NEW FRANKLIN  Flooding continues to be a concern for homeowners in New Franklin.

During the July 17 meeting, City Council heard from several residents about flooding of their property.

Resident Kevin Barker said there is a ditch that runs in his backyard which has been filling up with sediment, rocks, logs and dead trees leading to it filling up and overflowing and flooding the neighborhood. His property is near the NEXUS pipeline, which he said when the company installed the pipeline, it channeled a lot of water into the ditch.

Barker asked if he could dig out the ditch a little bit since it is on his property. Mayor Paul Adamson and City Council said that would be fine.

He said he has lived in his home since 1997 and in that period he has had to dig out the ditch three times. Barker said it isn’t about the amount of water, it is the amount of debris and trying to determine where it is coming from.

Councilman Jim Cotts encouraged Baker to call NEXUS and let the comapny know about what is going on. Adamson said a few other residents have had issues with NEXUS, which it responded to.

Resident Judith Joines, who lives on Green Valley Drive, also raised concerns about flooding on her property along with resident Gladding Miller.

Miller said his issues are getting serious as ditch piping on his property has collapsed. He asked about the city buying property nearby where it intended to construct a retention pond several years ago.

“I need help somehow,” Miller said.

Adamson said the retention pond likely won’t solve the problems Miller is having.

“As you know it is really an expensive fix,” Adamson said.

Adamson said there recently was a meeting with several local mayors and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. The city hopes to start indexing all the problems and figuring out how to prioritize and fund them.

Adamson said there has been a lot to learn about all these flooding issues and some are complicated. He hopes the governor will set aside some money to help with these problems.

In other business July 17, council:

- Approved authorizing $11,716 for a contract change order with Lockhart Concrete Company for emergency culvert repairs on state Route 93. The original contract was $142,899. The additional money is needed to cover to pay for extra materials.

- Heard from Adamson that community days for New Franklin at Akron Zoo will be Sept. 3-8. Free tickets will be offered at city hall starting Aug. 20. 

- The next New Franklin Council meeting is set to begin immediately following the committee meetings, which are scheduled for 6 p.m. Aug. 7 at New Franklin City Hall.