the district could reduce open enrollment.

“This is a big deal,” McGraw said.

She also wants to see the projections of resident students, number of buildings and teachers for the same period.

Superintendent Lisa Blough said it is important to allow the community to decide if this is something it wants. She said her family will be paying more taxes if the issue passes.

Coventry Board President Chris Davis read several emails of support for the income tax levy and said he has heard overwhelming amounts of support for the levy. He said he has heard the argument that the levy will benefit retired residents.

“If we can’t agree to help the elderly, then we have problems here,” Davis said.

The commission vote comes following much discussion during past school board and commission meetings about the issue.

Confusion arose following the June school board meeting where the commission stated the school board combined a two-step process to place the issue on the ballot into one. At that time, the commission voted the combined resolution down and requested additional information.

Passing the earned income tax could be difficult as Coventry voters have voted down many levies, including renewal levies, in the past.

The next Coventry Local Schools board meeting will be 6 p.m. Aug. 14 at Coventry Elementary School.

The next Financial and Supervision Commission meeting is set for 4:30 p.m. Aug. 20 at Coventry Elementary School.