SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Those attending the Springfield Local Schools Board of Education July 9 meeting saw a presentation on a proposed sports complex for the district.

The presentation was a given by representatives of Mann Parsons Gray (MPG) architects. The team from MPG showed pictures of the stadium and track that was built in the 70s, then presented a preliminary rendering of ideas for a future complex. The rendering allows for an artificial turf football field, new track that meets current high school codes and regulations, more parking, baseball and softball fields and more. The grandstand would be updated to the codes and regulations and be ADA compliant. The plans also keep pedestrian traffic in mind for when games are being played.

Chris Adams treasurer for the district said as far as being able to afford a new stadium, there were a couple of ways to do it. He said in the case of a bond issue for building the facility, it would cost taxpayers approximately $7 per month on the average home value in the Springfield/Lakemore area.

Board members said there were other ways to help fund it including stadium naming rights, donors and grants. They also agreed it is an investment in the community that will return value to community members both in use and home values.

Adams said they are fighting for children to come to the district.

“We are fighting with parochial schools and public open enrollment," Adams said. "For the community to continue to thrive they have to offer a product that people want.”

The participation rate in athletics would go up as well. The goal is to get as many kids, as close to 100 percent, to participate and for the community to use. Adams said the district is a year out from making any decisions. The preliminary plan is a suggestion.

Other news:

- Business Manager Dustin Boswell said the disctrict is always fine tuning ways to be more energy efficient. He said the district has raised its energy star rating from 69 to a 94 “and we have been able to maintain that,” Boswell said. The food service program ended in the negative. He said the district has revamped the menus and hope that will help with costs. It had staffing costs that were out of their control. He said the disctrict has filled a lot of jobs that were open due to retirement and it is still looking for substitute positions for the support staff. Those interested are asked to call the board office.

- In Adams treasurer’s report, he said that the actual spending for the end of the year came in close to what was estimated. On a $30 million budget, the district came in within a couple thousand dollars.

- Approved personnel items included the resignation of Scott McFarren as eighth grade football coach and of teacher Megan Babcock. Also approved was McFarren as a volunteer football coach and the employment of Kelly Porter-Santamaria as a 100 percent art teacher at Spring Hill and Young Elementary.

- Extended time was approved for Ernie Cole, band director, 10 days; Melinda Weakland, counselor, 15 days; Christina Heade, counselor 15 days; and Kristen Rummer, counselor, 10 days.

- Teachers approved to serve as Resident Educator Mentors/Facilitators for the 2019-20 school year were Leona Cable, Cynthia Ferguson, Dana Floyd, Denise Freeze, Michelle Hanna, Paula Murphy, Heather Phillips, Dena Scrimo, Lisa Staudt and Brett Zimmerman.

- Approved to reassign Elizabeth Ray as the cafeteria manager at Spring Hill Elementary, Douglas Householder as a High School/Junior High custodian, Rebecca Tepus as a 7 hour cook at the high school, Melissa Errington as the cafeteria manager at the high school and junior high and Ryan Maloney as a 6.5 hour teaching assistant at Spring Hill.

- Also, approved were the employ of Kyle Archer as a 100 percent intervention tutor at Springfield High School Junior High and Kristy Tarter and Karen Morgan as educational assistants.

- The board approved three resolutions declaring it necessary to submit the question of the three longstanding renewal levies. The three have been renewal levies for many years and would not be an increase in taxes to the residents.

- Overnight extended trips were approved for the high school marching band and chaperones to travel to FFA Camp Muskingum to attend band camp from July 28, 2019 through August 3, 2019. All expenses will be paid by fundraising and the participants. Also, for the band an overnight trip to Chicago, Illinois to perform April 30 to May 2. All expenses will be paid by fundraising and the participants.

- The board approved a five-year document management agreement with ComDoc to provide copier and print services.

- Mary Meadows curriculum director spoke about the employees that had perfect attendance for the 2018-2019 school year.

Those with perfect attendance are: Chris Adams, treasurer; Jessica Casher, art teacher, Junior Senior High Cchool; Diane Fennell, biology teacher, Junior Senior High School; Gina Gaug, bus driver; Bud Grimsley, custodian at Young Elementary; Debra Lininger, cafeteria at Spring Hill Elementary; Danielle Morrison, speech/language pathologist at Spring Hill; Larry Murphy, OWE teacher at Junior Senior High School; Paula Murphy, first grade teacher at Young Elementary; Laura Pace, playground monitor at Young Elementary; Chuck Sincere, superintendent; Lisa Villers, fouth grade teacher at Schrop; Dawn Wander, fifth grade teacher at Schrop.

The next regular board meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Aug. 20 in the community meeting room at the Junior Senior High School.