HARTVILLE  The threshold for high grass in Hartville may be getting smaller soon, following village Council’s decision to look into amending the current policy on high grass and weeds.

Mayor Cynthia Billings proposed changing the policy, which now states that properties must be mowed at least five times between the months of May and September.

“This has been such a rainy spring, we have to change that to (requiring that grass be cut) whenever it reaches 8 inches,” Billings said. “Somebody could cut their grass in early May and again at the end of June and have a jungle in their yard, but still be within our statute.”

She added that a number of surrounding communities, including Canton, Massillon and Canal Fulton, have 8-ich rules.

Councilman Jeff Miller asked village Solicitor Ron Starkey what the penalty for non-compliance is. Starkey said property owner are first given written notice and if the grass remains uncut, a contractor is hired to do the work and a $250 charge is levied on the property owner’s tax bill.

“The penalty would be the same as it is now, we would just be changing the way we do it,” Billings said of the proposal.

Councilwoman Bev Green moved that Starkey draw up legislation making the change and the motion passed 4-0. 

Council persons Elizabeth Williams and Kelly Ries were absent.

Mosquito spraying costs go down

Council also approved an agreement with the Stark County Health Department for mosquito spraying in 2019.

Billings said the $3,704 charge for five sprayings is a reduction from the $3,820 the village paid in 2018.