LAKE TWP.  The Lake Township Historical Society is exhibiting artifacts from several families who settled or moved into the township and helped shape its future.

The families include the Brumbaughs from Hartville, Heislers from Uniontown, Millers from Greentown, Myers from Cairo and Lake O’Pines, Eshelmans from Hartville, Kamerers from Hartville and the Garmiers who lived on a farm in the northwest portion of the township. The historical society members are continuing to add family exhibits.

Don Myers, who is the president of the Historical Society, said the exhibit provides a great history of the families through generations since the township’s founding in 1816.

“The cemetery on the Brumbaugh’s exhibit board is still located in the Quail Hollow park; they lived on a farm on that property,” Myers said. “The family came to the area in the 1830s and 1840s. The Miller family was here around 1812.”

Myers said his grandmother purchased his family farm in 1933 for $3,000. He put together his family’s exhibit which includes a small notebook with his grandmother’s accounting of what she spent on the 25-acre farm.

“There are four houses on the farm and my three daughters and granddaughters each own one of the houses and are raising their families on the farm,” Myers said.

The exhibits include many items including photos, books, marriage licenses and much more. It is open to the public every other Sunday of the month from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. through October 2019 at the Lake Township Museum on Myers Street in Greentown.

The next date the exhibit will be open is July 7 when the historical society will be hosting an open house with games, live music and hot dogs, chips and ice cream (there is a small fee for the food).

About the Lake Township Historical Society

The mission of the organization is to collect and preserve historical documents and objects for the citizens of the township including items such as manuscripts, published materials, photographs, and audio and visual recordings and much more. It was organized in 1994 and operates with a 12-member board.