LAKE TWP.  The Lake Middle High School Performing Arts Hall had an audience full of young children yelling out the title of their favorite children’s book on June 12. The kids were excited about telling visiting children’s book author Sherri Duskey Rinker what their favorite books were, including those she has written.

Rinker is a bestselling author with four of her children’s books making the New York Time’s bestseller’s list. The Lake Community Branch Library hosted her 40-minute presentation.

She started from the beginning interacting with the kids and their families in the audience. She gave a slide presentation but was down in the audience while she talked. She also read from a couple of her books. The kids were spellbound during the readings. Afterward, she went out in the hallway and signed books and answered questions from the kids.

“Books can take you places like outer space and to whole other worlds,” Rinker said. “With books you don’t need a whole lot of money or tickets because you can use books for free from the library. The world needs books and kids need books and that’s why libraries are so important.”

Rinker went on to tell the kids how her two boys, Ben and Zak, loved books. She said they both liked different topics and that Zak loved stories about trucks.

“Zak loved trucks and had toy trucks and liked books about trucks. He would be so excited about trucks that he wouldn’t go to sleep. So I told him a story about how trucks have to work in the day but sleep at night and then he would add to the story. I wrote my first book from that story about trucks,” Rinker said.

That first book was “Construction Site.” She said it was picked up by the first publisher she sent it to for review. Other titles include “Wonderful You,” “Steam Train, Dream Train,” “Tiny and the Big Dig” and “Celebrate You” among many others.

Rinker ended her presentation by telling the kids, “Read every single day. We know that reading makes you smarter. So lets go get smarter, go to new places, get some magic and go read.”

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