Officer assistance was requested to take emergency custody of two children, aged five and nine, on July 12.

A 45-year-old man was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend on July 13.

Police were called July 13 for two young men fighting in the parking lot of a Cleveland Avenue Northwest business. It turned out they were horsing around and were warned of how their actions can be perceived in public.

A cell phone was found in the roadway and turned into police on July 14. Inside the case was a man’s ID. Police have attempted to contact the man about his phone.

A man reported July 15 that someone had used his personal information to cash a check for $432.97 at a local grocery store.

Police received a report July 19 about a man living in an apartment without permission from the landlord. The man then allegedly assaulted the landlord. During an investigation on July 22, the man spoke with police and explained his side. The man was arrested for assault and taken to Stark County Jail.


An anonymous caller stated July 13 there was somebody smoking marijuana in a blue Chevy on Sixth Street. Officers responded and they could smell the marijuana. Inside the vehicle, there was a 26-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl. The woman had a blunt on the dashboard. A search of the car turned up medical marijuana in the door of the vehicle. The woman admitted to not having a medical marijuana card. She was advised that police would contact the prosecutor and would contact her if charges were filed.

A woman on Second Street said someone threw a rock at her windshield July 16, causing it to crack.

A resident on Rubber Street reported July 16 that someone hit his white Kia with an egg while it was parked in his driveway overnight. The resident said his house had been egged several times in recent months as well as other residents' homes and cars. No suspects were determined. The resident is planning on installing night vision cameras on his property to record any possible future events and will forward any information obtained to the Police Department for investigation. There was no permanent damage to his vehicle.

A 59-year-old man and 47-year-old woman on the corner of Church Street flagged down an officer July 17 with the woman asking if she could go to jail. The officer told her no. The woman then asked what she had to do to go to jail and whether she had to hit the officer. It was noted that the woman seemed intoxicated and the man seemed to be irritating her. The officer asked the man to leave and he went 30 yards from the scene. The woman continued to be agitated by the man's presence, so he was asked to leave again. He moved only several feet further away, stopped and leaned against a fence. Lakemore Fire Department arrived to check on the woman and she became angry and aggressive, shouting vulgar statements to officers and onlookers. She could not recall her birth date or social security. The man returned to the scene and refused to leave. He started swearing and stated he was an American and did not have to follow police instructions. Police arrested the man for obstructing official business and disorderly conduct. The man tried to pull away and resisting arrest was added. He was placed in handcuffs and put into the police vehicle. The woman was treated and released by the Fire Department. She was then arrested her for disorderly conduct by intoxication. They were issued summons and later released The woman was transported to the Oriana ADM Crisis Center facility. The man was taken his residence and released to a sober adult.


Police responded to a suspicious vehicle on Steffy Avenue on July 16. A man was found talking to himself. The man had possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia and a tab of LSD.

A woman came to the Police Department July 18 to file a theft report of three iPhones and two iWatches. She had the items in the trunk of her vehicle. She had left her home in Hartville on July 17 and went to several places in Cleveland and then returned home. She didn’t notice they were missing until she returned to Hartville.


Two women said that between July 6 and July 11 someone took property from inside their house. The woman’s son lives at the house and has friends over occasionally. There were no signs of forced entry.

An officer saw an unoccupied motorcycle at a Manchester Road car wash around 1 a.m. July 15. During a brief search, the officer found the owner of the motorcycle sleeping in the grass next to the parking lot. The driver was asked why he was sleeping in the parking lot and he said he was homeless and had nowhere to go. He appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The driver consented to a search and the officer found a disposable syringe and white substance in the pocket of his jeans. It tested positive for methamphetamine. The driver was placed under arrest for possession and then transported to Summit County Jail.

A vehicle was stopped for lack of a license plate on July 17. The driver, a woman in her 30s, said she was dropping food off to her friend. The officer asked if she had any illegal items in the vehicle and she stated she just purchased a half ounce of marijuana. She told the officer where it was and gave the officer consent to check her vehicle. The marijuana was taken and she was arrested for possession. She was released with a summons.

A man on Manchester Road reported July 18 that an unknown, tall, white man in his 50s to 60s cutting the padlocks off of the two listed enclosed trailers that were parked in the lot. When the unknown man saw the person watching him, he jumped into a cream colored SUV drove away.

A man said someone entered his unlocked garage July 19 and took his 2016 black Victory Hammer S with red racing stripes. The man also called and said there was a 4-wheeler in his driveway that he has never seen before. The registration revealed that the 4-wheeler was stolen out of Akron. It was towed.

Officers were dispatched for an accident on July 20. A man said he was trying to leave a Manchester Road bar with his wife and got onto his motorcycle but fell over once he got onto the roadway. An officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on the man. The man then started walking on foot on Manchester Road. He did not listen to verbal commands to not walk on the road. New Franklin EMS arrived on the scene, but the man refused medical treatment. He stated multiple times he was going to leave. He would not do field sobriety tests or take any chemical tests. The man was issued a citation and a summons to appear. He was then released to a sober party.

An officer stopped a vehicle for having a headlight out on July 20. A man and woman were in the vehicle. When running the names, dispatch told the officer that the man had a protection order against the woman. The woman was arrested for violating the order and released at the department with a summons.

During a traffic stop July 21, an officer believed the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The driver refused to perform any standardized field sobriety tests. The driver was placed under arrest for OVI and transported him back to this department. He took a breath test and his results were 0.184. He was issued a citation and released to a sober party.

Police assisted during an altercation at a West Turkeyfoot Lake Road bar on July 21.  While investigating, it was found that a man involved in altercation had an active warrant out of the Summit County Sheriff's Office. The man was arrested and turned over to them.

A manager of a West Turkeyfoot Lake Road bar told police July 21 that one of his employees, who was presently at the store, had been stealing items for the past two days while during his shifts. The man admitted to stealing the items. He was charged with theft and issued a summons.

Police got a call about a welfare check on July 22. A man and his girlfriend were watching a movie and said they were about to leave a residence. The resident said he wanted the man and his girlfriend to leave his residence because he believed the two had been smoking marijuana. The man and girlfriend entered the residence to collect their belongings before they left. As the man and girlfriend were about to leave, the resident began to get irate and began making threats toward man. Police told the resident to calm down and stop talking to the man. The resident would not calm down and acted aggressively, according to police. The resident was taken to the ground and placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct. He was released with a summons. The man and girlfriend left the residence for the night.

Police responded with Summit County Children Services for a welfare check on a three-year-old boy on July 22. Upon our arrival, the father was advised that police would have to check the residence so the man locked up his dogs. The mother advised that the father is a hoarder and she believes the house is unsafe for her son. Police investigated and found the living conditions inside the residence were extremely unsafe to live in. Custody of the boy was turned over to Summit County Children Services.

A woman stated July 23 that she and her husband got into a verbal disagreement over the fact that he was very intoxicated and was getting in their daughter's face and yelling at her. The man said the wife threw a plastic bottle at his head during the argument. The wife then began making statements of wanting to take her own life. She was transported by the New Franklin Fire Department to Barberton City Hospital for a psychological evaluation. The man left the residence for the evening and stated that he did not wish to pursue charges against his wife.


On March 28, a 31-year-old man shot his daughter in the butt with an air gun. A mark was observed on the girl. The man said he did it because she was “talking loud” to him on the phone the previous day. The man is reportedly homeless and could not be located. A warrant was issued for his arrest. On July 20, he was arrested and taken to Summit County Jail for child abuse.

Someone cashed three forged checks at Huntington Bank from Cornerstone Church between June 25 and July 2. Cornerstone Church was notified. Video footage and fingerprints of an attempted fourth forgery have been turned over to police.

A man on Canton Road reported July 7 that someone stole his trailer from his backyard. It did not have plates or a VIN.

A 23-year-old man appeared to be under the influence of drugs on July 9. He was punching the air and walking down the middle of the road. When police arrived, he refused to stop and ran from the police. He became combative and, with the assistance of medics, police were able to strap him to the gurney. He was sedated and taken to Akron Summa Hospital. His wallet contained a powder residue which has been sent for testing.

A 36-year-old man was passed out in his vehicle, with the motor running his vehicle, on Gilchrist Road on July 9. He was woken by police and checked out by EMS. He had a suspended license and the vehicle was towed. During inventory, police found two syringes and he was issued a summons for possessing drug abuse instruments.

A vehicle ran a stop sign on July 9 and during the traffic stop, an officer smelled marijuana. The 31-year-old driver admitted that there was some in the car and he handed it over. He was issued a summons and released.

A man was overdosing and was found responsive on July 14. The person that found him performed CPR. Springfield Fire arrived on the scene and the man regained consciousness. He admitted to snorting fentanyl.

On July 13, a man paid for his food and alcohol from an Albrecht Avenue restaurant with $100 bill. Afterward, the bill was determined to be counterfeit. The identity of the man is being investigated.

A neighbor witnessed a man throw a spear at the windshield of another man’s car on July 16. The man with the spear had arrived in a small blue car, but the plates were covered with a towel and the man had a red bandana on. The owner of the other car believes it is a man that he had a confrontation with at a party the night before. The owner knows the man is on parole. Video footage of the incident is available. An investigation is ongoing. The man with the spear is described as having dark hair and weighing between 130 and 150 pounds.

A man emailed an individual about a car for sale online on June 19. The man was given an account number to transfer funds into to pay for the vehicle. He transferred the money and he was given a link to a website that said his delivery would be July 14. It did not arrive and he has not heard back from the individual.

A 39-year-old man left a voicemail for a woman July 20 stating that he was on his way and he would kill the woman and her friend. The man arrived to the residence by bicycle and, when he saw the friend outside, he lit a pipe bomb and fled the area. A warrant has been issued for the man for criminal possession of an explosive device, criminal use of an explosive device, inducing panic, menacing by stalking and telecommunications harassment.

At Springfield Lake Park, police noticed a 25-year-old man by his pick-up truck by the boat ramp on July 20. On the ground next to the truck was carpet and padding. When police drove by later, the truck was gone but the carpet was still there. Police found the vehicle less than a mile away and the man confirmed that he dumped the carpet. He was issued a summons for depositing litter and released. He went back and cleaned up the carpet.

A man with warrants was spotted July 21 at an Arlington Road motel. The 39-year-old man led police on a run through the parking lot. He was caught and arrested. During a search, police also found white powder on him and packages of drugs to be sold in his backpack. He also had a scale and $1,640 in cash. The pills and powder was sent for testing. He was turned over to Summit County Sheriff’s Office for his warrants.

Police were on Knight Road for a call July 22 when they saw a 16-year-old boy take off running on foot. Police followed as he fled into the woods. He dropped a hunting knife and was caught. Police found a baggie of marijuana on him and he was arrested for resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, and carrying concealed weapons. He was taken to juvenile detention.

A man rented a trailer from a Canton Road business and never returned it. The man told the company that he does not know where it is. He said it was stolen and gave the name a different person who had possession of it at the time. The trailer has been listed as stolen.

A vehicle turned onto US 224 and a rear passenger door came open July 23 and a four-year-old child fell out. The driver said the door must not have been latched and she was given a citation. The child was taken to the hospital.

A woman called police because she noticed children alone in a car on July 23 in the parking lot of an East Waterloo Road store. An officer arrived and knocked on the locked door. One child opened the door and said their mother was in shopping while her brothers and sister watched a movie in the car. The car and the air conditioner were on. The mother came out and said she had been gone 10 minutes. She was warned about the dangers and possibility of arrest.

A man brought a forged prescription for promethazine into a Canton Road pharmacy on June 22 and July 9. He paid with cash. On his third attempt on July 21, the pharmacist became suspicious because of the number of pills and the number of refills. The pharmacist contacted the hospital and determined it was fake. The address on file was incorrect and the other identifying information may be as well.

On Shady Acres Drive, a man’s window on his Chevy station wagon was smashed July 25 but nothing was taken from the vehicle.


A custody exchange got heated July 22 when an ex-boyfriend reportedly became verbally abusive toward the mother and he threw his drink on her. The woman was asked to leave the residence when she began yelling. Neither party wanted to press charges. They were told not to contact each other or they may face legal charges. They also agreed to do future custody exchanges at the sheriff's post.

Between July 12 and 22, someone stole two metal boat tanks with gas from a man's boat docked at a South Main Street marina. Between July 19 and July 24, a woman reported her kayaks stolen from the same marina.

Two neighbors on South Main Street were arguing about a patch of grass on July 22. The woman said the man removed a no trespassing sign and that she had cell phone footage of it. The sign was in between both their houses. The sign was laying in the grass undamaged. They were fighting over the property line.

An unattached suite caught fire on Bevan Road around 8 p.m. July 22. Coventry and Green Fire departments responded to extinguish it. It had been unoccupied.

A 44-year-old man was on his ex-girlfriend’s property, tearing up flower beds on July 27. He had been previously warned about being on her property. He was arrested for criminal trespass and criminal damaging and was put into a police car where he started banging his head against the divider. EMS responded and he was taken to a medical center for an injury on his head. When he was later cleared, he was taken to Summit County Jail.

A man with dementia was arguing with his wife and daughter on July 27 and he would not calm down. The wife said that his doctor had said to send him to the hospital when he gets into a panic state and can not be calmed down. He went voluntarily. 


A woman on Greenview was awoken July 12 by the sound of her door alarm going off. Someone had broken in through a garage window but fled out of the garage door. Nothing was stolen.

An intoxicated man was running into people and saying inappropriate things and making inappropriate gestures July 22 at a South Main Street bar. He was asked to leave. Police took the man to detox because he did not have a place to stay.

A man reported July 22 that five packaged were placed on his front porch to be picked up by UPS but that someone removed them.

A man was found unconscious in a vehicle at a fast food restaurant July 23 with four kids, ages one to five, in the car. Employees called 911 and cared for the children. The man was given Narcan by first responders and taken to the hospital. Children's Services and the mother was notified. The kids were turned over to her. At the hospital, the man admitted to inhaling heroin before leaving the house with the kids. He was arrested for endangering children and taken to Summit County Jail. An investigation is pending because he could be granted immunity through the court.

A woman mailed a check for $1,000 to a title company around July 15. On July 24, the woman came home to find her check on her doorstep along with $1,000 cash and an apology letter. The letter said the person found her mail on the lake while kayaking and decided to deposit it, but then they felt bad about doing it and wanted to return the money and ask for forgiveness.

A man found a plastic baggie with white powder in it on the ground outside a fast food restaurant on July 25. Police took it and tagged it as evidence.

A man in his 20s was seen getting into his vehicle while intoxicated on July 25. He got to the road and was pulled over and failed field sobriety tests. He reportedly pulled away while being arrested and was taken to the ground. He got a cut on the bridge of his nose and he was checked out by Green Fire. He was charged with driving under suspension, driving under the influence, reckless operation of a vehicle, and resisting arrest.

A man and woman, who are married but separated, went to an Arlington Ridge restaurant with their children on July 26. They left but returned shortly after because the woman forgot her phone. While there, one of their children ran from the car because they didn't want their intoxicated mother in the car with them. The mother ran after the child while the dad drove around the parking lot trying to get the child back in the car. The child finally jumped into the backseat and started to close the door while the father pulled away. The woman then tried to jump back into the car, but fell and hurt herself. Green Fire responded. She refused treatment and called for a friend to pick her up. The father went home with the kids.

On Laura Lane, a woman reported that someone went into her garage and stole a dirt bike between July 24 and July 26. She believes it may be someone she knows, but that person is supposed to be under house arrest.

Someone threw eggs at a woman's car on Mayfair Road overnight on July 27. There was no damage.

A woman was walking her dogs on leashes at a Fortuna Drive hotel July 27 when another dog ran over and started a fight. The woman attempted to pick up her dog and was bitten on her finger. She was taken to the emergency room but said she did not want to prosecute.

A boy left his red bicycle in the grass on Jarvis Road so he could walk to Target on July 27. When he returned, the bike was gone.

A 34-year-old woman would not pull over for police despite lights and sirens on July 27. She drove home and police suspected her to be under the influence. She refused field sobriety tests and breath testing. She was arrested for driving under the influence and failure to comply.

A 24-year-old woman was pacing and acting erratic at a South Arlington Road store on July 27. Police patted her down and found a needle. She was issued a summons for possessing drug abuse instruments and taken to Haven of Rest since she had no place to stay.