A man stated June 21 that the mother of his children has been calling his cell phone several times in violation of a court order.

A cashier at a Canton Road restaurant received a fake $20 July 2 and advised the customer about it. The customer did not believe it was fake. When police arrived, the officer advised the customer that it was a fake bill and it was confiscated. The customer paid for his food with other cash. The restaurant did not want to press charges.

An officer saw a man strike another man to the ground and then kick him three times July 6 at Tri-County Plaza. An officer ordered the first man to the ground and he complied. The second man was asked several times if he would sign charges for the assault, but he refused. The first man was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and released.

An anonymous caller stated that a small child was in a vehicle with the engine running with no adult in sight July 9 outside a Canton Road store. After arriving on the scene, an officer observed a child in a car seat in the back seat. The vehicle was running and all the windows were up except the driver side window was down about four inches. The officer was able to reach in to unlock the door and noticed the air conditioning was on. About that time, the 23-year-old mother appeared and asked what was wrong. This officer advised her that it was illegal to leave a child alone in the vehicle. The mother was issued a summons for child endangerment. The mother was also suspended driver. She had to contact her mother to ask her to pick them up.

Police found a clear baggie of white powder on a 38-year-old man on July 11.

An overnight guest took a man’s vehicle and debit card without his permission on July 12.


A man stated that in the afternoon of July 11, someone stole his springfield 9mm handgun from his residence on Kertesz Drive. The man had left his residence during that time, but his friends had been home. When he returned, the firearm was missing.

A woman said she and her husband got into a verbal argument over clothes on July 11. The woman stated that she got upset with her husband for giving away clothes. The woman threw her hands up and accidentally knocked the TV over onto the ground. The husband said she knocked over the TV on purpose. Both parties were advised to stay separated for the night.

An officer drove by a man’s residence July 12 on Renninger Road and saw a car parked in the driveway with a woman in it. The man has a protection order against this woman. The woman was stopped and she admitted was at the man’s residence. She was placed under arrest for violating a protection order and later released on a court summons.

A man on Menlo Court stated July 13 someone threw a rock through his window while he was sleeping last night.

Police were dispatched for a male with a white shirt entering a woman’s vehicle on July 13. Police searched the area of Will Drive and found a 48-year-old man that matched the description. The man said he had been drinking and was walking through yards because he parked nearby. The woman has camera footage of the man entering her vehicle. He was placed under arrest and taken to the department for processing. His car was towed. He was issued a summons and released to a sober party.

A vehicle was stopped for going left of center three times on July 14. The driver, a 22-year-old man, smelled of alcohol and was subsequently failed field sobriety tests. He was placed under arrest for OVI and blew a 0.116 on the breath test. He was issued a citation and released to a sober party. The listed vehicle was towed.

A woman reported July 15 that someone opened a Direct TV account in her name approximately two years ago. She discovered this by receiving several collection bills in her name for $744. She has filed a dispute with the collection agency and further stated that she never had a Direct TV account. She was going to file a dispute directly with Direct TV and needed a police report.


Two neighbors in their 60s got into an argument on Lake Vista Road on July 7. One neighbor believes the other is sweeping rock salt onto the property line to harm her plants. The other neighbor said he put the salt down because the female neighbor built a dam to stop the flow of water on a water drainage ditch between the two properties. The male neighbor agreed to clean up the salt. Both parties agreed not to intentionally do anything to the other party's property.

A woman said that someone spray painted a smiley and some scribbles in black paint on a for sale sign on her property on July 7. The realty property has been contacted.

A man’s vehicle was stolen from his driveway on Doubler Drive. He noticed it missing at 5 a.m. on July 9. He is the only one with a key.

A 39-year-old man was arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments on July 14. The man had woken up in the grass at State Mill Park and did not know how he got there. He remembers being with friends the night before. He gave police permission to look in the book bag he had with him and police found syringes and a smoking pipe. The man said he was just using the bag and that the stuff wasn't his. The syringes had been found with the man's dentures. He was issued a summons and released on scene. He was taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

A bouncer and a customer got into a physical fight July 14 at a Portage Lakes Drive bar after the bouncer asked the customer to leave because it was closing. The customer left but then started throwing rocks at bar. The bouncer asked him to stop. There is conflicting information about who threw the first punch. Both parties refused to prosecute.

A woman reported that her son's bike was stolen July 18 from a Manchester Road. It had been secured by lock and chain. Investigation is awaiting video.

Someone drove through a flowerbed and damaged a sign belonging to a South Main Street business on July 18.

An employee of a South Main Street restaurant was about to start her shift July 19 when she noticed a drive-thru window had been broken. She stayed outside the building and called police. Police determined the camera pointing at the drive-thru had also been damaged and so had the cash register at the front of the building. Security footage showed a young male breaking in. He was identified and interviewed about crime in which he admitted. He was charged with breaking and entering and was taken to Summit County Jail.

Police were dispatched to a suicidal man armed with a knife on July 19. When police arrived, they found the man was not a threat to himself or others. However, he did have a felony warrant and was taken to Summit County Jail. During the investigation of the possible suicidal man, police were searching the area for a knife. Instead, they found a meth pipe in plain sight in a car at the side of the building. The car's owner was placed under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. When they searched the vehicle, they found meth in a baggie and the owner was also charged with possession of drugs.

A woman reported July 19 that someone stole her jewelry box during a move. She had her son place it in her car on July 11. On July 19, she moved into her new residence and could not find the box. She is unsure where the theft occurred. The jewelry box had gold chains, emeralds, diamonds, and more in it.

Two neighbors have been in an on-going dispute. One neighbor, 40, approached the other neighbor's daughter and has been trying to talk to her. The other neighbor has told the 40-year-old neighbor not to talk to her daughter. The 40-year-old said she tries to talk to any child she sees and there was nothing wrong with it. The 40-year-old was advised to not interact with the child again or face criminal charges.


A woman reported that a 47-year-old man was intoxicated and wandering the halls of a Mayfair Road apartment complex on July 6. Police found the man lying in the dirt with no shirt on. He was sweating and could not tell what day it was or where he was. He seemed to be under the influence of a drug. The woman said the man had followed her into the building and to her apartment door where he stared at her. He was arrested on criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. He was banned from the property and taken to Summit County Jail.

Three neighbors complained that a man was shooting off fireworks July 7 and left debris over their yards and houses. The man said he would clean it up.

A couple in their 40s was arguing at a Massillon Road gas station on July 8. When police arrived, both parties were laughing and were confused as to why someone had called. They had been arguing about the woman going to Texas. The man said he would drop his wife off at the airport.

Two men made a deal on Facebook Marketplace to swap vehicles as an even exchange. On June 18, they met at Walmart in Wooster and made the exchange. On June 22, one man noticed that the title was not notarized and the VIN number did not match the one on the vehicle. The Summit County Sheriff's Office notified him that it was not stolen. On July 8, the man was informed by the Title Bureau that the vehicle was insured and had plates, but did not belong to the man he had swapped with. The Title Bureau said it may have been switched with another similar vehicle. A notification has been sent to the actual owner of the vehicle.

A woman called a Corporate Woods Parkway motel on July 17 and was worried that her boyfriend might be staying there because he was possibly suicidal and had access to a firearm. Officers arrived and went to the man's room which was unoccupied. The girlfriend could not be reached.

A man received a bill July 19 for a monthly service and phone purchase with Verizon Wireless. The man does not have a Verizon account and notified Verizon who closed the account and referred it to their fraud department. The phone was purchased at a Walmart in Sylvania. An investigation through Verizon is ongoing.

A police officer was stopped by a man July 20 whose vehicle had just been stolen out of his driveway on Troon Drive. The man had just passed the vehicle as he was driving home in another vehicle and believed the person behind the wheel was his brother. When he got to his driveway, he realized his brother was at the home. The man said the keys had been in the vehicle because the brother had just moved the car. The man could not give a description of the driver. The car was entered into LEADS. About two hours later, Norton Police Department recovered the vehicle at an 18-year-old man’s address. The owner decided not to press charges. The man was arrested on charges from another case.

Around 6 p.m. on July 19, a man heard a crash outside his home on Jaquelyn Drive. The next morning he went out and saw his mailbox had been knocked off its post. Additional patrols will be posted.