After Mother Nature reminded us of her mighty powers with a deluge of downpours late this spring, she exhibited a change of heart, sending instead, crystal clear blue skies, a balmy breeze and warm 75 degree weather last Saturday; an ideal recipe for boat lovers and all things nautical. In doing so, it became a perfect day for a successful 44th annual Portage Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show.

Sponsored by the North Coast Ohio Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society and the Portage Lakes Historical Society, the show, now one of the largest east of the Mississippi River, attracted more than 70 wooden antique and classic boats. Hundreds of boat lovers poured into the docks of the Harbor Front Grille and Pick's PLX restaurants to view these classic beauties.

The following defines Antique and Classic Boats:

HISTORIC: A boat built up to and including 1918

ANTIQUE: A boat built between 1919 and 1942 inclusive

CLASSIC: A boat built between 1943 and 1975 inclusive

LATE CLASSIC: A boat built after 1976 and the year 25 years prior to the current year

CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC: A wooden boat built within the last 25 years

UTILITY: A boat with the engine covered by a box with an open cockpit area

RUNABOUT: A boat with the engine covered by decks that cannot be walked around

OUTBOARD: A boat powered by an engine mounted on the transom

Winning first place in the Sailboat division was Jerry Welch of Akron for his 1950 home built sailing canoe.

First place in the Cruiser division was won by David Brandenstein of Tallmadge. His entry was a 26 foot, 1984 Skiff Craft named “Lloyd's Toy.”

Keith Riedel of Chippewa Lake won first place in the Contemporary Classic division for his 2014 Home built Torpedo Stern 22’ Runabout named, “My Passion.”

Race boats: First Place in Race Boats went to Allen and Julie Gammon of Akron for “Little Anthony,” a 14 ft 1963 Powercraft, Starfire. Dan & Ashley Ritchey of Bolivar won first place in Classic Metal Boats for their 14 ft, 1966 Starcraft, Falcon and David and Kelly Leonetti of Mantua took second for their 1965 Starcraft Holiday, named “Dirty Oars.”

In Fiberclassics, first place was won by Peter and Patty Robinson of Smithfield, Pa., for a 14 ft, 1955 Larson Falls Flyer. Second went to Bill and Donna Wise for their 19 ft, 1978 Chris Craft Lancer named “Wise Choice” and third went to “Mischief,” a 15 ft, 1989 Boston Whaler owned by Dave & Annie Rosenberger, of North Canton.

In Classic Utilities, first place was captured by “Billie Holiday,” an 18 ft., 1956 Chris Craft Holiday owned by Doug and Terri Brooks of Wadsworth. Second went to Tom Hutchison of Akron for his 18 ft, 1962 Chris Craft Holiday and third was won by Sandy Becker-Neidert of Akron for a 1963 Chris Craft Holiday. First Place for Classic Runabouts was won by Justin and Anna Bryant of New Franklin for “Rendezvous,” a 21 ft. 1955 Chris Craft Capri.

First place in Antique Runabouts went to Larry and June Prebis of Seville for “Double Barrel,” a 17 ft, 1942 Century Seamaid.

First place in Classic Wood Outboards went to Terry Egert of Clinton for his 13 ft, 1950 Century Imperial 13’ “Sleek Antique.” Second was won by Gary DeShetler of Fremont for his 15 ft, 1955 Lyman Runabout and third was won by Mike and Darlene Smith of Hillsboro for their 18 ft, 1961 Cruisers Inc. named “Tiempo De Lago.

Best Unmounted Outboard: First place in the Best Unmounted Outboard was won by Fred and Karrie Flower of Fremont for a 1.5 hp, 1940 Neptune. Second went to Jeff and Gail Angeletti of New Franklin for their 3 hp, 1956 Evinrude.

First Place in the Best Antique Motor Display was won by John Hagerman for a 5 hp, 1922 2-cycle Waterman.

Marty Belfi of Columbia Station won first place for the Best Lyman, a 16 ft, 1958 Lyman Outboard named, “Betty Boop.” Second went to Gary DeShetler of Fremont for his 1955 Lyman Runabout and third went to Andy Tanner of Charleston for his 15 ft, 1954 Lyman Runabout named “Virginia West."

Best Amateur Restoration was won by Nate and Sandra Andreas of Massillon for their 17 ft, 1968 Correct Craft Barracuda. The Antique and Classic Boat Society's Best Non-Wooden Boat was won by John and Kim Vorhies of Clinton for their 20 ft, 1988 Elite Craft, appropriately named, “Elite” and the Society's Most Original Boat went to Ted and Rebecca Hall of North Canton for a 15 ft, 1958 PenYan named “DeWick.”

The Judges Choice for Best of Show went to Aaron and Ben LeDonne for their 25 ft, 1947 Chris Craft Express Cruiser named, “Eulipion.”

First place for the Youth Judges Best of Show was won by Marty Belfi for “Betty Boop.” Second went to Peter and Patty Robinson for their Larson Falls Flyer and third was captured by John and Kim Vorhies for “Elite.”

For the Peoples Choice, first place was won by Ken and Sharon Thompkins of Akron for their 20 ft, 1969 Monarck named “Sweet Pea.” Second went to Peter and Patty Robinson and third was won by Doug and Terri Brooks for “Billie Holiday.

And the coveted Ned Mohrman Memorial Trophy for the Best Portage Lakes Boat was won by Jeff and Gail Angeletti of New Franklin for their 15 ft., 1957 Thompson named “Lady Laker.”

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