LAKE TWP.  Kids were lined up waiting next to the StarLab inflatable planetarium to spend some time under the stars learning about constellations on the afternoon of June 25. The kids and their families were at the Lake Community Branch Library in Lake Township and all were excited to explore the solar system and travel the night sky inside the StarLab.

Children’s librarian Dayna DiMarco said the library wanted to give the kids an opportunity to learn about the solar system. 

“We have between 60-70 kids here today, they have the opportunity to go into the StarLab for a great learning experience and we also have some craft activities for them," she said.

Half of the kids were making moon-related crafts and while the other half were inside the StarLab. Then the two groups switched so that all would have a chance to go inside the inflatable lab.

Sarah Bowen, the youth services manager at the main branch, brought the inflatable lab with her for the summer activity called An Afternoon Under the Stars.

“The StarLab has different constellations and different night skies that I display for the kids inside the lab so they can learn about the different stars," Bowen said.

Before she led the kids and anyone from their families into the StarLab, Bowen used a picture book to show the constellations they would be seeing inside the StarLab. The event was just one of the library’s kids and youth activities scheduled for the summer months.

Visit Lake Community Branch library online at for a complete list of activities and event scheduled this summer.