For about two years, residents have been coming to Coventry Township Trustees meetings (at 7 p.m., the second Thursdays of every month at the Township Hall behind the Fire Station on Portage Lakes Drive) to complain about houses in their neighborhoods being used as "motels."

Many cities and townships have outlawed these rentals, but our township trustees haven't even enforced the current township regulations which prevent "motels" (or other businesses) from being in residential neighborhoods, and other common courtesy things such as not parking on neighbors' properties. (Rumor has it that the reason nothing has been done is because some of the past and/or present township leaders own some of these properties.)

At the June 13 meeting, many residents spoke against these "motels" being in their neighborhoods. After everyone had a chance to speak, Trustee Richard Kutuchief suddenly said, "I move to approve the resolutions as amended," and all the Trustees voted yes, even though no one had said what the amendments were! I was about to object, when Trustee Bob Saffian suggested Zoning Inspector Bill Meyerhoff read the amendments. That should have been done before Mr. Kutuchief "shoved it through" for a vote!

After the amendments were read, a resident asked if any of the trustees owned any rental properties, looking at Mr. Kutuchief, who did not answer the question, but added that he'd answer the resident's question "privately, after the meeting." 

Mr. Kutuchief is up for re-election in November. The problems mentioned above are just the "tip of the iceberg" of why someone else needs to be elected.

Pam Wayland

Portage Lakes/Coventry Township