HARTVILLE  As summer begins, the village has officially adopted a new grass cutting policy.

At its June 18 regular meeting, Village Council approved an ordinance directing Mayor Cynthia Billings to serve written notice on owners, leases, or tenants of properties to cut weeds or grass growing more than eight inches high.

The ordinance, passed on its first reading, amends the village’s prior policy that required only that lawns be cut at least five times between the months of May and September.

The new legislation was introduced at the June 4 village council meeting, where village Solicitor Ron Starkey said violators will first be given written notice and, if the grass remains uncut, a contractor will be hired to do the work and a $250 charge.  That charge will then be levied on the property owner’s tax bill.

Billings noted that this penalty is the same as that of the previous policy, but "we (are) just…changing the way we do it."

Other actions

- Council also approved an agreement with the city of Canton to extend water lines to planned residential developments on Woodland Street.

- Transfers of funds from the general fund to the village bullet proof vest fund and the street construction maintenance and repair fund, the latter for the village’s 2019 paving program, were also approved.

- Council also upheld a planning commission recommendation to approve a project to expand locker rooms at the Lake YMCA building.