A woman reported that she received a letter from a debt collection agency regarding a $100 debt. She suspects the debt is from an unknown person who opened up an account using her personal identifying information. Police advised the woman to put a fraud alert on her credit.

A man said he saw a vehicle speeding down the road June 29 and walked over to ask the driver to slow down. The driver got out and punched the man in the eye. Police spoke with the driver, who said he did strike the victim in the eye because he someone threw a bottle at his vehicle. The driver was placed under arrest for assault. He was issued a summons.

A man said some items were missing from his garage on June 30. He thinks a woman he knows stole the items. She denied taking the items. On July 3, the man reported that the items appeared in his driveway this morning and he does not want to pursue anything further.

A woman got into an argument with her cousin over a bottle of perfume on July 1. She said that during the argument the cousin struck her in the face and then pushed her. A witness corroborated the story. The cousin stated that she did get into an argument with the woman, but she did not strike her. She stated that they only pushed each other. The cousin was placed under arrest for domestic violence and taken to Barberton City Jail.

A neighbor called July 2 to report that a man was leaving a property where there is a protection order in place. Police could not locate the man but spoke with the woman who has a protection order against him. She said she did not see him but thought he had came over sometime early in the morning because she could hear a motorized scooter and that he has one. The woman’s grandmother said the man had called the house phone the day before to try to speak with the woman.

On Jan. 12, a man issued a personal check to a worker for $240. The worker had completed manual labor for him. The worker cashed the check right away. Then on June 28, the worker took the same check and re-cashed it at Huntington Bank for $340.00.

During a traffic stop for a stolen license plate July 2, the driver gave his brother’s name and date of birth. Once at the station, the driver admitted that he gave false information. Police found a small folded up piece of paper containing two small white crystals on the driver side floor board. The driver said that it must have been meth. He also had a small plastic bag with a twist tie containing white crystals in his pants pocket. The vehicle was checked and it was stolen out of Springfield Township. The driver stated that he got the truck from a man who lived in Kenmore. He had no idea that the truck was stolen. He was placed under arrest for possession of drugs, receiving stolen property and falsification. He was then transported to Summit County Jail.

Police received a report of a person laying on the ground in a parking lot on July 2. Upon arrival, police spoke to the reporting party who had found the trunk of a vehicle open with a man sleeping on the ground next to it. An officer saw the man lying on the ground next to the vehicle. The officer spoke to the man who said he had received a phone call from a person named Wayne, who wanted the man to drain the water out of this vehicle. The man said he was draining the water out of the trunk area when he fell asleep. The man was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and was issued a summons.

A man lost his firearm and reported on July 3 that he is unable to locate it.

Police received a report of a fight at a bar on July 4. A 29-year-old man said he hit another man in self defense because the other man was provoking him with vulgar gestures and shoving. The 29-year-old said the other man also punched him. The 29-year-old caused damage to the other man’s face that required immediate medical attention. The other man was taken to Barberton Hospital by the New Franklin Fire Department. The 29-year-old had no visible injuries. The other man said he did not wish to pursue any charges in reference to the assault. Being that the 29-year-old was fighting in public and causing a disturbance to other patrons and staff in the bar, he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and was issued a summons.

A woman said her son punched her in the back on July 5, leaving red marks, after she took away his Xbox as discipline. The argument started about the boy’s chores. She said her son became upset and started to grab for the Xbox and shoving her. She kicked him away and then he began to punch her back. She then threw the Xbox to the ground in the driveway and he then punched her more. When she called police, he left on a bicycle. The son was located with his aunt in Norton and transported to New Franklin. He was arrested for domestic violence. Police took him to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center.


A vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and was pulled over on June 22. The driver, a 50-year-old man, reportedly had extremely slurred speech and blood-shot eyes. He said he did not have anything to drink and performed some field sobriety tests. The driver was then placed under arrest for OVI. While preparing the vehicle to be towed, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and opened the center console. He found a glass baby food jar with a green, leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. He also found a blue colored bowl, suspected to be used for smoking marijuana. The driver said the marijuana was his and the driver was taken to the police department. He blew a .120 and was issued a summons.

A vehicle was stopped June 22 after it did not move over while passing an officer conducting a traffic stop on an unrelated vehicle. Police noticed an open container of alcohol in the back seat. The driver, a 50-year-old man, had an odor of alcohol about him and blood shot eyes. He performed field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for OVI and open container. He was taken to the department and he blew a .283 on the alcohol content test. He was issued a summons and taken to his residence.

A woman came to the Police Department June 24 to report a man taking photos and videos of her without her consent. She had just moved out of the home they shared. She had found the images in January and they dated back to April of 2018. She had not watched the videos but she had seen the thumbnails which were of herself in the nude, in the shower from the bathroom vent, and other lewd activity while she slept. She had deleted them from the man’s phone, but is unsure if there is more because the SD card in his phone is malfunctioning.


A man was shot in his upper right shoulder June 10 after he invited a man to his home to sell him an Xbox. The man fled before police arrived. A warrant was issued for the man on June 13. After a tip, the man was arrested at an Akron bar and taken to jail on July 1.

Police saw a man who looked similar to someone who had run from them a few weeks earlier at a South Arlington Road hotel on June 25. They stopped him and asked for identification. The man reportedly became defensive and nervous and could not produce an ID. He began to walk away and police found he had an active warrant. They told him to stop, but he ran. He was apprehended and placed under arrest for obstructing official business. He was issued a summons and released. He was found to have new merchandise from a nearby store, but could not prove he had bought it. Store security will review footage and confiscated the merchandise pending an investigation.

An intoxicated 48-year-old woman was being removed from an Albrecht Avenue sports bar on June 26 when she reportedly began to get belligerent when police arrived. She was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, was taken to her residence, issued a summons and turned over to her adult son.

A woman said a man she knew punched her in the face June 26 and knocked over her planter. Police spoke with the man who said he was invited to the location and she hit him with a table lamp during an argument. He said she then knocked over the planter and hit herself in the face. Both parties were intoxicated. No charges were filed.

A man on Ellen Drive noticed nine firearms missing. On June 22, he noticed his barn door was awry but he had had to replace it many times before so he didn’t think anything of it. On June 27, he went into the barn and noticed the gun safe was open.

Someone stole a man’s vehicle on Sherbrooke Drive on June 27. The car had his friend’s wallet inside. The friend got an alert that his card was being used at a gas station in Canton for $144.93. He was advised to cancel all his cards. Within the same day, Akron Police recovered the vehicle and towed it.

An 18-year-old man got into an altercation with a 14-year-old girl June 28 in which he reportedly grabbed her by the hair and hit her in the face. She said she hit back. He was arrested for assault. She was released to her mother.

A Neal Road woman’s fence was damaged by a vehicle on June 28. There were tire marks going into her yard and then back out.

A man said his employer attacked him June 30 and left scratches after he was investigating an accident on a carnival ride. A witness said there was no primary aggressor. The employer said they had been arguing when the man made an aggressive motion and the employer defended himself and they wrestled. No charges were filed.

A woman reported July 1 that she found a rental home through Facebook Marketplace and corresponded with the person via email and they sent her a rental contract. She had to send it back with her personal information and $500 to a Texas address. She did that on June 24 and then did not hear back. She went to Zillow and contacted the listing agent and that’s when she realized she had been scammed.

A woman said that her brother was banging on her door and asking for money on July 2. When she told him she would not give him money, he kicked in her bedroom door and hit her with a piece of furniture. Her back was red. When police arrived, the brother had fled but then returned home and tried to hide under the comforter on his bed. The 33-year-old brother was arrested and taken to jail for domestic violence.

A gas line of a East Waterloo Road bowling alley that was on the roof of the building was found down in the parking lot on July 2. Video footage showed three juvenile boys climbing onto the roof and throwing it down. They were on bicycles.

During a traffic stop on July 2, a man gave police his brother’s name. A K-9 searched the vehicle and hit on the car. A bag of meth was found under the passenger chair. At first, the driver and passenger said they didn’t know it was there. Then one of the men admitted they had just picked it up and had been made to hide it. One man was charged with possession of drugs and obstructing official business. The other was charged with possession of drugs and tampering with evidence.

A man hid in the bathroom of a Canton Road store until the store closed on July 3. Then he took $456 out of the register drawers after the employees left.

Someone stole a woman’s car from a South Arlington Road hotel just after midnight on July 3. The car had been locked and she had the keys. Her husband’s cell phone was in the car and they tracked it via GPS. Akron Police were notified that the car had been parked at a complex at 4 a.m. The woman was able to retrieve her vehicle.

A woman reported that someone made cash withdrawals from her account between June 17 and July 2. A total of $1,549.72 was taken.

A man stated that his girlfriend had taken pills in an attempt to overdose on July 4 and then used a knife to try to cut herself before it was taken from her. Police arrived on scene and tried to locate the woman, but the man, who was believed to be intoxicated, wasn’t being cooperative. He was intoxicated. The woman said it was a misunderstanding. When police tried to find the knife, the man started to be verbally combative. Meanwhile, the man’s two-year-old daughter was asleep in the living room. The knife was located and the man was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was also charged with endangering children for being intoxicated and disorderly in the child’s presence. He was issued a summons.

A 47-year-old woman was yelling in front of her trailer in the middle of the street on July 6. She was arrested for disorderly conduct, issued a summons, and released.


A woman brought a coworker to her home after a party on July 1. She did not know him well and she said he took her car keys from her purse and drove to Youngstown and made several stops. She has a GPS tracker. An officer contacted the man and gave him one hour to return the vehicle or be issued unauthorized vehicle use charges. He started to bring the car back but was stopped by Barberton Police due for a DUI. He was issued a summons and taken to Barberton Jail. ICE was called because he is not in the United States legally.

A 35-year-old woman was lying in the parking lot of a Manchester Road grocery store on July 2. She seemed confused and was nodding off while police spoke to her. She said she had taken a Xanax. During a pat down, police found white powder that she said was fentanyl. She also had Klonopin and Xanax on her in her pocket and a syringe in her bra. She was taken to the hospital. After being treated, she was arrested for possession of drugs and drug abuse instruments.

A woman found fentanyl at the service counter at a Manchester Road grocery store July 2 and turned it over to police.

A woman's mailbox was damaged on Kew Drive on July 2. She thinks the construction workers on her street may have caused it.

An anonymous person told police July 3 a man with a felony warrant was staying with a township woman. When police arrived, the woman answered the door and was asked if the man was there. She said no. She was asked to check the residence, but she did not give permission. She was asked again if he was there and she said no while nodding her head yes. She did this when asked again and then said she had to clean up. She would not answer the door afterward. Police issued a warrant for her arrest for obstructing official business.

A 28-year-old man had been involved in an accident on the property of a Manchester Road restaurant on July 4. He appeared to be intoxicated and would not take field sobriety tests. He refused to comply when he was being arrested and ignored the taser warning. He was Tased twice and arrested for disorderly conduct, driving under the influence, and resisting arrest.


A vehicle was stolen over the weekend of July 1 from an Interstate Parkway car dealership. The vehicle, a silver Honda CRV, had not been titled and had no license plates.

A man said his girlfriend threw a log at him July 1, causing him to bleed. She was sitting outside with the door open when police arrived. The man refused medical treatment. The girlfriend was charged with domestic violence and arrested.

Police received a report July 1 of an erratic man at a restaurant. When they arrived, a 31-year-old man was in the parking lot with his mountain bike. He had a warrant out of Akron and he was arrested.

The accountant for a Massillon Road business reported July 2 that someone simulated their business checks and made checks totalling $17,930.95. The banks have been notified.

A woman's purse was taken from a Folkestone Circle garage in the early morning July 2. It was recovered around the side of the house, but an undisclosed amount of money was taken.

A 23-year-old woman was walking around a housing allotment near a Corporate Parkway grocery store July 3 with an open container of alcohol. She was stopped and arrested for open container. She was issued a summons and released at home to her father.

A man parked his vehicle overnight on Millwood Lane on July 4. When he returned, it was gone. His neighbor has footage of the vehicle leaving at 1:15 a.m.

Police received a report of a reckless driver on July 5. The driver pulled into a Massillon Road gas station and would not identify himself or answer questions. The passenger gave police the driver’s information and it was he was under suspension. The 27-year-old driver was arrested for obstructing official business and taken to jail.