GREEN  During the second community meeting led by Your Voice Ohio, 20 people shared their thoughts on improving the quality of life in Green.

While some of the ideas were similar to the first meeting, some new ideas and suggestions emerged. Residents suggested they want unity and to build a friendship with neighbors

Also, the topic of senior housing and housing, in general, was brought up. While many believe Green has many senior living facilities, they also believe they aren't affordable. Younger residents also believe there aren't affordable places for them to live while they attend college, or places they can move into following college.

One area Green residents want to focus on is acceptance of diversity in the city. Diversity could lead to opportunities such as skilled jobs and young educated families selecting Green to be their home. One resident in attendance, said they want the city to be more diverse and educated because the city doesn’t have a high tech workforce and companies are leaving because of it.

Green is mostly made up of white, higher-income individuals. In the 1970 Census, Green was 99.8 percent white non-Hispanic. Now the city is 93 percent white, which is above the 78 percent average for the country and 80 percent average of the state.

Age is also a big factor in Green. In 1970, the median age was 27.4 years compared to 42.1 in the latest American Community Survey 5-year average. Those older than 65 also increased from 5.3 percent to 16.7 percent during the same period. Those under 18 also dropped from 37.4 percent to 23.1 percent.

During the second meeting, several residents also said many of the events the city have been targeted toward families or children. They would like to see events that are more welcoming for single adults or those without children.

The question becomes how can Green attract young people and retain the young people once they graduate high school or college?

With all the discussion of diversity, the third community meeting will focus on diversity. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Aug. 6 at Greensburg United Methodist Church, 2161 Greensburg Road. There will be a light meal served during the discussion.

Those interested can RSVP at: